Xerox ColorQube 9201/9202/9203 Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Xerox ColorQube 9201/9202/9203 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

About This Manual
How To Use This Manual
Change History
Documentation Symbol
Mod / Tag Identification
Voltages Resistances and Tolerances
Safety Information
Health and Safety Incident Reporting
Translated Warnings

SCP 1 Initial Actions
SCP 2 Call Actions
SCP 3 Fault Analysis
SCP 4 Subsystem Maintenance
SCP 5 Final Actions


Image Quality RAPs
IQ 1 Image Quality Entry RAP
IQ 2 Copy or Print Damage RAP
IQ 3 Blurred Image on Copies RAP
IQ 4 Wrong Copied Colours RAP
IQ 5 Jagged or Blurry Lines or Text RAP
IQ 6 Missing Ink or Grainy Output RAP
IQ 7 Metering Blade Timing RAP
IQ 8 Cross Process Ink Artifacts (Smudge) RAP
IQ 9 Deletions in the Process Direction RAP
IQ 10 Incorrect Margin, Misregistration or Skew RAP
IQ 11 Smudges, Debris, Smears in the Process Direction, or Paper Stack Marks RAP
IQ 12 Missing or Partial Image RAP
IQ 13 All Colours Uneven RAP
IQ 14 Some Colours Uneven RAP
IQ 15 Wrong Colour RAP
IQ 16 Scratches or Gloss Marks in the Process Direction RAP
IQ 17 Gloss Marks in the Cross-Process Direction RAP
IQ 18 Irregular Duplex Gloss Differences RAP
IQ 19 Image Ghosting RAP
IQ 20 Wavy or Stringy Lines RAP
IQ 21 Oil on Output RAP
IQ 22 Repeating Spot Deletions RAP
IQ 23 Residual Ink From Previous Print RAP
IQ 24 Wrinkling RAP
IQ 25 Random Spots RAP
IQ 26 Poor Ink Adhesion RAP
IQ 27 Unacceptable Received Fax Image Quality RAP
IQ 28 Showthrough on Copies RAP
IQ 29 DADH, Document Glass and Scanner RAP
IQ 30 Blocking RAP
Image Quality Test Prints
TP 1 Initial Test Print Pages
TP 2 to TP 10 Solid Fill Test Pages
TP 11 Colour Bands and Dithers Test Pages
TP 12 Chase Page
TP 13 Text Test Pages
TP 14 Drum Stripper Blade Test Page
TP 15 Media Path Test Pages
TP 16 Stitch Identification Test Pages
TP 17 Service Usage Profile
TP 18 TRC Generation Test Pages
TP 19 Y-Dot Position Correction Test Page
TP 20 Oil Bar Chase and Metering Blade Timing Test Pages
TP 21 Jet Test Pages
TP 22 Cleaning Pages
TP 23 Drum Run Out and Y-Stitch Test Pages
TP 24 Registration Calibration Page
TP 25 IME Test Print
TP 26 Printhead Uniformity / Colour Bands Test Page
Image Quality Specifications
IQS 1 Registration and Skew
IQS 2 Image Area
IQS 3 Y-Dot Position
IQS 4 Y-Stitch
IQS 5 X-Stitch
IQS 6 Blurry Text
IQS 7 Curl
IQS 8 Uniformity in the Process Direction

REPs 1 – Standby Power
REP 1.1 Wiring Harness Repairs
REP 1.2 Molex SL Connectors
REP 1.3 Male Hirose DF1B Connectors
REP 1.4 AMP EI Connectors
REP 1.5 Hirose DF11 Connectors
REP 1.6 AMP CT Connectors
REP 1.7 Molex Mini-Fit Junior Connectors
REP 1.8 Front Door Interlock Switch
REP 1.9 Power Supply Unit
REPs 2 – User Interface
REP 2.1 User Interface Assembly
REP 2.2 User Interface Touch Screen
REP 2.3 User Interface PWB
REPs 3 – Machine Run Control
REP 3.1 IME Controller PWB
REP 3.2 Quad Wave Amp PWB
REP 3.3 Marking Unit Heater PWB
REP 3.4 Marking Unit Driver PWB
REP 3.5 Media Path Driver PWB
REP 3.6 Drum Driver PWB
REP 3.7 Copy Controller PWB
REP 3.8 HDD Copy Controller Assembly (HDD1) W/O TAG 006
REP 3.9 Software Module
REP 3.10 Single Board Controller PWB (W/TAG 006)
REP 3.11 HDD Single Board Controller Assembly W/TAG 006
REP 3.13 8 Pin NVRAM
REP 5.1 Top Cover Assembly
REP 5.2 Top Access Cover Assembly
REP 5.3 Feed Assembly
REP 5.4 Input Tray Assembly
REP 5.5 Baffle Assembly
REP 5.6 Takeaway Roll Assembly
REP 5.7 Duplex Solenoid
REP 5.8 Takeaway and CVT Sensor
REP 5.9 DADH Tray Size Sensors
REP 5.10 Registration Sensor
REP 5.11 Exit Sensor
REP 5.12 DADH Counterbalance
REP 5.13 Exit Roll Assembly
REP 5.14 Feed Roll Assembly
REP 5.15 Duplex Gate, CVT Roll and CVT Motor, Drive Belt
REP 5.16 Document Width Sensor
REP 5.17 Input Tray Static Eliminator
REP 5.18 Exit Roll Idler
REP 5.19 DADH Removal
REP 5.20 Mylar Guide Strip
REPs 10 – Transfix and Copy/Print Transportation
REP 10.1 Transfix Roll
REP 10.2 Front Transfix Linkage and Gear Kit
REP 10.3 Rear Transfix Linkage and Gear Kit
REP 10.4 Front Transfix Motor
REP 10.5 Rear Transfix Motor
REP 10.6 Transfix Blade
REP 10.7 Pre Transfix Sensor
REP 10.8 M4 Motor and Gearbox
REP 10.9 Stripper Solenoid Assembly
REP 10.10 Roller Drive J
REP 10.11 Roller Drive L
REP 10.12 Exit / Duplex Solenoid
REP 10.13 Diverter Gate
REP 10.14 Exit Motor (M5)
REP 10.15 Duplex Start Sensor (13)
REP 10.16 Exit Sensor (15)
REP 10.17 Roller Nip P
REP 10.18 Roller Nip N
REP 10.19 Exit illuminator PWB
REP 10.20 Exit Paper Path
REP 10.21 Stripper Blade, Gate and Baffle
REP 10.22 Upper Baffle
REP 10.23 Stripper Guide Latch Cam Shaft
REP 10.24 Front and Rear Flexure Encoder
REPs 12-110 – LCSS
REP 12.1-110 LCSS Covers
REP 12.2-110 Input Drive Belt and Paper Entry Transport Motor
REP 12.3-110 Intermediate Paper Drive Belt
REP 12.4-110 Paper Output Drive Belt and Transport Motor 2
REP 12.5-110 Bin 1 Drive Belts
REP 12.6-110 Tamper Assembly
REP 12.7-110 Hole Punch Unit, Motor and Sensors
REP 12.8-110 Stapler Traverse Assembly
REP 12.9-110 Staple Head Unit
REP 12.10-110 Ejector Assembly Sensors
REP 12.11-110 Bin 1 Upper Level Sensor
REP 12.12-110 Paddle Wheel Shaft Assembly
REP 12.13-110 LCSS Un-Docking
REP 12.14-110 LCSS PWB
REP 12.15-110 Entry Guide Cover
REP 12.16-110 Docking Latch Assembly
REP 12.17-110 Ejector Belt
REP 12.18-110 Paddles
REPs 12-171 – HVF
REP 12.1-171 HVF Covers
REP 12.2-171 HVF Stapler Assembly
REP 12.3-171 Top Tray
REP 12.4-171 Bin 1 Removal
REP 12.5-171 Right Side-Cover Removal
REP 12.6-171 HVF Ejector Assembly
REP 12.7-171 Pressing Plate Fingers
REP 12.8-171 Front and Rear Support Fingers
REP 12.10-171 Stacker Idler Rolls
REP 12.11-171 Front Tamper Motor Assembly
REP 12.12-171 Bin 1 Elevator Motor Assembly
REP 12.13-171 HVF/HVF BM Un-Docking
REP 12.14-171 HVF Upper Exit Guide (5c)
REP 12.15-171 HVF Rear Tamper Assembly
REP 12.16-171 BM Flapper
REP 12.17-171 BM PWB
REP 12.18-171 BM Crease Blade Motor
REP 12.19-171 BM Crease Roll Motor
REP 12.20-171 BM Backstop Motor Assembly
REP 12.21-171 BM Backstop Assembly
REP 12.22-171 BM Entry Roll
REP 12.23-171 BM Entry Sensor
REP 12.24-171 BM Crease Roll Gate Motor
REP 12.25-171 BM Compiler Motor and BM Flapper Motor
REP 12.26-171 Back Stop Drive Assembly
REP 12.27-171 BM Staple Heads
REP 12.28-171 BM Stapler Bracket Assembly
REP 12.29-171 BM Conveyor Belts
REP 12.30-171 BM Tamper Assembly and Tamper 1 Motor
REP 12.31-171 HVF Buffer Guide Assembly
REP 12.32-171 HVF Input Jam Clearance Guide
REP 12.33-171 Buffer Pocket Jam Clearance Guide Assembly
REP 12.34-171 Inserter Jam Clearance Guide Assembly
REP 12.35-171 Diverter Exit Gate
REP 12.36-171 Crease Blade Assembly
REP 12.37-171 Stacker Driving Shaft Bearings
REP 12.38-171 HVF Stacker Driving Belts
REP 12.39-171 HVF BM Diverter Gate
REP 12.40-171 HVF Input Roll
REP 12.41-171 HVF Inserter Guide Roll
REP 12.42-171 HVF Buffer Pocket Roll
REP 12.43-171 HVF Booklet Entrance Roll
REP 12.44-171 HVF Buffer Lower Roll
REP 12.45-171 HVF Buffer Upper Roll
REP 12.46-171 HVF Stacker Exit Feed Roll
REP 12.47-171 HVF Top Exit Feed Roll
REP 12.48-171 Compiler Paddle Motor Assembly
REP 12.49-171 Compiler Paddle Unit
REP 12.50-171 BM Exit Sensor
REP 12.51-171 Compiler Paper Pusher Motor Assembly
REP 12.52-171 BM Crease Rolls
REP 12.53-171 Compiler Paper Pusher
REP 12.54-171 Pusher Upper and Lower Sensors
REP 12.55-171 HVF PSU Assembly
REP 12.56-171 BM Right Hand Cover
REP 12.57-171 HVF Main PWB
REP 12.58-171 Not Used
REP 12.59-171 Crease Roll Gate Assembly
REP 12.60-171 BM Paper Guide Assembly
REP 12.61-171 BM Module
REP 12.62-171 BM Slide Assembly
REP 12.63-171 Transport Motor 1
REP 12.64-171 Bypass Feed Motor
REP 12.65-171 Buffer Motor
REP 12.66-171 Transport Motor 2
REP 12.67-171 Tri Folder Covers
REP 12.68-171 Tri-Folder Drive Assembly
REP 12.69-171 Tri Folder Crease Roll Drive Assembly
REP 12.70-171 Tri-Folder Feed Roller and Drive Belt
REP 12.71-171 TF Assist Gate Solenoid
REP 12.72-171 Tri Folder Crease Roll Springs
REP 12.73-171 Tri Folder Top Cover and Idler Assemblies
REP 12.74-171 Tri Folder Roller Assembly and Diverter Solenoid
REP 12.75-171 Bin 1 Limit Switches
REP 12.76-171 Bin 1 Upper Level Sensor
REP 12.77-171 Tri Folder Door Interlock Switches and Sensor
REP 12.78-171 Tri Folder Entry and Assist Gate Sensors
REP 12.79-171 Tri Folder Exit Sensor
REP 12.80-171 Tri Folder PWB
REP 12.81-171 Tri Folder Main and Bin 2 Tray Harnesses
REP 12.82-171 Inserter Undocking
REP 12.83-171 Inserter Front and Rear Covers
REP 12.84-171 Inserter Motor
REP 12.85-171 Inserter PWB
REP 12.86-171 Inserter Clutch
REP 12.87-171 Inserter Top Cover Interlock Switch
REP 12.88-171 Inserter Jam Cover Interlock Switch
REP 12.89-171 Main Tray and Paper Length Sensors
REP 12.90-171 Bottom Tray and Paper Sensors
REP 12.91-171 Inserter Top Cover and Inserter Pickup Sensor
REP 12.92-171 Lower Jam Cover and Acceleration Sensor
REP 12.93-171 Inserter LE and TE Sensors
REP 12.94-171 Inserter Bottom Plate Sensor
REP 12.95-171 Inserter Pickup Assembly and Reverse Feed Roller
REP 12.96-171 HVF Fixed and Adjustable Casters
REP 12.97-171 Pause To Unload PWB Assembly
REP 12.98-171 Inserter Idle Roller Assembly
REP 12.99-171 Tri-Folder Removal
REP 12.100-171 Ejector Paddle Assembly (W/TAG V-004)
REP 12.101-171 Paddle Wheel
REP 12.102-171 Docking Latch Assembly
REPs 16 – Network Controller
REP 16.1 Network Controller Software Installation
REP 16.2 Network Controller (HDD2) W/O TAG 006
REP 16.3 Network Controller PWB
REPs 62- Scanner
REP 62.1 Scanner Module
REP 62.2 Top Cover
REP 62.3 CVT Glass, CVT Ramp and Document Glass Assembly
REP 62.4 Scan Carriage Home Sensor (W/O TAG 007)
REP 62.5 Scan Carriage Assembly (W/O TAG 007)
REP 62.6 Carriage Motor and Mounting (W/O TAG 007)
REP 62.7 Scan Cables (W/O TAG 007)
REP 62.8 Scan Drive Belt (W/O TAG 007)
REP 62.9 Input Module Angle Sensor (W/O TAG 007)
REP 62.10 LED Exposure Lamps (W/O TAG 007)
REP 62.11 Exposure Lamp Ribbon Harness (W/O TAG 007)
REP 62.12 Scanner PWB (W/O TAG 007)
REP 62.13 Scan Carriage Ribbon Cable (W/O TAG 007)
REP 62.14 Document Size Sensor 1 and Document Size Sensor 2 (W/O TAG 007)
REP 62.15 Scan Carriage Home Sensor (W/TAG 007)
REP 62.16 Carriage Motor (W/TAG 007)
REP 62.17 Exposure Lamp Inverter (W/TAG 007)
REP 62.18 Exposure Lamp (W/TAG 007)
REP 62.19 Exposure Lamp Ribbon Harness (W/TAG 007)
REP 62.20 Input Module Angle Sensor (W/TAG 007)
REP 62.21 Scanner PWB (W/TAG 007)
REP 62.22 Document Size Sensor 1 and Document Size Sensor 2 (W/TAG 007)
REP 62.23 Scan Cables (W/TAG 007)
REP 62.24 Scan Idler Pulley (W/TAG 007)
REP 62.25 Platen Down Sensor (W/TAG 007)
REP 62.26 IIT Video / SBC PWB Harness (W/TAG 007)
REP 62.27 Scan Motor and Scan Carriage Drive Belt (W/TAG 007)
REP 62.28 Power and Communication Harness (W/TAG 007)
REPs 70 to 75 – Paper Supply
REP 70.1 3 Tray Module PWB
REP 70.2 Upper Left Hand Door Assembly
REP 71.1 Tray 1 and Tray 2 Removal
REP 71.2 Tray 1 and Tray 2 Paper Guides
REP 71.3 Tray 1 and Tray 2 Lift Gear Assembly
REP 73.1 Tray 3 Removal
REP 73.2 Tray 3 Elevator Motor
REP 73.3 Tray 3 Elevator Cables
REP 73.4 Tray 3 Stack Height Sensor
REP 73.5 Tray 3 Home Sensor
REP 73.6 Tray 3 Elevator Damper and Gears
REP 75.1 Tray 5 Empty Sensor
REP 75.2 Tray 5 Stack Height Sensor
REP 75.3 Tray 5 Down Sensor
REP 75.4 Tray 5 Elevator Motor Assembly
REP 75.5 Tray 5 Upper Limit Switch
REP 75.6 Tray 5 Down Limit Switch
REP 75.7 Un-docking and Docking Tray 5
REP 75.8 Tray 5 Covers
REP 75.9 Tray 5 Docking Latch
REP 75.10 Tray 5 Elevator Rack Assembly
REP 75.11 Tray 5 Elevator Tray Guides
REPs 81 to 89 – Paper Transport
REP 81.1 Tray 1 and Tray 2 Paper Feed Assembly
REP 81.2 Tray 3 Paper Feed Assembly
REP 81.3 Bypass Module
REP 81.4 Tray 1 and Tray 2 Feed Rolls
REP 81.5 Tray 3 Feed Rolls
REP 81.6 Bypass Tray Feed Rolls
REP 81.7 Tray 5 Feed Rollers
REP 81.8 Tray 1 or Tray 2 Feed Sensor
REP 81.9 Tray 3 Feed Sensor
REP 81.10 Bypass Tray Empty Sensor
REP 81.11 Tray 5 Feed Sensor
REP 81.12 Tray 5 Feed Motor
REP 81.13 Nip D Release Solenoid
REP 82.1 3 Tray Module Transport Motor
REP 82.2 3 Tray Module Transport Drive Belt
REP 82.3 Tray 3 Horizontal Transport Assembly
REP 82.4 Tray 3 Horizontal Transport Rolls
REP 82.5 Tray 5 Transport motor
REP 82.6 Tray 5 Transport Drive Belt
REP 82.7 Tray 5 Takeaway Roller
REP 82.8 Confirm Sensor
REP 82.9 Vertical Transport
REP 83.1 Horizontal Paper Path
REP 83.2 Duplex End Sensor, Nip C Solenoid and HPP Diverter Solenoid
REP 83.3 Duplex Sensor (17)
REP 83.4 Horizontal Transport Motor
REP 83.5 Horizontal Transport Drive Belts And Takeaway Rolls
REP 89.1 Registration/Preheat Assembly and Lower Platelet Assembly
REP 89.2 Registration / Preheat Pumps
REP 89.3 Registration / Preheat Assembly Nip A Kit
REPs 91 – Marking Unit
REP 91.1 Carriage Drive Train
REP 91.2 Vertical Gearbox and Motor
REP 91.3 Head Maintenance Wiper
REP 91.4 Front and Rear Tensioner Base
REP 91.5 Head Maintenance Belts and Belt Retainer Clips
REP 91.6 Head Maintenance Horizontal Motion Motor
REP 91.7 Marking Unit Upper Carriage
REP 91.8 Upper Carriage Drive Shaft, Cranks, Upper Front and Rear Compliant Links
REP 91.9 X Axis Drive Motor
REP 91.10 Lower Carriage Drive Shaft, Cranks, Lower Front and Rear Compliant Links
REP 91.11 Upper Carriage Ship Restraint Motor
REP 91.12 Purge Line Filter
REP 91.13 Stitch / Roll Motor
REP 91.14 Marking Unit Lower Carriage
REP 91.15 Ink Loader Assembly
REP 91.16 Ink Loader Melt Plate Assembly
REP 91.17 Ink Load Sensor Assembly
REP 91.18 Ink Transport Motor and Drive Gear
REP 91.19 Ink Low Sensor Assembly
REP 91.20 Ink Reservoir Assembly
REP 91.21 Reservoir Pump
REP 91.22 IOD Assembly
REP 91.23 Front and Rear Track Guide
REP 91.24 Drum Drive Motor and Belt
REP 91.25 Drum and Front Drum Frame Assembly
REP 91.26 Marking Unit Slide Assembly
REP 91.27 Cleaning Unit Motor Assembly and Home Sensor
REP 91.28 Marking Unit Assembly
REP 91.29 Printhead
REP 91.30 Drum Position Encoder Assembly
REP 91.31 Umbilical Assembly
REP 91.32 Cleaning Unit Cam Shaft Assembly
REP 91.33 Cleaning Unit Plug Connector
REP 91.34 Drum Pulley
REP 91.35 Front and Rear Drum Thermistor
REP 91.36 Abatement Plenum
REP 91.37 Service Loop
REP 91.38 Stitch / Roll Motor Lead Screws
REPs 94 – Ink Transfer
REP 94.1 Cleaning Unit
ADJs 4 – Machine Lubrication
ADJ 4.1 Machine Lubrication
ADJ 5.1 DADH Drive Belt Adjustment
ADJ 5.2 DADH Height Adjustment
ADJ 5.3 DADH Skew Adjustment
ADJ 5.4 DADH Cleaning Procedure
ADJ 5.5 DADH Registration Adjustment
ADJ 5.6 DADH Document Pad
ADJs 12-110 – LCSS
ADJ 12.1-110 LCSS Bin 1 Level
ADJ 12.2-110 Machine to LCSS Alignment
ADJ 12.3-110 Hole Punch Position
ADJ 12.4-110 Motor Drive Belt Tensioning
ADJs 12-171 – HVF
ADJ 12.1-171 Machine to HVF / HVF BM, HVF BM to Tri-Folder Alignment
ADJ 12.2-171 Tri-Folder Paper Settings
ADJ 12.3-171 Stapler Anvil Alignment
ADJ 12.4-171 Crease Blade Position
ADJ 12.5-171 Booklet Tamping
ADJ 12.6-171 Booklet Compiling Position
ADJ 12.7-171 Booklet Crease Position
ADJ 12.8-171 Booklet Staple Position
ADJ 12.9-171 Booklet Maker Skew
ADJ 12.10-171 HVF Motor Drive Belt Tensioning
ADJ 12.11-171 HVF Idler Drive Belt Tensioning
ADJ 12.12-171 Tri-Folder Fold Adjustment
ADJs 62 – Scanner
ADJ 62.1 Optics Cleaning Procedure (W/O TAG 007)
ADJ 62.2 Scan Carriage Assembly (W/O TAG 007)
ADJ 62.3 Carriage Motor and Scanner Drive Belt (W/O TAG 007)
ADJ 62.4 Document Glass Registration Adjustment
ADJ 62.5 Optics Cleaning Procedure (W/TAG 007)
ADJs 73 to 75 – Paper Trays
ADJ 73.1 Tray 3 Paper Tray Guide Setting
ADJ 75.1 Tray 5 Paper Tray Guide Setting
ADJ 75.2 Tray 5 Module to Machine Alignment
ADJ 75.3 Tray 5 Module Tray Alignment
ADJs 82 – Paper Transport
ADJ 82.1 Media Registration Calibration
ADJs 91 – Marking Unit
ADJ 91.1 Printhead Attachment Check

PL 1 – Standby Power
PL 1.15 Main Power Supply
PL 2 – User Interface and Secure Access
PL 2.00 Secure Access Additions
PL 2.10 User Interface
PL 3 – Machine Run Control
PL 3.10 Image Processing Module (W/O TAG 006)
PL 3.11 Image Processing Module (W/TAG 006)
PL 5.10 DADH (Complete), Covers, DADH PWB
PL 5.15 Feed Assembly
PL 5.20 Top Cover Assembly
PL 5.25 CVT
PL 5.30 Baffle Assembly
PL 5.35 Input Tray Assembly
PL 10 – Transfix and Copy/Print Transportation
PL 10.10 Stripper System (1 of 2)
PL 10.12 Stripper System (2 of 2)
PL 10.15 Exit Paper Path
PL 10.20 Transfix Roller Assembly
PL 12 – OCT
PL 12.00 OCT
PL 12 – LCSS
PL 12.10 LCSS Covers
PL 12.15 LCSS Docking Latch
PL 12.20 LCSS Hole Punch Unit
PL 12.25 LCSS Paddle Wheel
PL 12.30 LCSS Bin 1 Control Components (1 of 2)
PL 12.35 LCSS Bin 1 Control Components (2 of 2)
PL 12.40 LCSS Paper Entry Transport
PL 12.45 LCSS Tamper Assembly
PL 12.50 LCSS Ejector Assembly
PL 12.55 LCSS Staple Head Unit/Traverse Assembly
PL 12.60 LCSS Bin 0 Entry
PL 12.65 LCSS Bin 1 Entry
PL 12.70 LCSS Entry Guide Cover/Jam Clearance Guide
PL 12.75 LCSS Electrical
PL 12 – HVF
PL 12.100 HVF Covers and Docking
PL 12.105 HVF Stacker
PL 12.110 HVF Ejector, Pressing and Support (1 of 2)
PL 12.115 HVF Ejector, Pressing and Support (2 of 2)
PL 12.120 HVF Main Drives
PL 12.125 HVF Feed Assembly and Punch (1 of 3)
PL 12.130 HVF Feed Assembly and Punch (2 of 3)
PL 12.135 HVF Feed Assembly and Punch (3 of 3)
PL 12.140 HVF Power and Control
PL 12 – HVF Booklet Maker
PL 12.145 HVF BM Module (Complete)
PL 12.150 HVF BM Entry and Front Cover
PL 12.155 HVF BM Tamper Assembly
PL 12.160 HVF BM Back Stop Motor
PL 12.165 HVF BM Back Stop assembly
PL 12.170 HVF BM Crease Blade Motor
PL 12.175 HVF BM Crease Rolls Motor and PWB
PL 12.180 HVF BM Crease Rolls and Support Leg
PL 12.185 HVF BM Stapler Assemblies
PL 12.190 HVF BM Bin 2
PL 12 – Tri-Folder
PL 12.200 Tri-Folder Covers
PL 12.205 Tri-Folder Drives Module
PL 12.210 Tri-Folder Top Door Cover Assembly
PL 12.215 Tri-Folder Main Drives Assembly
PL 12 – Inserter
PL 12.300 Inserter Covers
PL 12.305 Inserter Main Drives (1 of 3)
PL 12.310 Inserter Main Drives (2 of 3)
PL 12.315 Inserter Main Drives (3 of 3)
PL 20 – Fax
PL 20.05 Fax PWBs
PL 20.10 Line 1 & 2 Fax Kits
PL 25 – Accessories
PL 25.10 Convenience Stapler
PL 26 – Consumables and Tools
PL 26.10 Consumables and Tools (1 of 2)
PL 26.11 Consumables and Tools (2 of 2)
PL 28 – Covers
PL 28.10 Covers
PL 31 – Maintenance/Installation/Removal Kits
PL 31.10 Maintenance/Installation/Removal Kits (1 of 3)
PL 31.11 Maintenance/Installation/Removal Kits (2 of 3)
PL 31.12 Maintenance/Installation/Removal Kits (3 of 3)

GP 1 to GP 9
GP 1 Service Mode
GP 2 Fault Codes and History Files
GP 3 Service Information
GP 4 Machine Software
GP 5 Customer Administration Tools
GP 6 Marking Unit Maintenance Positions
GP 7 System Grounding Verification
GP 8 Special Tools and Consumables
GP 9 UI Services User Menu Map
GP 10 to GP 19
GP 10 How to Check a Motor
GP 11 How to Check a Sensor
GP 12 How to Check a Solenoid or Clutch
GP 13 How to Check a Switch
GP 14 How to Switch Off the Machine or Switch On the Machine
GP 15 Location and Function of PWB LEDs
GP 16 How to Safely Lift or Move Heavy Modules
GP 17 Network Clone Procedure
GP 18 Machine Lubrication
GP 19 Machine SIM Card Matrix
GP 20 to GP 29
GP 20 Paper and Media Size Specifications
GP 21 Installation Space Requirements
GP 22 Electrical Power Requirements
GP 23 Environmental Data
GP 24 Hardware Kit Contents
GP 25 First Copy/Print Out Time and Power On/Off Time
GP 26 Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
GP 27 Cleaning Procedure
GP 28 Marking Unit Assembly Wiring Harnesses
GP 29 Component Locations
GP 30 to GP 39
GP 30 How to Mask Jets / Jet Substitution
GP 31 How to Open and Close the Stripper Gate
GP 32 User Interface Panel Diagnostics
GP 33 Machine Features
GP 34 Service Plan
GP 35 Copy and Print Speeds
GP 36 How to Unlock the Cleaning Unit
GP 37 Post Part Replacement Routines
GP 38 How to Set the Date and Time
GP 39 How to Enable HTTP
GP 40 to GP 47
GP 40 Glossary of Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations
GP 41 How to Configure the PWS to Ping a Device
GP 42 How to Set the IP Address of the PWS
GP 43 How to Change Ethernet Speed
GP 44 How to Disable the Firewall of the PWS
GP 45 How to Identify the Type A and Type B Printheads
GP 46 ColorQube 9201 Low Cost Printhead
GP 47 Spare Part Notices
Diagnostic Codes dC103 to dC123
dC103 Billing Plan
dC104 Usage Counters
dC108 Software Version
dC113 Fast Time to Ready
dC120 Fault Counters
dC122 Fault History
dC123 PEST Fault History
Diagnostic Code dC131
dC131 NVM Read/Write
Diagnostic Codes dC132 to dC140
dC132 Serial Number
dC135 CRU/HFSI Status
dC136 Service Plan
dC137 Page Pack
dC140 Analog Monitor
Diagnostic Codes dC301 to dC361
dC301 NVM Initialization
dC312 Network Echo Test
dC330 Component Control
dC335 Heater Monitor and Exerciser
dC361 NVM Save and Restore
Diagnostic Codes dC608 to dC640
dC608 Document Feeder Registration
dC609 Document Glass Registration
dC612 Print Test Pattern
dC625 Registration / Preheat Calibration
dC640 Video Path Integrity
Diagnostic Codes dC708 to dC715
dC708 Drum Drive Control Test
dC715 Active Registration Control
Diagnostic Codes dC914 to dC978
dC914 Head to Head Alignment Test
dC959 Cleaning Unit Exerciser
dC962 Transfix Load Test
dC965 Printhead Maintenance Cycle Test
dC967 Head to Drum Spacing Check
dC968 Head Purge
dC969 Clean Ink Smears
dC971 Head to Head Alignment Adjustment
dC972 Printhead Uniformity
dC976 Ink Delivery Fault Recovery
dC977 Drum Runout Calibration
dC978 Transfix Calibration Values
Change Tags
Processor Tags
Finisher (2K LCSS) Tags
Finisher (HVF) Tags
PPI Tags
Fax Tags
Tray 5 Tags

Plug Jack Locations
PJ Locations
Wiring Diagrams
Wiring Diagrams

System Overview
System Electronics
System Communications
Power On Self Test (POST)
Print Engine Self Test (PEST)
Sensor Types and Function
Print Process
Media Paths
Image Input Terminal
Image Output Terminal
Duplex Automatic Document Handler (DADH)
Full Width Array Raster Input Scanner
CCD Array Raster Input Scanner MOD TAG 007
Three Tray Module (3TM)
Bypass tray
Tray 5 Module
Image Marking Engine (IME)
Print Marking Unit and Drum Assembly
Output Transport
Offsetting Catch Tray (OCT)
Low Capacity Stapler Stacker (LCSS)
High Volume Finisher (HVF)