Xerox CopyCentre C118 WorkCentre M118 Service Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present manual Xerox CopyCentre C118 WorkCentre M118 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
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About this Manual
How to Use this Documentation
Symbology and Nomenclature
Translated Warnings

Service Call Procedures
Initial Actions
Call Flow
Detailed Maintenance Activities (HFSI)
Cleaning Procedures
Final Actions

C-Status Code
C1-3000 Registration Sensor On JAM RAP (Tray 1 Feed)
C2-2000 Tray 2 Feed Out Sensor On JAM RAP (Tray 2 Feed)
C2-3000 Registration Sensor On JAM RAP (Tray 2 Feed)
C3-1000 Tray 3 Feed Out Sensor On JAM RAP (Tray 3 Feed)
C3-2000 Tray 2 Feed Out Sensor On JAM RAP (Tray 3 Feed)
C3-3000 Registration Sensor On JAM RAP (Tray 3 Feed)
C4-0000 Tray 4 Feed Out Sensor On JAM RAP (Tray 4 Feed)
C4-1000 Tray 3 Feed Out Sensor On JAM RAP (Tray 4 Feed)
C4-2000 Tray 2 Feed Out Sensor On JAM RAP (Tray 4 Feed)
C4-3000 Registration Sensor On JAM RAP (Tray 4 Feed)
C6-1000 Registration Sensor On JAM RAP (DUP Feed/Stop Case)
C6-2000 Registration Sensor On JAM RAP (DUP Feed/Nonstop Case)
C8-2000 Tray 2 Feed Out Sensor Static JAM RAP
C8-3000 Tray 3 Feed Out Sensor Static JAM RAP
C8-4000 Tray 4 Feed Out Sensor Static JAM RAP
C8-6000 Duplex Sensor Static JAM RAP
C9-3000 Registration Sensor On JAM RAP (MPT Feed)
E-Status Code
E1-1000 Registration Sensor Off JAM RAP
E1-2000 Fuser Exit Sensor On JAM RAP
E1-6000 Registration Sensor Static JAM RAP
E3-1000 Fuser Exit Sensor Off JAM RAP
E3-2000 Fuser Exit Sensor Off JAM RAP (Too Short)
E3-6000 Fuser Exit Sensor Static JAM RAP
E8-2000 Duplex Sensor On JAM RAP
H-Status Code
H1-2000 Tray 2 Lift Up / No Tray Failure RAP
H1-3000 Tray 3 Lift Up / No Tray Failure RAP
H1-4000 Tray 4 Lift Up / No Tray Failure RAP
H2-7000 DUP Module Communication Failure RAP
H3-1000 OCT1 Failure RAP
H4-1000 Tray 1 Cassette Size Failure RAP
H4-2000 Tray 2 Cassette Size Failure RAP
H4-3000 Tray 3 Cassette Size Failure RAP
H4-4000 Tray 4 Cassette Size Failure RAP
H7-3000 2TM NVM Out-Of-Order RAP
H7-4000 2TM NVM R/W Error RAP
H7-7000 2TM Communication Failure RAP
H7-8000 TM Type Error RAP
H8-1000 Tray 1 Paper Size Switch Broken RAP
H8-2000 Tray 2 Paper Size Switch Broken RAP
H8-3000 Tray 3 Paper Size Switch Broken RAP
H8-4000 Tray 4 Paper Size Switch Broken RAP
H9-3000 STM NVM Out-Of-Order RAP
H9-4000 STM NVM R/W Error RAP
H9-7000 STM Communication Failure RAP
J-Status Code
J1-2000 Toner Cartridge Empty Failure RAP
J3-1000 XERO/Developer Cartridge Set Failure RAP
J4-1000 ATC Sensor Failure RAP
J6-1000 XERO/Developer Cartridge Life Over RAP
J7-1000 XERO/Developer Cartridge CRUM Communication Failure RAP
J7-2000 XERO/Developer Cartridge CRUM Data Write Failure RAP
J7-3000 XERO/Developer Cartridge CRUM ID Failure RAP
J8-1000 Toner Cartridge CRUM Communication Failure RAP
J8-2000 MCU Toner Cartridge CRUM Data Write Failure RAP
J8-3000 Toner Cartridge CRUM ID Failure RAP
S-Status Code
S1-0000 Carriage Error RAP
S1-0001 DADF/ADF Top Cover Open During Platen Scan RAP
S1-0010 Jam During Feed RAP
S1-0011 Jam During Scan RAP
S1-0012 Long Document JAM RAP
S1-0013 Short Document JAM RAP
S1-0014 ADF Static JAM RAP
S1-0015 Platen Cover Open During ADF Scan RAP
S1-0016 ADF Top Cover Open During ADF Scan RAP
S1-0020 Jam During Feed RAP
S1-0021 Jam During Scan RAP
S1-0022 Long Document JAM RAP
S1-0023 Short Document JAM RAP
S1-0024 Jam During Invert Transport RAP
S1-0025 DADF Static JAM RAP
S1-0026 Platen Cover Open During DADF Scan RAP
S1-0027 ADF Top Cover Open During DADF Scan RAP
U-Status Code
U0-1000 Main Motor Stop Error RAP
U0-2000 Image Ready Error RAP
U1-1000 Main Motor Failure RAP
U3-5000 ROS Motor Failure RAP
U4-1000 Fuser On Time Failure RAP
U4-2000 Over Heat Temp Failure RAP
U4-3000 Control Thermistor Failure RAP
U4-9000 Fuser Fan Failure RAP
U5-1000 Dispense Motor Failure RAP
U6-2000 RAM Read/Write Check Failure RAP
U6-3000 NVM Data Defect RAP
U6-4000 NVM Read/Write Cannot Be Executed RAP
U6-5000 CPU Power To Access NVM Is Not Enough RAP
U6-6000 CRUM ASIC Failure RAP
Status Indicator RAPs Initial Issue
Z-Status Code
Z1-0000 Billing Counter Failure RAP
Fax Error Code
00xxxx Polling Operation Error RAP
01xxxx Document Feed Failure RAP
02xxxx Dial Setting Failure RAP
03xxxx Password Mismatch During Send RAP
04xxxx Password Mismatch During Receive RAP
05xxxx Password Mismatch During Polling RAP
06xxxx Relay Broadcast Not Allowed RAP
07xxxx Mailbox Receive Not Allowed RAP
09xxxx Transmission Type Mismatch RAP
10xxxx F Code Send Error RAP
11xxxx F Code Receive Error RAP
33xxxx V.34 Protocol Error RAP
45xxxx Memory Overflow RAP
46xxxx Document JAM RAP
47xxxx Error During Receive RAP
70xxxx Busy Tone RAP
71xxxx No Response RAP
72xxxx Remote Machine Error RAP
74xxxx Transmission Error RAP
76xxxx Polarity Reversal Detected Other Than While Waiting To Receive Initial Identification Signal RAP
77xxxx No Response To Post Message RAP
78xxxx DCN Received While Waiting For Response To Post Message RAP
79xxxx PIP Received In Response To Post Message RAP
7Axxxx RTN Received In Response To Post Message RAP
7Cxxxx CRP Received RAP
7Dxxxx Command Error For Receive RAP
7Fxxxx No Response From Remote Machine After Mode Change (T1 Time out) RAP 2-80
8Fxxxx PIN Received In Response To Post Message RAP
91xxxx No Response RAP
92xxxx DCN Received While Waiting For Command Other Than DCN In PHASE-B RAP 2-81
95xxxx Time out 10 sec. After Detecting Low Speed Flag While Waiting For Image Signal Carrier
(HMCD ON) Detection RAP
96xxxx Carrier Was Broken Within 15 sec. When Receiving G3 Image Signal RAP
97xxxx T2 Time out RAP
98xxxx DCN Received While Waiting For Command Other Than DCN In PHASE-D RAP 2-83
99xxxx PRI-Q Received RAP
9Axxxx Decoding Error RAP
9Cxxxx CRP Was Received Three Times While Waiting For Response To Initial Identification
Signal RAP
9Dxxxx Command Error For Receive (Carrier Was Not Broken) RAP
9Fxxxx EOR-Q RAP
B0xxxx Power Supply Was Cut Off RAP
B2xxxx System Error RAP
B4xxxx Modem Error RAP
B5xxxx Modem Error During Send RAP
B6xxxx Modem Error During Receive RAP
B7xxxx Image Data Conversion System Error RAP
E1xxxx Scan to E-mail Transmission Error RAP
E2xxxx Direct Fax Transmission Error RAP
EPxxxx EP Related RAP
ESS Failure List
PRINTER ESS Failure List
Other Faults
OF1 Warning Toner Cartridge Was PRENEAR Empty RAP
OF2 Warning Drum Life Was Near To End RAP
OF3 Warning No Paper In The Select Paper Tray RAP
OF4 Warning Paper Size Mismatch In Length RAP
OF5 Warning Paper Size Mismatch In Width RAP
OF6 Cover Left Cover Assembly Open RAP
OF7 Cover IOT Front Cover Open RAP
OF8 Cover STM Left Cover Open RAP
OF9 Cover 2TM Left Cover Open RAP
OF10 Cover Duplex Cover Open RAP
OF11 Size Switch Assy RAP
OF12 Receive Fax Not Output RAP
OF13 Abort Code RAP

Image Quality RAPs
IQ1 IOT Image Quality Entry RAP
IQ2 IIT Image Quality Entry RAP
IQ3 Low Image Density RAP
IQ4 Wrinkled Image RAP
IQ5 Residual Image (Ghosting) RAP
IQ6 Background RAP
IQ7 Deletion RAP
IQ8 Skew/Misregistration RAP
IQ9 Process Direction Bands, Streaks and Smears RAP
IQ10 Unfused Copy/Toner Offset RAP
IQ11 Repeating Bands, Streaks, Spots and Smears RAP
IQ12 Mottle RAP
IQ13 Spots RAP
IQ14 Black Prints RAP
IQ15 Blank Image RAP
Copy Quality Specifications
Copy Quality Specifications
IQS1 Solid Area Density Specification
IQS2 Uniformity Specification
IQS3 Exposure Level Specification
IQS4 Lead Edge Registration Specification
IQS5 Side Edge Registration Specification
IQS6 Skew Specification
IQS7 Lead Edge Deletion Specification
IQS8 Trail Edge Deletion Specification
IQS9 Side Edge Deletion Specification
IQS10 Resolution Specification
IQS11 Skips And Smears Specification
IQS12 Magnification Specification
IQS13 Background Specification
Image Defect Samples
Image Defect Samples
IDS 1 Auger Mark
IDS 2 Strobing (28mm or 14mm Pitch Density)
IDS 3 White Streaks (Process Direction)
IDS 4 Black Bands
IDS 5 Toner Contamination
IDS 6 Toner Splattering
IDS 7 White Spots (Irregular)
IDS 8 Transparency Offset (80mm Pitch Ghosts)
IDS 9 Regular Blanks In Process Direction (Spots, Streaks, Bands etc.)
IDS 10 Regular Toner Contamination In Process Direction (Spots, Streaks, Bands etc.) 3-28
IDS 11 Regular Toner Contamination In Process Direction (Side 2)
IDS 12 Transparency Blocking
IDS 13 Moire Due To Interference With Copy Original
IDS 14 Light Background Due To Auto Exposure In Copies Of Originals With Frames 3-30
IDS 15 Fluctuation In Auto Exposure Values For Copies Of Originals Of Medium Density 3-31
IDS 16 Gradation Jump In Text & Photo Mode For 100 lpi Photo Originals
IDS 17 CVT (Constant Velocity Transport) Scan Streaks
IDS 18 Defects Related To Scan Print
IDS 19 Moire In Text Mode (Fine) B/W Scan/Fax For 133 lpi Originals
IDS 20 Black Discoloration Around White Texts In Medium Density Background
IIT Image Quality Troubleshooting
IIT Image Quality Troubleshooting

1. Drives
REP 1.1.1 Main Drive Assembly
2. Paper Transportation
REP 2.2.1 Retard Pad
REP 2.4.1 Registration Unit
REP 2.5.1 Left Cover Assembly
REP 2.5.2 BTR Assembly
3. ROS
REP 3.1.1 ROS Unit
4. Xerographics/Development
REP 4.1.1 X
Developer Cartridge
REP 4.1.2 Toner Cartridge
REP 4.2.1 Dispense Motor
5. Fuser
REP 5.1.1 Fuser Assembly
6. Exit
REP 6.1.1 Exit + OCT Assembly
7. MPT
REP 7.1.1 MPT Unit
REP 7.2.1 MPT Retard Pad
9. Electrical Components
10. Covers
REP 10.1.1 Top Cover
REP 10.2.1 Rear Cover
11. IIT
REP 11.1.1 Control Panel
REP 11.1.2 MFC and EXT PWB Box
REP 11.2.1 IIT Carriage Assembly
REP 11.2.2 NBCR-Host/NBCR-Power Cable
REP 11.4.1 Exposure Lamp
REP 11.5.1 Front/Rear Carriage Cable
REP 11.5.3 Inv PWB
REP 11.6.1 MFC PWB
REP 11.6.2 EXT PWB
12. Tray Module -2T
REP 12.1.1 Tray 3 Feeder
REP 12.1.2 Tray 4 Feeder
REP 12.3.1 Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll
REP 12.6.1 2TM PWB
REP 12.7.1 Left Lower Cover
13. Tray Module -ST
REP 13.1.1 Tray 2 Feeder
REP 13.3.1 Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll
REP 15.1.2 DADF/ADF Platen Cushion
REP 15.2.1 Document Tray Assembly
REP 15.2.2 DADF/ADF Feeder Assembly
REP 15.2.3 Front Cover
REP 15.2.4 Rear Cover
REP 15.3.1 DADF/ADF Control PWB
REP 15.3.2 Left Counter Balance
REP 15.3.3 Right Counter Balance
REP 15.4.1 Top Cover
REP 15.8.1 Retard Roll
REP 15.9.1 Pickup Roll, Feed Roll
4. Xerographics/Development
ADJ 4.1.1 Toner Density Adjustment
7. MPT
ADJ 7.1.1 MPT Size Guide Adjustment
9. Electrical Components
ADJ 9.1.1 IOT Lead Edge/Side Edge Registration
ADJ 9.1.2 Edge Erase
ADJ 9.2.1 ESS Firmware Version Downloading
ADJ 9.11.1 MFC Version Upgrade
11. IIT
ADJ 11.1.1 Carriage Assembly Position Adjustment
ADJ 11.1.2 IIT Lead Edge/Side Edge Registration
ADJ 11.1.3 Reduce/Enlarge Adjustment
ADJ 11.1.4 APS Sensor
ADJ 15.1.1 DADF/ADF Position Adjustment
ADJ 15.1.2 DADF/ADF Lead Edge Registration
ADJ 15.1.3 DADF/ADF Side Edge Registration
ADJ 15.1.4 Counterbalance

Subsystem Information
Parts Lists
1. Drives
PL 1.1 Main Drive
2. Paper Transportation
PL 2.1 Tray 1
PL 2.2 Tray
PL 2.3 Tray 1 Drive
PL 2.4 Registration
PL 2.5 Vertical Transport Unit
PL 2.6 Transfer Cover
PL 2.7 Left Cover Assembly
3. ROS
PL 3.1 ROS
4. Xerographics/Development
PL 4.1 XERO/Developer
PL 4.2 Toner System
5. Fuser
PL 5.1 Fuser
6. Exit
PL 6.1 Exit Assembly
PL 6.2 Exit Assembly
PL 6.3 Exit + OCT Assembly
7. MPT
PL 7.1 MPT Unit
PL 7.2 Lower Frame Assembly
PL 7.3 MPT Tray Assembly
8. Duplex
PL 8.1 Duplex Assembly
PL 8.2 Chute Assembly
9. Electrical Components
PL 9.1 Electrical
PL 9.2 ESS
PL 9.3 FAX
PL 9.4 Wire Harness
10. Covers
PL 10.1 Font, Left
PL 10.2 Rear, Right
11. IIT
PL 11.1 IIT Assembly
PL 11.2 IIT Unit
PL 11.3 IIT Under Cover Assembly
PL 11.4 Module Assembly
PL 11.5 Center Plate Assembly
PL 11.6 MFC and EXT PWB Box
PL 11.7 Control Panel
PL 11.8 Fax Unit Control Panel
12. Tray Module -2T
PL 12.1 Tray, Feeder Assembly-2Tray
PL 12.2 Tray 3/4 Assembly-2Tray
PL 12.3 Tray 3/4 Feeder-2Tray
PL 12.4 Left Cover-2Tray
PL 12.5 Takeaway Roll-2Tray
PL 12.6 Electrical-2Tray
PL 12.7 Cover-2Tray
13. Tray Module -ST
PL 13.1 Tray, Feeder Assembly-Single Tray
PL 13.2 Tray Assembly-Single Tray
PL 13.3 Tray Feeder-Single Tray
PL 13.4 Left Cover-Single Tray
PL 13.5 Takeaway Roll-Single Tray
PL 13.6 Electrical-Single Tray
PL 13.7 Cover-Single Tray
14. Mobile Stand
PL 14.1 Mobile Stand
PL 15.1 DADF/ADF Assembly
PL 15.2 DADF/ADF Component, Cover
PL 15.3 DADF/ADF Base Cover Component
PL 15.4 DADF/ADF Feeder Component
PL 15.5 DADF/ADF Lower Feeder Component
PL 15.6 DADF/ADF Retard Roll Component
PL 15.7 DADF/ADF Lower Feeder Assembly
PL 15.8 DADF/ADF Retard Roll Assembly
PL 15.9 Upper Feeder Assembly
PL 15.10 DADF/ADF Document Tray
Common Hardware
Common Hardware
Part Number Index

Entering Diagnostic Mode
Entering Diagnostic Mode
Exiting Diagnostic Mode
CE Settings
MC. No
Soft Switch (IOT/IIT/FAX)
Country Code
Scanner Adjust
Trace Dump
File Dump
Memory Dump
Mem. Contents
CE Reports (Fax only)
Protocol-Now, Protocol-NG (Fax only)
Billing Meter
Test Print
A/D Check
Input/Output Check
ATC Check
General Procedures
GP 1 Resetting the Administrator Password
GP 3 System Clear
GP 4 Country Code changing
General Information
Space Requirements
Machine Size
Product Specification
Common Tools
Product Tools and Test Patterns
Cleaning Materials
Machine Consumables
Glossary of Terms
Change Tag Information
Change Tag Introduction
IOT/Processor (P) Tags

Plug/Jack Locations
Plug/Jack Locations
7.3.1 Wire Net AC POWER (HOT)
7.3.2 Wire Net AC POWER (NUT)
7.3.3 Wire Net +3.3VDC
7.3.4 Wire Net DC COM (+3.3VRTN)
7.3.5 Wire Net +5VDC-1
7.3.6 Wire Net +5VDC-2
7.3.7 Wire Net +5VDC-3
7.3.8 Wire Net DC COM (+5VRTN)-1
7.3.9 Wire Net DC COM (+5VRTN)-2
7.3.10 Wire Net DC COM (+5VRTN)-3
7.3.11 Wire Net DC COM (+5VRTN)-4
7.3.12 Wire Net +24VDC-1
7.3.13 Wire Net +24VDC-2
7.1.14 Wire Net +24VDC-3
7.3.15 Wire Net DC COM (+24VRTN)-1
7.3.16 Wire Net DC COM (+24VRTN)-2
Chain 1 Standby Power
Chain 2 User Interface
Chain 3 Machine Run Control
Chain 4 Start Print Power
Chain 5 Document Transportation
Chain 6 Imaging
Chain 7 Paper Supply
Chain 8 Paper Feed and Transportation
Chain 9 Xerographics
Chain 10 Copy Transportation and Fusing
Chain 16 Printer
Chain 17 FAX

8.1 Fax Kit
8.2 Foreign Interface

Number of pages: 564.