Xerox DocuColor 3535 DocuColor 2240 DocuColor 1632 Workcentre M24 Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present manual Xerox DocuColor 3535 DocuColor 2240 DocuColor 1632 Workcentre M24 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

About this Manual
How to Use this Documentation
Symbology and Nomenclature
Translated Warnings

Service Call Procedures
Initial Actions
Call Flow
Detailed Maintenance Activities (HFSI)
Cleaning Procedures
Final Actions


Image Quality RAPs
IQ1 IOT Image Quality Entry RAP
IQ2 IIT Image Quality Entry RAP
IQ3 Low Image Density RAP
IQ4 Wrinkled Image/Paper RAP
IQ5 Residual Image (Ghosting) RAP
IQ6 IOT Background RAP
IQ7 Deletions RAP
IQ8 Color-to-Color Misregistration RAP
IQ9 Skew/Misregistration RAP
IQ12 Process Direction Bands, Streaks, and Smears RAP
IQ13 Unfused Copy/Toner Offset RAP
IQ14 Repeating Bands, Streaks, Spots, and Smears RAP
IQ15 Mottle RAP
IQ16 Spots RAP
IQ17 Missing Colors RAP
IQ20 1st BTR Checkout RAP
IQ21 Developer Bias RAP
IQ22 2nd BTR Checkout RAP
IQ23 BCR Checkout RAP
Image Quality Specifications
Defect Samples
Image Defect Samples
Color Misregistration
Debris-Centered Deletions
High Frequency Bands
Irregular Process Direction Streak
Low Image Density
Newton Rings
Regular (Repeating) Bands, Streaks, Spots, or Smears
Residual Image
Streak Deletion in Process Direction
Wrinkled Image
Cloud Defect
IBT Cleaner Streak

REP 1.1 LVPS Bracket
REP 1.4 3.3 V LVPS or 5 V LVPS
REP 1.5 24 V LVPS
REP 1.6 High Voltage Power Supply Chassis
REP 1.8 I/F (Interface) PWB
REP 1.9 24 V LVPS Chassis
REP 1.11 AC Drive PWB
REP 1.14 PS-1 ROM, PS-2 ROM
REP 1.18 Fax Module
REP 1.19 One-Touch Panel
Main Drives
REP 4.1 Main Drive Motor Assembly
REP 4.2 IBT Motor Assembly
REP 4.3 Developer Drive Motor Assembly
REP 4.4 Drum Motor Assembly
Document Handler
REP 5.2 Registration Gate Solenoid
REP 5.3 Left/Right Counterbalance
REP 5.4 DADF Control PWB
REP 5.5 Feed Motor Assembly
REP 5.6 Nudger Roll
REP 5.7 Feed Roll Assembly
REP 5.8 Lower Chute Assembly
REP 5.9 Retard Roll
REP 5.10 Set Gate Solenoid Assembly
REP 5.11 Registration Sensor
REP 5.12 Size Sensors 1/2 (Rear/Front)
REP 5.13 DADF Belt Motor Assembly
REP 5.14 Duplex Sensor
REP 5.15 Registration Pinch Roll
REP 5.16 Exit Motor Assembly
REP 5.17 Document Transport
REP 5.18 Rear Cover
REP 5.19 Platen Belt
REP 6.2 Platen Glass
REP 6.3 IIT Top Cover
REP 6.4 Lens Kit
REP 6.11 Carriage Cables
REP 6.12 Carriage Motor
REP 6.13 Exposure Lamp
REP 6.14 Lamp Wire Harness
Paper Trays
REP 7.1 Tray 5
REP 7.2 Tray 5 Feed Roll
REP 7.3 Tray 1 Feeder
REP 7.4 Tray 1 Feed/Lift Motor
REP 7.5 Tray 1 Paper Size Sensor
REP 7.6 Tray 3 (TTM)
REP 7.7 Tray 4 (TTM)
REP 7.8 Tray 1
REP 7.9 Tray 2 (TTM)
REP 7.10 Tray 2 Feeder (TTM)
REP 7.11 Tray 3 Feeder (TTM)
REP 7.12 Tray 4 Feeder (TTM)
REP 7.13 Tray 2 (3TM)
REP 7.14 Tray 3 (3TM)
REP 7.15 Tray 4 (3TM)
REP 7.16 Tray 2 Feeder (3TM)
REP 7.17 Tray 3 Feeder (3TM)
REP 7.18 Tray 4 Feeder (3TM)
REP 7.19 Tray Module PWB
Paper Feed and Registration
REP 8.1 Left Cover Assembly
REP 8.2 Duplex Chute
REP 8.3 Duplex Transport Assembly
REP 8.5 Inverter Transport
REP 8.6 Registration Transport Assembly
REP 8.7 Exit Transport Assembly
REP 9.1 Drum Cartridge
REP 9.2 ROS Shutter Motor
REP 9.3 Waste Toner Cartridge Cover
REP 9.4 Waste Toner Cartridge
REP 9.5 Full Toner Sensor
REP 9.6 Dispenser Cover
Repairs and Adjustments Initial issue
REP 9.7 Toner Dispenser
REP 9.8 Plate Assembly
REP 9.9 Developer Housing
REP 9.10 Developer
REP 9.11 Toner Dispenser Base Assembly
REP 9.12 IBT Steering Motor Assembly
REP 9.13 Agitator Motor Assembly
REP 9.14 MOB Sensor Assembly
REP 9.15 IBT Belt Assembly
REP 9.16 IBT Cleaner Assembly
REP 9.17 Auger Assembly
REP 9.18 Lever Assembly
REP 9.19 Left Hinge/Right Hinge
REP 9.20 Right Lift Assembly
REP 9.21 Left Lift Assembly
REP 9.22 Transfer Belt
REP 9.23 1st BTR Roll
REP 9.24 2nd BTR Roll
REP 9.25 Erase Lamp/Rail (K,Y,M,C)
REP 9.26 ATC Sensor
REP 9.27 Retract Shaft
REP 10.1 Fuser
REP 10.2 Fuser Fan
REP 10.3 Main/Sub Heater Rod
REP 12.1 H Transport Assembly
REP 12.2 H Transport Belt
REP 12.3 Entrance Sensor and Top Tray Full Sensor
REP 12.4 Finisher
REP 12.5 Stack Height Sensor Assembly
REP 12.6 Eject Roll Assembly
REP 12.8 Finisher Drive Motor
REP 12.9 Belt
REP 12.10 Rail
REP 12.11 Stapler Assembly
REP 12.12 Compiler Tray Assembly
REP 12.13 Stacker Motor Assembly
REP 12.14 Front Elevator Bracket
REP 12.15 Paddle Gear Shaft
REP 12.16 Finisher PWB
REP 12.17 Entrance Upper Cover
REP 12.18 Cam Bracket Assembly
REP 12.19 Finisher Rack Assembly
REP 12.20 Lowering Stacker Tray
REP 14.1 Top Cover
REP 14.2 Rear Cover (IOT)
REP 14.3 Right Cover
REP 14.4 Rear Left Middle Cover
REP 14.5 Rear Left Upper Cover
REP 14.6 Left Lower Cover Assembly
REP 14.7 Front Cover Assembly
REP 14.8 Fuser Cover
REP 14.9 Rear Cover (Tray Module)
REP 14.10 Inner Cover
REP 14.11 Left Cover Assembly
REP 14.12 Left Lower Cover
ADJ 5.1 DADF Side Registration
ADJ 5.2 DADF Counterbalance
ADJ 5.3 DADF Parallelism
ADJ 5.4 Document Transport Height
ADJ 5.5 DADF Top Registration
ADJ 5.6 DADF Document Calibration
ADJ 5.7 DADF Non-standard Document Custom Registration
ADJ 6.1 Full/Half Rate Carriage
ADJ 9.1 Max Setup
ADJ 9.2 ATC Sensor Setup (dC921)
ADJ 9.3 TRC Control/Toner Density Setup (dC922)
ADJ 9.4 ADC Output Check (dC934)
ADJ 9.5 TRC Adjust (dC924)
ADJ 9.6 Color Registration (dC685)
ADJ 9.7 IIT Calibration (dC945)
ADJ 9.8 Hard Disk Diagnostics/Setup (dC355)
ADJ 9.9 IOT Registration Series (dC129)
ADJ 9.10 IIT Lead Edge Registration
ADJ 9.11 IIT Side Edge Registration
ADJ 9.12 IIT Vertical/Horizontal Magnification
ADJ 9.13 UI Display Calibration
ADJ 9.14 Inboard/Outboard Density
ADJ 9.15 Light Image Setup
ADJ 12.1 Finisher Alignment

Subsystem Information
Parts Lists
PL 1.1 Drive Unit
PL 1.2 Main Drive Motor Assembly
PL 1.3 IBT Steering Motor and MOB Sensor
Paper Transportation
PL 2.1 Tray 1: 1 of 2
PL 2.2 Tray 1: 2 of 2
PL 2.3 Tray 1 Feeder and Left Lower Cover Assembly
PL 2.4 Tray 1 Feeder: 1 of 2
PL 2.5 Tray 1 Feeder: 2 of 2
PL 2.6 Registration Transport
PL 2.7 Left Cover Unit
PL 2.8 Left Cover Assembly: 1 of 2
PL 2.9 Left Cover Assembly: 2 of 2
PL 2.11 Exit Transport Assembly
PL 2.12 Tray 5: 1 of 2
PL 2.13 Tray 5: 2 of 2
PL 2.14 Tray 5 Feed Assembly
PL 2.15 Tray 5 Assembly
PL 3.1 ROS Assembly
PL 4.1 Xerographic Module: 1 of 2
PL 4.2 Xerographic Module: 2 of 2
PL 5.1 Lift Unit
PL 5.2 IBT Unit
PL 5.3 IBT Belt Assembly
PL 5.4 IBT Frame Assembly: 1 of 2
PL 5.5 IBT Frame Assembly: 2 of 2
PL 5.6 IBT Elevator
PL 6.1 Developer Unit: 1 of 2
PL 6.2 Developer Unit: 2 of 2
PL 7.1 Fuser Assembly: 1 of 2
PL 7.2 Fuser Assembly: 2 of 2
Air System
PL 8.1 Air System
Electrical Components
PL 9.1 Electrical Components: 1 of 3
PL 9.2 Electrical Components: 2 of 3
PL 9.3 Electrical Components: 3 of 3
PL 9.4 Fax Module
PL 10.1 Front Cover
PL 10.2 Top Covers and Inner Covers
PL 10.3 Rear Cover
PL 11.1 Inverter Transport: 1 of 2
PL 11.2 Inverter Transport: 2 of 2
Duplex Transport
PL 12.1 Duplex Transport Assembly: 1 of 2
PL 12.2 Duplex Transport Assembly: 2 of 2
PL 13.1 ESS
Tray Module – 3T
PL 15.1 Tray 2/3/4 Feeder
PL 15.2 Tray Assembly
PL 15.3 Tray 2 Feeder: 1 of 2
PL 15.4 Tray 2 Feeder: 2 of 2
PL 15.5 Tray 3 Feeder: 1 of 2
PL 15.6 Tray 3 Feeder: 2 of 2
PL 15.7 Tray 4 Feeder: 1 of 2
PL 15.8 Tray 4 Feeder: 2 of 2
PL 15.9 Electrical Components and Casters
PL 15.10 Left Cover Assembly
PL 15.11 Covers
Tray Module – TT
PL 16.1 Tray 2/3/4 Assembly
PL 16.2 Tray 2
PL 16.3 Tray 3
PL 16.4 Tray 4
PL 16.5 Paper Feeder: 1 of 2
PL 16.6 Paper Feeder: 2 of 2
PL 16.7 Tray 2 Feeder: 1 of 2
PL 16.8 Tray 2 Feeder: 2 of 2
PL 16.9 Tray 3 Feeder: 1 of 2
PL 16.10 Tray 3 Feeder: 2 of 2
Parts List Initial issue
PL 16.11 Tray 4 Feeder: 1 of 2
PL 16.12 Tray 4 Feeder: 2 of 2
PL 16.13 Left Cover Assembly
PL 16.14 Tray 3/4 Lift Gear Assembly
PL 16.15 Electrical Components and Casters
PL 16.16 Covers
PL 17.1 Finisher
PL 17.2 Gate Assembly
PL 17.3 H-Transport Assembly: 1 of 2
PL 17.4 H-Transport Assembly: 2 of 2
PL 17.5 Covers
PL 17.6 Top Cover and Eject Roll
PL 17.7 Paper Transportation: 1 of 2
PL 17.8 Paper Transportation: 2 of 2
PL 17.9 Stapler Unit
PL 17.10 Compiler Tray Assembly
PL 17.11 Elevator
PL 17.12 Exit Assembly
PL 17.13 Electrical Components
PL 17.14 Rack Assembly
PL 18.2 Control Panel
PL 18.3 Platen Glass, IIT/IPS PWB
PL 18.4 CCD PWB, Sensor
PL 18.5 Carriage Cable/ Motor
PL 18.6 Full/Half Rate Carriage
PL 19.1 Rack (DC2240/1632/WC24)
PL 19.2 Rack (DC3535)
PL 20.1 Front/Rear Cover, Entrance Tray
PL 20.2 Top Cover, Registration Gate Solenoid
PL 20.3 Counterbalance, DADF Control PWB
PL 20.4 Document Feed Chute (Upper), Feed Motor
PL 20.5 Document Feed Chute (Lower)
PL 20.6 DADF Belt Motor, Duplex Roll
PL 20.7 Duplex Chute
PL 20.8 Registration Roll
PL 20.9 Exit Motor/Chute
PL 20.10 Document Transport, Platen Belt
PL 20.11 Platen Glass, Registration Gate, Exit Tray
Common Hardware
Common Hardware
Part Number Index

Diagnostics (dC100-dC129)
Entering Diagnostic Mode using the PWS
UI Diagnostic Mode
DC Quick (CODE Number LIST)
dC100 Service Entry
dC118 Jam Counter
dC120 Fault Counter
dC122 Shutdown History
dC129 System Registration Setup
Diagnostics (dC131)
dC131 NVM Read/Write
700-xxx ESS Configuration NVM List
701–xxx Image Quality Setting NVM List
710-xxx DADF NVM List
715-xxx IIT NVM List
719–xxx IIT/DADF Software NVM List
720-xxx ESS Meter/Counter NVM List
740–xxx IOT Manager NVM List
741–xxx Drive NVM List
742–xxx Paper Handling NVM List
744–xxx Fuser NVM List
746–xxx Xero Transfer NVM List
747–xxx Transfer NVM List (DC 3535 Only)
751–xxx Procon NVM List
752-xxx Procon NVM List
753-xxx ProCon 2 NVM List
755-xxx CRUM NVM List
760-xxx Regicon NVM List
762-xxx Developer NVM List
764-xxx Output (Finisher) NVM List
770-xxx ESS IO Port/Protocol Setting NVM List
780-xxx ESS Print Frame Setting NVM List
785-xxx ESS Fax Setting NVM List
790-xxx ESS Panel Display Setting NVM List
800-xxx ESS Print Service Setting
810-xxx ESS Copy Service Setting
820-xxx ESS Fax Service Function Setting NVM List
823-xxx ESS Fax Service Device Setting NVM List
825-xxx ESS Fax Service Protocol Setting NVM List
830-xxx ESS I-Fax Service Control NVM List
840-xxx ESS Scan Setting NVM List
850-xxx ESS Foreign Interface NVM List
870-xxx ESS Diagnosis Setting NVM List
Diagnostics (dC132-dC956)
dC132 Serial Number/Billing Meter Synchronization
dC135 HFSI Counters
dC140 Analog Monitor
dC188 Exiting from Service Mode
dC301 NVM Initialization
dC305 UI Component Check
dC330 Component Control
dC351 NVM Background Processing
dC355 Hard Disk Diagnostic Program
dC371 Configuration Page
dC527 DADF Document Calibration
dC612 Color Test Pattern Print
dC685 Color Registration
dC921 TC/ATC Sensor Setup
dC922 TRC Control
dC924 TRC Adjust
dC929 Max Setup
dC934 ADC/AGC Setup
dC945 IIT Calibration
dC956 Belt Edge Learn Mode
General Procedures
GP 1 Network Printing Simulation
GP 2 Machine Startup Troubleshooting
GP 3 Special Boot Modes
GP 4 Intermittent Problem RAP
GP 5 Fax Diagnostics
GP 6 Resetting the Administrator Password
GP 10 Replacing Billing PWBs
GP 12 Printing Reports
General Information
Space Requirements
Product Specs
Common Tools
Product Tools and Test Patterns
Cleaning Materials
Machine Consumables
Glossary of Terms
Change Tag Information
Change Tag Introduction
DC 2240/1632 IOT/Processor (P) Tags
DC 3535 IOT/Processor (P) Tags
WC M24 IOT/Processor (P) Tags
DC 2240/1632 IIT/Document Handler (D) Tags
DC 3535 IIT/Document Handler (D) Tags
WC M24 IIT/Document Handler (D) Tags

Plug/Jack Locations
Plug/Jack Locations
AC Wirenets
+3.3 VDC / +3.3VDC RTN Wirenets
+5 VDC Wirenets
+5 VDC RTN Wirenets
+24 VDC Wirenets
+24 VDC RTN Wirenets
IIT Wirenets
DADF Wirenets
Finisher Wirenets
Chain 01 Main Power
Chain 02 Mode Selection
Chain 03 Printer Communication
Chain 04 Print Power
Chain 05 Document Handler
Chain 06 Imaging
Chain 07 Paper Supply
Chain 08 Paper Registration
Chain 09 Xerographics
Chain 10 Fusing and Output
Chain 12 Finisher
Chain 16 ESS
Chain 17 Fax

Installation / Completion Checklist (NASG)
Token Ring Installation (DC2240/1632 only)
Foreign Interface Installation
Fax Kit Installation

Number of pages: 1489.