Xerox Phaser 3610 WorkCentre 3615 Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present manual Xerox Phaser 3610 WorkCentre 3615 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

About this Service Manual
Service Manual Revision
Technical Support Information
Manual Terms
Manual Organization
Power Safety Precautions
Power Source
Disconnecting Power
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Precautions
Service Safety Summary
General Guidelines
Warning Labels
Safety Interlocks
Servicing Mechanical Components
Servicing Fuser Components
Printer Location
Operational Guidelines
Printer Supplies
Maintenance Safety
Printer Symbols
Phaser 3610 Configurations
WorkCentre 3615 Configurations
Printer Options
Additional Memory
Optional 550-Sheet Feeder (Trays 2, 3, and 4)
External Wireless Network Adapter
Control Panel (3610)
Control Panel Layout (3615)
Operational Modes
Running Mode
Ready Mode
Low Power Mode
Sleep Mode
Media Path
Media Path Components
Major Component Locations
Illustration 1 (3610 / 3615)
Illustration 2 (3610 / 3615)
Illustration 3 (3610 / 3615)
Illustration 4 (3610 / 3615)
Illustration 5 (3610 / 3615)
Illustration 6 (3610 / 3615)
Illustration 7 (3610 / 3615)
Illustration 8 (3615 only)
Illustration 9 (3615 only)
Illustration 10 (3615 only)
Illustration 11 (Tray 1)
Illustration 12 (Tray 1)
Information Pages

Flow of Troubleshooting
Servicing Instructions
Check Installation Status
Initial Actions
Display Problems
Printing Problems
Copy/Scan Problems
DADF Problems
Fax Problems
Media-Based Problems
Multiple-Sheet Pick or MisPick
Skewed Image
Damaged Prints
Wrinkled Envelopes
Fuser Jams
Exit Jams
Service Diagnostics
How To Enter Service Mode
Phaser 3610
WorkCentre 3615
Service Mode Menu Map
Engine Diagnostic Testing
Sensor Test (Digital Output)
Motor Test (Digital Output)
Administration Mode Menu Map
Status Code List (3610)
Status Code List (3615)
Error Code Fault Isolation Procedures (FIP)
Network System Fault Check
Interface (Physical/Logical)
Not connected to network or Unable to find the device from the PC
Printing can be performed but abnormally
Network-related Details Check Flow
Check Flow at SMB Failure
Check Flow at Net Ware Failure
Check Flow at TCP/IP (LPD) Failure
Check Flow at CentreWare Internet Services Failure

Image Quality Overview
Repeating Defect Measurement
Image Quality Specifications
Environmental Condition
Quality Paper
Paper Condition
Printer Condition
Checklist Before Troubleshooting Image Quality
Check Printer Condition
Toner and Drum Cartridge Status
Operating Environment
Media Condition
Image Quality Troubleshooting
Image Quality Defects
IQ 1 Light Prints
IQ-2 Unfused Image
IQ-3 Random Spots
IQ-4 Blank Print
IQ-5 Streaks
IQ-6 Black Print
IQ-7 Pitched Black Dots
IQ-8 Vertical Bands, Voids, or Streaks (In Paper Feed Direction)
IQ-9 Ghosting
IQ-10 Light Induced Fatigue
IQ-11 Background
IQ-12 Bead Carry-out
IQ-13 Jagged Characters
IQ-14 Banding
IQ-15 Auger Marks
IQ-16 Wrinkled / Stained Paper
IQ-17 Damage to the Lead Edge of the Print
IQ-18 Incorrect Margins
IQ-19 Skewed Image
Printing Test Patterns
Service Diagnostic Mode Test Patterns
Administration Mode Test Patterns
Diagnostics Test Pattern #1 Pattern IOT
Diagnostics Test Pattern #2 Gradation ESS
Diagnostics Test Pattern #3 Ghost Chart ESS
Admin Mode Test Pattern #1 Pitch Chart
Admin Mode Test Pattern #2 Alignment Chart
Admin Mode Test Pattern #3 Full Page Solid

Standard Orientation of the Printer
Notations in the Disassembly Text
Fastener Types
REP 1.1 Control Panel (3610)
REP 1.2 Front Cover Assembly (3610 / 3615)
REP 1.3 Top Front Cover (3610)
REP 1.4 Top Cover Assembly (3610)
REP 1.5 Rear Cover Assembly
REP 1.6 Right Side Cover (3610)
REP 1.7 Left Side Cover (3610)
REP 1.8 Lower Rear Cover (3610)
REP 1.9 IIT Left Side Cover
REP 1.10 IIT Front Top Cover
REP 1.11 IIT Front Bottom Cover
REP 1.12 Control Panel (3615)
REP 1.13 Right Side Cover (3615)
REP 1.14 Right Inner Cover (3615)
REP 1.15 Top Cover Assembly (3615)
REP 1.16 Upper Left Side Cover (3615)
REP 1.17 Lower Left Side Cover (3615)
REP 1.18 Lower Rear Cover (3615)
Chassis Repairs
REP 2.1 Duplex Chute Assembly
REP 2.2 Transport Assembly
REP 2.3 Feeder Assembly
REP 2.4 Tray 1 Feed Rollers
REP 2.5 Feed Clutch
REP 2.6 Registration Clutch
REP 2.7 Rubber Registration Roller
REP 2.8 Registration Sensor Shutter
REP 2.9 Tray 1 Stopper
REP 2.10 Rear Interlock Switch Assembly
REP 2.11 Exit Chute Assembly
REP 2.12 Left / Right Pinch Roller
REP 2.13 Full Stack Sensor
REP 2.14 MSI Feed Solenoid
REP 2.15 Pick-up Holder Assembly
REP 2.16 Top Frame Assembly
REP 2.17 Bypass Tray Retard Roller
Xerographic Repairs
REP 3.1 ROS Assembly
REP 3.2 Toner Dispense CRUM Assembly
REP 3.3 Xerographic Connector Assembly
REP 3.4 Transfer Roller Assembly
REP 3.5 Fusing Assembly
Drive Repairs
REP 4.1 Main Drive Assembly
REP 4.2 Exit Output Drive Assembly
REP 4.3 Exit Invert Drive Assembly
REP 4.4 Duplex Drive Gear and Holder
REP 4.5 Front Links
REP 4.6 Dispense Drive Assembly
REP 4.7 Toner Dispense Motor
Electrical Repairs
REP 5.2 ESS PWB Housing
REP 5.4 Fax PWB
REP 5.5 Front USB PWB
REP 5.7 HVPS (3610)
REP 5.8 HVPS (3615)
REP 5.9 AC Inlet Harness
IIT / DADF Repairs
REP 6.1 IIT Assembly
REP 6.3 DADF Hinges
REP 6.4 Pick-up Module Kit
REP 6.5 DADF Tray Assembly
550-Sheet Feeder Repairs
REP 7.1 550-Sheet Feeder
REP 7.2 Left Side Cover
REP 7.3 Right Side Cover
REP 7.4 Rear Cover
REP 7.5 Optional Tray PWB Assembly
REP 7.6 Drive Assembly
REP 7.7 Feed Clutch Assembly
REP 7.8 Feeder Assembly
REP 7.9 No Paper Sensor
REP 7.10 Registration Clutch Assembly
REP 7.11 Feed Roller Assembly
REP 7.12 Retard Roller Assembly
REP 7.13 Pre-Registration Sensor
REP 7.14 Take Away Roller Assembly

Serial Number Format
110V Engine Format
110V Printer
220V Printer
Using the Parts List
Parts Lists
PL 1.1 Covers (3610)
PL 1.2 Covers (3615)
PL 1.3 Rear Cover Assembly
PL 1.4 Control Panel (3610)
PL 1.5 Control Panel (3615)
PL 2.1 Registration
PL 2.2 Transport Assembly
PL 2.3 Feed Assembly
PL 2.4 Duplex Chute
PL 2.5 Exit Chute
PL 2.6 MSI
PL 2.7 Bypass Tray
PL 3.1 Xerographics
PL 3.2 ROS Assembly
PL 3.3 Toner Dispense
PL 3.4 Transfer Roller
PL 3.5 Fusing Assembly
PL 4.1 Drive
PL 5.1 Electrical (ESS PWB / LVPS) (3610)
PL 5.2 Electrical (ESS PWB / LVPS) (3615)
PL 5.3 Electrical (MCU PWB / HVPS)
PL 5.4 Electrical Connections
PL 6.1 IIT Scanner / DADF
PL 7.1 Tray 1/Optional Tray 550-Sheet Feeder (1/4)
PL 7.2 Tray 1/Optional Tray 550-Sheet Feeder (2/4)
PL 7.3 Tray 1/Optional Tray 550-Sheet Feeder (3/4)
PL 7.4 Tray 1/Optional Tray 550-Sheet Feeder (4/4)
Quick Reference Spares List for the 3610 and 3615
Xerox Supplies

Service Maintenance Procedure
Maintenance Safety
Recommended Materials
Repair, Inspect, and Prevent (RIP) Procedure
General Precautions
General Cleaning
Cleaning the Scanner (3615)
Moving the Printers
After moving the printer
Resetting Counters
Resetting the Transfer Unit / Fuser Counters (3610)
Resetting the Transfer Roller / Fuser Assembly Counter (3615)
ADJ 1 Adjusting Paper Type
ADJ 2 Adjusting the Transfer Unit
ADJ 3 Adjusting the Fuser
ADJ 4 Adjusting the Density
ADJ 5 Adjusting Altitude
Firmware Update
Upgrade Procedure
For Network Connections
For USB Connection
Tag Matrix

Plug/Jack Locations
Plug/Jack Locations for the 3610
Plug/Jack Locations for the 3615
Plug/Jack Locations for Tray 1 and the Optional Feeders
Illustration 01
Illustration 02
Illustration 03
Illustration 04
Illustration 05
Illustration 06
Illustration 07
Illustration 08
Illustration 09
Illustration 10
Illustration 11
Illustration 12
Illustration 13
Wire Harnessing for the Printer
MCU PWB to HVPS / Dispense Motor Assembly
MCU PWB to Xerographic Connector Assembly
MCU PWB to Main Motor Assembly / LVPS
MCU PWB to Optional Feeder Connector
MCU PWB to the ROS Assembly
ROS Assembly to the ESS PWB
MCU PWB to the Full Stack Sensor / Exit Sensor
MCU PWB to the LVPS (1 of 2)
MCU PWB to the LVPS (2 of 2)
MCU PWB to the Fusing Assembly
MCU PWB to the Rear Fan Connector
ESS PWB to the LVPS / UI (3610)
ESS PWB to the LVPS / UI (3615)
IIT/DADF Assembly to the ESS PWBA (3615)
ESS PWB to the Front USB (3615)
Wire Harnessing for Option Trays
No Paper Sensor
Optional Tray Pre-Registration Sensor
Optional Tray PWB Assembly (1 of 3)
Optional Tray PWB Assembly (2 of 3)
Optional Tray PWB Assembly (3 of 3)
Notations Used in the Wiring Diagrams
Wiring Diagrams
General Wiring Diagram for 3610
General Wiring Diagram for 3615
1. Power
2. Drive
3. ROS
4. Xerographics / HVPS
5. Fusing
6. Controller (3610)
6. Controller (3615)
7. Scanner
8. Optional Feeder

Configuration of Printer
System Configuration for the 3610
Functional Configuration
System Configuration for the 3615
Functional Configuration
Electrical Properties
Mechanical Properties
Space Requirements for the 3610
Space Requirements for the 3615
Machine Functions
Operation Mode
Sleep Mode
Deep Sleep Mode
Machine Status for the 3610
Machine Status for the 3615
Warm-up Time
FPOT (First Print Output Time)
Operating Environment
Safety / Environment Conditions
Print Image Quality
Print Image Quality Guarantee Conditions
Printer Options
ESS Specification
ESS-Supporting OS
Interface Port
Network Protocol
Job Control
ID Print
Non-Genuine Mode
Cable Characteristics
Communication Load Characteristics
Incoming Call Level
IIT (Image Input Terminal) Specifications (3615)
FAX Specifications (3615)
FAX Communication
Media Guidelines
Paper Characteristics
Moisture Content
Grain Direction
Fiber Content
Recommended Paper
Unacceptable Paper

Number of pages: 774.