Xerox Phaser 5500 Phaser 5550 Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present manual Xerox Phaser 5500 Phaser 5550 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

About this Manual
How to Use this Documentation
Power Safety Precautions
Service Safety Summary
Electrostatic Discharge Precautions
Service Terms
Symbology and Nomenclature
Regulatory Specifications
Phaser 5500/5550 Printer Overview
Phaser 5500/5550 Printer Configurations
Parts of the Printer
Printer Options
Consumables and Routine Maintenance Items
Printer Specifications
Phaser 5500/5550 Printer Menu Map

Service Call Procedures
Servicing Instructions

Messages, Codes, and Procedures
Entry Level Fault Isolation Procedure
Main Motor Failure
Drum Motor Failure – U1-4 Drum Motor Failure
Laser Unit Failure – U3-3 Laser Power
Laser Motor Failure – U3-5 Polygon Motor Rotation
Fuser Failure – U4-1 On Time
Fuser Failure – U4-n Over Heat / Thermistor
Fuser Failure – U4-7 Cold Sagging
Fan Failure – U4-9 Fan Defect
Toner Motor Failure – U5-1 Motor Rotation
Fan Failure – U5-9 Fan Failure
Engine Control Board Failure – U6-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Paper Size Jam – E1-1 Regi Area Jam
Jam at A – E1-2 Regi Area Jam
Jam at A – E1-6 Regi Area Jam
Jam at A – Fuser Area Jam
Jam at A – E3-6 Fuser Area Jam
Jam at A – E4-1 Exit 2 Area Jam
Jam at E – E4-3 Exit 2 Area Jam
Jam at E – E4-6 Exit 2 Area Jam
Jam at E – E8-2 Duplex Area Jam
Jam at D and A – C6-1 Duplex Area Jam
Jam at D and A – C6-2 Duplex Area Jam
Jam at Tray n – Pre-Feed
Jam at Tray n – Registration
Jam at Tray n – Feed Out #3
Jam at Tray n – Feed Out #4
Jam at Tray 5 – C4-0 Tray 5
Jam at Tray 6 – C5-1 Tray 6
Jam at Tray 6 – C5-2 Tray 6
Jam at B – C5-3 Tray 6
Jam at B – C8-2 F/03 SNR Static Jam
Jam at C – C8-3 F/04 SNR Static Jam
Jam at C – C8-4 F/05 SNR Static Jam
Jam at Tray 6 – C8-5 HCF F/0 Sensor Static Jam
Jam at D – C8-6 Duplex
Jam at Tray 1/MPT – C9-3 Tray 1/MPT
Jam at A – F4-12 H-Transport Entrance Sensor ON
Jam at A or F – F4-n H-Transport Entrance Sensor Static
Jam at A or F – F4-n H-Transport Exit Sensor ON
Jam at F – F4-26 H-Transport Exit Sensor Static
Jam at F – F4-32 Transport Entrance Sensor ON
Jam at F – F4-36 Transport Entrance Sensor Static
Jam at G – F4-4n Buffer Path Sensor ON
Jam at G – F4-4n Buffer Path Sensor Static
Jam at F or H – F4-5n Compile Exit Sensor OFF
Jam at F or G – F4-5n Compile Exit Sensor ON
Jam at H – F4-56 Compile Exit Sensor Static
Jam at H – F4-61 Set Eject Jam
Jam at H – F4-66 Compile Paper Sensor Static
Jam at F or G – F4-7n Top Tray Exit Sensor ON
Jam at F or Stacker Upper Tray – F4-7n Top Tray Sensor OFF
Jam at F or G – F4-7n Top Tray Exit Sensor Static
Jam at F – F4-82 Gate Sensor ON
Jam at F or G – Gate Sensor Static Jam (Upper Tray)
Jam at F or G – Gate Sensor Static Jam (Lower Tray)
Tray n Failure – H1 -1/2/3/4 Tray n Fail
Tray 6 Failure – H1-5 Tray 6 Fail
Duplex Unit Failure – H2-7 Duplex Comm Failure
Incorrect Duplex Unit Installed – H2-8 Duplex Type Error
Exit Unit Failure – H3-n Offset Error
Exit Unit Failure – H3-7 Exit Board Comm Failure
Tray 1/MPT Paper Guide Does Not Match Size Menu
Tray Paper Guide Does Not Match Size Menu -H4-1/2
Tray Paper Guide Does Not Match Size Menu -H4-3/4
Finisher Board Failure – H5-4, 7, 8 NVM/Comm/Type Error
Stacker Lower Tray Failure – H5-11 Low Tray Fail
Stacker Lower Tray Failure – H5-12 Low Tray Upper Limit
Stacker Lower Tray Failure – H5-13 Lower Tray Limit
Stacker Lower Tray Failure – H5-2n Front Home Sensor
Stacker Lower Tray Failure – H5-2n Rear Home Sensor
Punch Failure – H5-3n Sensor
Punch Failure – H5-3n Home Sensor
Stacker Lower Tray Failure – H5-8n Eject Clamp Sensor
Stacker Lower Tray Failure – H5-8n Set Clamp Sensor
Stacker Lower Tray Failure – H5-86 Side Regi Sensor OFF
Stapler Failure – H5-91 Staple Fail
Stapler Failure – H5-9n Move Sensor
Tray 6 Control Board Failure – H6-4 NVM R/W Error
Tray 6 Control Board Failure – H6-7 HFC Comm Failure
Tray 4-5 Control Board Failure – NVM
Tray 4-5 Control Board Failure – H7-7 Comm Failure
Incorrect Tray 4-5 Installed – H7-8 Type Error
Tray N Failure – H8-1, Tray 2-3 Size Sensor Broken
Tray N Failure – H8-3, 4-5 Tray Size Sensor Broken
Toner Empty – J1-2 Toner Empty
No Drum Cartridge – J3-1 Drum Not Installed
Drum Cartridge Failure – J4-1 ATC Sensor Detect
Replace Drum Cartridge – J6-1 Drum End of Life
Drum Cartridge Failure – J7-n Comm/NVRAM/Type Error
Replace Incorrect Drum Cartridge – J7-3 DRUM Type Mismatch
Toner Cartridge Failure – J8-n Toner Comm/Read/Write
Replace Incorrect Toner Cartridge – J8-3 Toner Cartridge Type Mismatch
Toner Is Low – Toner Low
Drum Cartridge Near End of Life – DRUM Life Near End
Tray Empty – No Paper in Tray 2 or 3
Tray Empty – No Paper in Tray 4 or 5
Tray Empty – No Paper in Tray 6
Paper Size Jam – Paper Size in Tray 2 or 3
Paper Size Jam – Paper Size in Tray 4 or 5
Paper Size Jam – Paper Size in Tray 6
Drum Cartridge Failure – Drum ATC Value Out of Range
Temp/Humidity Sensor Failure – Value Out of Range
Face Down Tray Paper Full – Face Down Tray Full
Stacker Upper Tray Full – Finisher Tray Paper Full
Stacker Lower Tray Full – Finisher Mix Full Stack
Stapler is Empty – Staple Pin Warning
Staple Cartridge is Low or Missing – Staple Pin Misfeed
Stapler Failure – Staple Failure
Staple Set Over Count
Stacker Lower Tray Failure
Punch Waste Box is Missing
Punch Waste Box is Full
Printer Front Door is Open – Front Cover is Open
Slide In Tray 6 Feeder – Tray 6 Undocked
Close Door A – Door A is Open
Close Door B – Door B is Open
Close Door C – Door C is Open
Close Door D – Door D is Open
Close Door E – Door E is Open
Close Door F – Door F is Open
Close Door G – Door G is Open
Close Door H – Door H is Open
Close Door J – Door J is Open
Replace Maintenance Kit
Invalid or Missing Configuration Card
Duplicate IP Address Detected

Print-Quality Problems Overview
Analyzing Test Prints
Image Quality RAPs
IQ1 Deletions (Line, Band, Spots)
IQ2 Unfused Image
IQ3 Resolution
IQ4 Registration
IQ5 Registration (Side to Side)
IQ6 Skips and Smears
IQ7 Spots
IQ8 Skewed Image
IQ9 Light (Undertoned) Print
IQ10 Blank Print (No Image)
IQ11 Black Prints
IQ12 Process Deletions
IQ13 Scan Deletions
IQ14 Process Streaks
IQ15 Scan Streaks
IQ16 Damaged Print
IQ17 Spot Deletions
IQ18 Repeating Defects
IQ19 Residual Image
IQ20 Background
IQ21 Uneven Density

Disassembly Overview
General Notes on Disassembly
REP 1.1 Front Left Cover
REP 1.2 Top Rear Cover
REP 1.3 Top Cover
REP 1.4 Front Door
REP 1.5 Inner Main Cover
REP 1.6 Front Door Interlock Switch
REP 1.7 Upper Right Cover
REP 1.8 Rear Panel Cover
REP 1.9 Lower Right Cover
REP 1.10 I/P Board Cover
REP 1.11 Upper Rear Cover
REP 1.12 Tray 1/MPT Rear Cover
REP 1.13 Lower Rear Cover
REP 1.14 Option Interface Cover
REP 1.15 Exit 1 Top Cover
REP 1.16 Control Panel
Upper Transportation and Registration
REP 2.1 Paper Size Switches
REP 2.2 Tray 2 Feeder
REP 2.3 Tray 3 Feeder
REP 2.4 Feed/Lift Motor
REP 2.5 Tray 2 and 3 No Paper Sensor
REP 2.6 Tray 2 and 3 Level Sensor Actuator
REP 2.7 Tray 2 and 3 Level Sensor
REP 2.8 Tray 2 and 3 Pre-Feed Sensor
REP 2.9 Feed Roller
REP 2.10 Retard Roller
REP 2.11 Nudger Roller
Tray 1 Disassembly
REP 3.1 Tray 1 Feeder
REP 3.2 Tray 1/MPT No Paper Sensor Actuator
REP 3.3 Tray 1/MPT No Paper Sensor
REP 3.4 Pick Up Gear
REP 3.5 Pick Up Solenoid
REP 3.6 Cam Gear Spring
REP 3.7 Feed Roller Assembly
REP 3.8 Retard Pad
Lower Transportation and Registration
REP 4.1 Take Away Bracket
REP 4.2 Door B Interlock Switch
REP 4.3 Take Away Roller Assembly
REP 4.4 Door B
REP 4.5 Transfer Roller
REP 4.6 Door A Interlock Switch
REP 4.7 Door A
REP 4.8 Registration Roller
REP 4.9 Registration Transport Assembly
REP 4.10 Registration Clutch
REP 4.11 Registration Sensor
REP 4.12 Take Away Clutch
REP 4.13 Feed Out Sensor 3
REP 5.1 Drum Cartridge Fan Intake Duct
REP 5.2 Drum Cartridge Fan
REP 5.3 Fuser Fan
REP 5.4 Drum Cartridge Detect Switch
REP 5.5 Environmental Sensor PWB
REP 5.6 Drum Cartridge CRUM PWB
REP 5.7 Toner Cartridge CRUM PWB
REP 5.8 Toner Dispense Assembly
REP 5.9 Toner Dispense Motor
REP 5.10 Laser Assembly
Fuser and Exit 1
REP 6.1 Fuser Assembly
REP 6.2 Fuser Exit Sensor
REP 6.3 Exit Transport Assembly
REP 6.4 Exit 1 Offset Motor
REP 6.5 Offset Home Position Sensor
REP 6.6 Full Stack Sensor
REP 7.1 Main Drive Belt
REP 7.2 Motor Assembly
REP 8.1 High Voltage Power Supply
REP 8.2 Power Switch
REP 8.3 Exit PWB
REP 8.4 Engine Control Board
REP 8.5 Image Processor Board
REP 8.6 Low Voltage Power Supply
REP 8.7 AC Accessory Panel
REP 8.8 GFI Breaker
1000-Sheet Feeder Assembly
1000-Sheet Feeder Assembly
REP 20.1 Top Cover
REP 20.2 Right Cover
REP 20.3 Foot Cover
REP 20.4 Left Cover
Repairs and Adjustments Initial Issue
REP 20.5 Rear Cover
REP 20.6 Casters
REP 20.7 Paper Size Switch
REP 20.8 Tray Feeder
REP 20.9 Feed/Lift Motor
REP 20.10 Tray 4 and 5 No Paper Sensor
REP 20.11 Tray 4 and 5 Level Sensor Actuator
REP 20.12 Tray 4 and 5 Level Sensor
REP 20.13 Tray 4 and 5 Pre-Feed Sensor
REP 20.14 Feed Roller
REP 20.15 Retard Roller
REP 20.16 Nudger Roller
REP 20.17 Tray 4 Feed Out Sensor #4
REP 20.18 Tray 5 Feed Out Sensor #5
REP 20.19 Upper Take Away Roller
REP 20.20 Lower Take Away Roller
REP 20.21 Upper Pinch Roller Assembly
REP 20.22 Lower Pinch Roller Assembly
REP 20.23 Pinch Roller
REP 20.24 Door C Interlock Switch
REP 20.25 Tray 4-5 PWB
REP 20.26 Take Away Clutch
REP 20.27 Take Away Motor
2000-Sheet Feeder Disassembly
2000-Sheet Feeder Disassembly
REP 22.1 Docking the 2000-Sheet Feeder
REP 22.2 Tray 6 Rear Cover
REP 22.3 Tray 6 Top Cover
REP 22.4 Tray 6 Right Cover
REP 22.5 Tray 6 Left Cover
REP 22.6 Tray 6 Front Cover
REP 22.7 Door J
REP 22.8 Tray Removal
REP 22.9 Tray 6 Casters
REP 22.10 Tray 6 Tray In Sensor
REP 22.11 Tray 6 Paper Size Sensors A/B
REP 22.12 Tray 6 End Guide Assembly
REP 22.13 Tray 6 Gear Assembly
REP 22.14 Tray 6 Cables
REP 22.15 Tray 6 Feeder Assembly
REP 22.16 Tray 6 Feed/Lift Motor
REP 22.17 Tray 6 Drive Frame Assembly
REP 22.18 Tray 6 Nudger Solenoid
REP 22.19 Tray 6 Pre-Feed Sensor
REP 22.20 Tray 6 No Paper Sensor Actuator
REP 22.21 Tray 6 No Paper Sensor
REP 22.22 Tray 6 Level Sensor
REP 22.23 Tray 6 Nudger Roller
REP 22.24 Tray 6 Feeder Shaft Assembly
REP 22.25 Tray 6 Feed Roller
REP 22.26 Tray 6 Retard Roller
REP 22.27 Tray 6 Lower Feeder Assembly
REP 22.28 Tray 6 Retard Clutch, Bracket or Spring
REP 22.29 Door J Interlock Switch
REP 22.30 Tray 6 Feed Out Sensor #6
REP 22.31 Tray 6 Take Away Motor
REP 22.32 Take Away Roller Assembly
REP 22.33 Docking Interlock Switch
REP 22.34 Tray 6 PWB
Duplex Unit Assembly
REP 23.1 Duplex Unit
REP 23.2 Duplex Unit Chutes and Cover
REP 23.3 Door D Latch Lever
REP 23.4 Door D Interlock Switch
REP 23.5 Wait Sensor Actuator
REP 23.6 Duplex Motor
REP 23.7 Duplex Unit PWB
REP 23.8 Duplex Wait Sensor
Exit 2
REP 24.1 Exit 2 Transport Assembly
REP 24.3 Invert Roller
REP 24.4 Exit 2 Tray Guide
REP 24.5 Stack Full Actuator
REP 24.6 Offset Gear
REP 24.7 OCT (Offset) Roller
REP 24.8 Exit 2 Pinch Roller
REP 24.9 Exit Sensor Actuator
REP 24.10 Exit 2 Fan
REP 24.11 Door E Interlock Switch
REP 24.12 Face-Up Solenoid
REP 24.13 Exit Gate Solenoid
REP 24.14 Offset Motor
REP 24.15 Exit Sensor
REP 24.16 OCT Home Position Sensor
REP 24.17 Exit 2 Motor
REP 24.18 Full Stack Sensor
Finisher/Stacker Assembly
REP 25.1 Horizontal Transport
REP 25.2 Horizontal Transport Rear Cover
REP 25.3 Door F
REP 25.4 Horizontal Transport Drive Belt
REP 25.5 Horizontal Transport Right Shaft
REP 25.6 Horizontal Transport Left Shaft
REP 25.7 Horizontal Transport Rollers
REP 25.8 Horizontal Transport Belts
REP 25.9 Horizontal Transport Motor
REP 25.10 Horizontal Transport Top Cover
REP 25.11 Door F Interlock Sensor
REP 25.12 Horizontal Transport Entrance Sensor
REP 25.13 Horizontal Transport Exit Sensor
Initial Issue Repairs and Adjustments
REP 25.14 Finisher Docking
REP 25.15 Finisher Upper Rear Cover
REP 25.16 Finisher Lower Rear Cover
REP 25.17 Finisher Top Cover
REP 25.18 Finisher Bottom Right Cover
REP 25.19 Finisher Door G
REP 25.20 Finisher Inner Cover
REP 25.21 Finisher Top Front Cover
REP 25.22 Door G Interlock Switch
REP 25.23 Finisher L/H Front Cover
REP 25.24 Finisher Top L/H Cover
REP 25.25 Stacker Upper Tray
REP 25.26 Finisher Eject Cover
REP 25.27 Stacker Lower Tray
REP 25.28 Stacker Bracket Assembly
REP 25.29 Stacker Front Belt
REP 25.30 Stacker Rear Belt
REP 25.31 Stack Height Sensor 1
REP 25.32 Stack Height Sensor 2
REP 25.33 Stacker Encoder Sensor
REP 25.34 Lower Tray Upper Limit and No Paper Sensors
REP 25.35 Elevator Motor
REP 25.36 Finisher Punch
REP 25.37 Punch Move Motor
REP 25.38 Finisher Punch Side Registration Sensors 1 & 2
REP 25.39 Punch Bracket Assembly
REP 25.40 Punch Motor Bracket Assembly
REP 25.41 Punch Hole Select, Punch Front and Home Sensors
REP 25.42 Punch Unit Move Home Sensor
REP 25.43 Finisher Punch Box Set Sensor
REP 25.44 Finisher Stapler Unit
REP 25.45 Stapler Assembly
REP 25.46 Stapler Lower Carriage Assembly
REP 25.47 Stapler Upper Rail
REP 25.48 Stapler Move Position Sensor
REP 25.49 Finisher Eject Chute Assembly
REP 25.50 Sub Paddle Solenoid
REP 25.51 Cyclone Paddles
REP 25.52 Cyclone Paddle Drive Shaft
REP 25.53 Eject Clamp Bracket
REP 25.54 Eject Clamp Motor
REP 25.55 Eject Clamp Home Sensor
REP 25.56 Door H Interlock
REP 25.57 Finisher Compiler Tray
REP 25.58 Front/Rear Tamper Home Sensors
REP 25.59 Compiler Tray No Paper Sensor and Actuator
REP 25.60 Eject Roller Shaft
REP 25.61 Set Clamp Clutch
REP 25.62 Eject Motor Bracket Assembly
REP 25.63 Set Clamp Home Sensor
REP 25.64 Compile Exit Sensor
REP 25.65 Lower Exit Roller Assembly
REP 25.66 Lower Exit Chute R
REP 25.67 Paddle Shaft/Belt
REP 25.69 Lower Exit Chute (2b)
REP 25.70 Lower Exit Chute Pinch Rollers
REP 25.71 Transfer Gate
REP 25.72 Buffer Gate
REP 25.73 Buffer Path Sensor
REP 25.74 Buffer Roller
REP 25.75 Bottom Buffer Chute
REP 25.77 Upper Entrance Chute
REP 25.78 Upper Entrance Chute Pinch Rollers
REP 25.79 Transport Entrance Sensor
REP 25.80 Entrance Roller
REP 25.81 Finisher Transport Motor and Belt
REP 25.82 Transfer Gate Solenoid
REP 25.83 Buffer Gate Solenoid
REP 25.84 Stacker Upper Tray Exit Sensor
REP 25.85 Top Exit Pinch Rollers
REP 25.86 Top Exit Roller
REP 25.87 Stacker Upper Tray Full Stack Sensor
REP 25.88 Upper Exit Chute (2a)
REP 25.89 Upper Exit Chute Pinch Rollers
REP 25.90 Gate Sensor
REP 25.91 Transport Rollers
REP 25.92 Finisher Exit Motor and Belt
REP 25.93 Finisher Registration Motor and Belt
REP 25.94 Horizontal Transport PWB
REP 25.95 Finisher Main PWB
REP 25.96 Low Voltage Power Supply
REP 25.97 Finisher Stacker Cover
Adjustments and Calibrations
Service Test Prints
ADJ 4.1 Checking Registration
ADJ 4.2 Adjusting Simplex Registration
ADJ 4.3 Adjusting Duplex Registration
ADJ 6.1 Adjusting Fuser Temperature
ADJ 6.2 Resetting Fuser Life
Resetting the Printer to Default Values

Parts List Overview
Using the Parts List
Serial Number Format
Parts List
PL 1.1 Covers (1/2)
PL 1.2 Covers (2/2)
PL 2.1 Tray (1/2) and Feeder (1/2)
PL 2.2 Tray (2/2)
PL 2.3 Feeder (2/2)
PL 2.3 Feeder (2/2) (Continued)
Tray 1/MPT
PL 3.1 Tray 1/MPT Assembly
PL 3.2 Tray 1/MPT Lower Frame Assembly
PL 3.3 Tray 1/MPT Assembly
PL 4.1 Transportation and Registration L/H Lower
PL 4.2 L/H Upper Assembly
PL 4.3 L/H Chute Assembly
PL 4.4 L/H Cover Assembly
PL 4.5 Registration
PL 5.1 Laser, CRU and Toner Dispense
Fuser and Exit
PL 6.1 Fuser and Exit 1
Exit 1
PL 6.2 Exit 1
PL 7.1 Drive
PL 8.1 Electrical
PL 8.2 Harness
1000-Sheet Feeder
PL 20.1 1000-Sheet Feeder (Tray 4 & 5)
PL 20.2 Tray (1/2) and Feeder (1/2) (Trays 4 and 5)
PL 20.3 Tray (2/2)
PL 20.4 Feeder (2/2)
PL 20.4 Feeder (2/2) (Continued)
PL 20.5 Transportation (Trays 4 & 5)
PL 20.6 Drive and Electrical (Trays 4 & 5)
2000-Sheet Feeder (Tray 6)
PL 22.1 Tray 6 (HCF) Covers
PL 22.2 Tray (1/2)
PL 22.3 Tray (2/2)
PL 22.4 Tray 6 Feeder (1/3)
PL 22.5 Tray 6 Feeder (2/3)
PL 22.6 Tray 6 Feeder (3/3)
PL 22.7 Tray 6 Drive and Transportation
PL 22.8 Tray 6 Electrical
Duplex Unit
PL 23.1 Duplex Unit
PL 23.2 Inner Chute Assembly Duplex Module
Exit 2
PL 24.1 Exit 2 L/H Upper Chute Assembly
PL 24.2 Exit 2 Tray Guide Assembly
PL 24.2 Exit 2 Tray Guide Assembly (Continued)
Finisher/Stacker Parts
PL 25.1 Finisher/Stacker Unit
PL 25.2 Horizontal Transport Assembly (1/2)
PL 25.3 Horizontal Transport Assembly (2/2)
PL 25.4 Finisher/Stacker Covers (1/2)
PL 25.5 Finisher/Stacker Covers (2/2)
PL 25.6 Finisher Stack
PL 25.7 Finisher Punch
PL 25.8 Finisher Staple
PL 25.9 Finisher Eject (1/3)
PL 25.10 Finisher Eject (2/3)
PL 25.11 Finisher Eject (3/3)
PL 25.12 Finisher Transport (1/2)
PL 25.13 Finisher Transport (2/2)
PL 25.14 Finisher Electrical
PL 25.15 Finisher Harness
Xerox Supplies and Accessories

Space Requirements
Power On Self Test (POST)
Service Usage Profile
Service Diagnostics
Network Problems
Operating System and Application Problems
Control Panel Display Error/ Inoperable Buttons
Low Voltage Power Supply Troubleshooting
AC Power Supply Troubleshooting
Print Engine Troubleshooting
Service Diagnostics Menu Map
Service Diagnostic Tests and Utilities

How to Use Plug/Jack Locations
Print Engine Plug/Jack Locations
1000-Sheet Feeder Plug/Jack Locations
Duplex Unit Plug/Jack Locations
Exit 2 Plug/Jack Locations
Tray 6 Plug/Jack Locations
Finisher Plug/Jack Locations
Print Engine Wiring Diagrams
1000-Sheet Feeder Wiring Diagrams
Duplex Unit Wiring Diagrams
Exit 2 Wiring Diagrams
Tray 6 Wiring Diagrams
Finisher Wiring Diagrams

Phaser 5500/5550 Operational Overview
Paper Handling
Major Assemblies and Functions
Phaser 5500/5550 Options Operational Overview
Exit 2
Duplex Unit
1000-Sheet Feeder
2000-Sheet Feeder

Number of pages: 573