Xerox Phaser 6115 MFP Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present manual Xerox Phaser 6115 MFP contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Printer Introduction and Overview
Phaser 6115MFP Front View (with Optional Sheet Feeder)
Phaser 6115 MFP Rear View
System Configurations
System Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Operating Environment
Product Specifications
Physical Dimensions and Clearances
ADF Specifications
Options Specifications
Control Panel Description
Control Panel Buttons
Control Panel Display
Main Engine Components
Boards and Power Supplies Locator
Motors and Fans Locator
Sensors and Switches Locator
Solenoids and Power Switch Locator
System Options
Consumables and Maintenance Parts

Operational Overview of the Phaser 6115MFP
System Control
Paper Path of the Printer
Major Assemblies and Functions
Fusing Unit
Laser Assembly
Imaging Unit
Toner Cartridge
Toner Cartridge Rack
Transfer Belt
Transfer Roller
Process Control
Temperature/Humidity Sensor
System Thermal Regulation
Waste Toner Collection
Tray 1 Feeder
Exit Tray
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
Duplex Unit
500-Sheet Feeder Unit
Photo Sensors
Sensor Layout

Overview of Error Messages
Index of Error and Warning Messages
Other Error/Warning Messages
Messages, Codes, and Procedures
Error Message Summary
Using the Troubleshooting Procedures
Measurement Techniques

Servicing Instructions
Main Print Engine Troubleshooting
Media-Based Problems
Multiple-Sheet Pick
Misfeed at Paper Feed Section
Misfeed at 2nd Transfer Section
Misfeed at Fusing Section
Misfeed at Exit Section
Undefined Misfeed
Auto Document Feeder Troubleshooting
Misfeed at the Document Feeding Section
Misfeed at the Document Transport Section
Misfeed at the Document Exit Section
Lower Feeder Unit Troubleshooting
Misfeed at Tray 2 Paper Feed Section
Duplexer Troubleshooting
Misfeed at Duplex Option Reverse Drive/Storage Section
Misfeed at Duplex Option Paper Feed Section

Print-Quality Problems Overview
Defects Associated with Specific Printer Components
Print Quality Troubleshooting Summary
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Print Quality Problems
Scanner System
Blank Copy or Black Copy
Low Image Density or Rough Image
Foggy Background
Black Streaks or Bands
Black Spots
White Streaks or Bands
Uneven Pitch
Image Processing System
White or Colored Lines and Bands in Feed Direction
White or Colored Lines and Bands in Scan Direction
Uneven Density in the Feed Direction
Uneven Density in The Scan Direction
Low Image Density
Gradation Reproduction Failure
Foggy Background
Poor Color Reproduction
Void Areas and White Spots
Colored Spots
Blurred Image
Black or Blank Copy
Incorrect Color Image Registration
Fusing System
Poor Fusing Performance or Offset
Brush Effect or Blurred Image
Back Marking
Uneven Pitch

Adjust Function Procedures
Using the Adjust Functions
Service Mode Functions
Service Mode Entry Procedure
Service Mode Function Tree
1. System Default
Send Speed
Receive Speed
Send Level
Receive Level
DTMF Level
CNG Level
CED Level
ECM Mode
Coding Scheme
TNR Empty Rep (Toner Empty Report)
Protocol Report
GDI Time-out
Energy Save Mode
2. Adjustment
PRN Main Regist
PRN Sub Regist
CCD Main Zoom
CCD Sub Zoom
CCD Main Regist
CCD Sub Regist
ADF Sub Zoom
ADF Main Regist
ADF Sub Regist
DMAX (Manufacturing Only)
1st Transfer Voltage (Manufacturing Only)
2nd Transfer Voltage (Manufacturing Only)
VPP Offset
Flicker Special
3. Counter Functions
Total Print
Total Scan
Printer Jam
4. Configuration
Main F/W Version
Engine F/W Version
NIC F/W Version
Main Ram Size
BB CPLD Version
NAND Code Version
5. Function Test
Paper Feed Test
Print Test Pattern
ADF Feed Test
Copy ADF Glass Area
Park Scan Head
FAX Reg Copy Test
Scan Test
6. Soft Switch Functions (Internal Only)
7. Reports
Service Data List
Error Code List
Protocol List
8. Fixed Zoom Change
9. Factory Test
Signal Test
Relay Test
Sensor Test
Dial Test
Volume Test
Panel Buzzer Test
RAM Test
10. Clear Data Functions
SRAM Clear
Memory Clear
Maintenance Mode Functions
Maintenance Mode Entry Procedure
Maintenance Mode Function Tree
1. FAX Maintenance
Send Speed
Receive Speed
Send Level
Receive Level
DTMF Level
CNG Level
CED Level
ECM Mode
Coding Scheme
Toner Empty Report
Protocol Report
2. SVC Part Life
Transfer Belt
Fusing Unit
Transfer Roller
3. Reset Count
Transfer Belt
Fusing Unit
Transfer Roller
4. Park Scan Head
Additional Scanner Adjustment Procedures
Scanner CD Registration
Scanner FD Registration
Scanner Function Setting Procedure
Additional ADF Adjustment Procedures
ADF FD Magnify
ADF CD Registration
ADF FD Registration
Leading Edge Skew Adjustment

Service Maintenance Procedures
Consumables/Routine Maintenance Items
Cleaning Procedures
Paper Feed Roller
Laser Window
500-Sheet Feeder Paper Pick-up Roller
ADF Pick Up Roller
ADF Registration Roller
Duplexer Transport Roller
Maintenance Replacement Procedures
Toner Cartridge Removal
Imaging Unit

Overview Of Disassembly Procedures
Fastener Types
Notations in the Disassembly Text
Cover Disassembly Procedures
Top Cover (PL4.1.3)
Rear Cover (PL2.1.1)
Left Cover (PL2.1.13)
Right Cover (PL2.1.10)
Tray 1 and Cover (PL4.21.1)
Front Cover (PL2.1.12)
Unit Disassembly Procedures
Auto Document Feeder Unit (PL1.1.1)
Imaging Unit (PL4.15.9)
Laser Unit (PL4.14.1)
Scanner Unit (PL3.1.1)
Transfer Belt Unit (PL4.15.5)
Fusing Unit (PL4.18.12)
Paper Take-Up Unit (PL4.20.1)
High Voltage Unit (PL4.19.6)
Disassembly/Assembly Procedures (Main Engine)
Control Panel (PL3.1.2)
Image Processor Board (PL4.19.1)
Engine Control Board (PL4.19.15)
DC Power Supply 1 (PL4.19.3)
DC Power Supply 2 (PL4.5.4)
Waste Toner Near Full Detection Board/LED (PL4.6.6)
LAN (and FAX Modem) Board (PL4.19.11)
NCU (Network Card) Board (PL4.19.14)
AC Inlet Harness (PL4.19.7)
Paper Feed Roller (PL4.20.17)
Transfer Roller (PL4.16.3)
Tray 1 Separation Pad (PL4.20.7)
Print Engine Motors and Fans Disassembly Preparation
Main Motor (PL4.12.1)
Power Supply Cooling Fan Motor (PL4.8.1)
Ventilation Fan Motor (PL4.8.2)
Fusing Motor (PL4.11.1)
Developing Motor (PL4.13.8)
Rack Motor (PL4.13.9)
Print Engine Solenoids and Sensors
Tray 1 Paper Pick Solenoid (PL4.20.20)
Registration Roller Solenoid (PL4.12.3)
Cleaning Blade Solenoid (PL4.11.2)
Image Transfer Solenoid (4.10.14)
Exit Tray Full Sensor (PL4.1.7)
Rack Positioning Sensor (PL4.3.12)
Fusing Paper Loop Sensor (PL4.17.2)
Registration Sensor (PL4.17.2)
Transparency Sensor (PL4.17.16)
Temperature/Humidity Sensor (PL4.20.37)
Tray 1 No Paper Sensor (PL4.20.39)
Exit Sensor (PL4.18.9)
Disassembly/Assembly Procedures (500-Sheet Feeder Tray)
500-Sheet Feeder Unit (PL5.1.17)
Tray Removal (PL5.3.1)
Rear Cover (PL5.1.1)
Pick Roller and Holder (PL5.2.10)
Paper Feed Drive Board (PL5.2.9)
Paper Pick-Up Solenoid (PL5.2.16)
Paper Size Switch (PL5.2.12)
Disassembly/Assembly Procedures (Duplexer)
Duplex Unit Replacement (PL6.1.27)
Duplex Right Cover (6.1.13)
Duplex Drive Board Removal (PL6.1.19)
Transport Motor (PL6.1.6)
Reverse Motor (PL6.1.6)
Registration Solenoid (PL6.3.15)
Tray Set Actuator (PL6.1.17)

Serial Number Format
Using the Parts List
Parts List Index
Automatic Document Feeder Parts
Parts List 1.1 ADF
PL 2.1 External Parts
Scanner Parts
PL 3.1 Scanner Platen and Drive
Print Engine Parts
PL 4.1 Top Cover
PL 4.3 Main Frame
PL 4.4 Side Plates
PL 4.5 Left Side Frame
PL 4.6 Left Frame
PL 4.7 Left Side Frame
PL 4.8 Right Frame (1 of 2)
PL 4.9 Right Frame (2 of 2)
PL 4.10 Drive (1/4)
PL 4.11 Drive (2/4)
PL 4.12 Drive (3/4)
PL 4.13 Drive (4/4)
PL 4.14 Laser Imaging
PL 4.15 Transfer
PL 4.16 Transfer Roller
PL 4.17 Vertical Transport
PL 4.18 Fusing Unit
PL 4.19 Electrical
PL 4.20 Media Feeder Assembly (1/2)
PL 4.20 Media Input (2/2)
PL 4.21 Tray 1
PL 4.22 Wiring Harnesses
PL 4.24 Accessory Parts
500-Sheet Feeder
PL 5.1 Feeder Housing
PL 5.2 Feeder
PL 5.3 Tray
PL 5.4 Feeder Wiring Harness
Duplex Module
PL 6.1 Duplex Assembly
Pl 6.2 Duplex Cover and Fan
PL 6.3 Duplex Transport
PL 6.4 Duplex Wiring Harnesses
PL 7.1 Xerox Supplies

Plug/Jack Locator Diagrams
Print Engine Board Plug/Jack Designators
Map 1 – Engine Control Board Plug/Jack Locator
Map 2 – Image Processor Board Plug/Jack Locator
Map 3 – DC Power Supply 1 Board Plug/Jack Locator
Map 4 – DC Power Supply 2 Board Plug/Jack Locator
Map 5 – High Voltage Power Supply Board Plug/Jack Locator
Map 6 – LAN (and FAX) Board Plug/Jack Locator
Map 7 – NCU Board Plug/Jack Locator
Print Engine Wiring Diagrams
Print Engine Wiring Map
Engine Control Board to Solenoid and Sensor Wiring
Engine Control Board to Power Supply and Laser Unit Wiring
Engine Control Board to Motor Wiring
Engine Control Board to Main Motor and Positioning Sensor Wiring
Engine Control Board to Miscellaneous Motor and Sensor Wiring
Engine Control Board to DC Power Wiring
Engine Control Board to Duplex Unit and Feeder Wiring
Engine Control Board to Image Processor Board Wiring
Image Processor Board to Laser and Scanner Wiring
Image Processor Board to Scanner and Control Panel Wiring
Document Feeder Control Board to Optional Feeder Tray Wiring
Image Processor Board to LAN and NCU Board Wiring
Service Wiring Views
Front View: Covers Removed
Rear View: Covers Removed
Rear View: Image Processor Board Cover Removed
Right Rear View: Covers Removed
Left Side View: Covers Removed
Left Side View: Scanner Removed
Left Side View: Left Frame Removed
Right Side View: Covers Removed
Right Side View: Scanner Removed
Right Side View: Right Frame Removed


Number of pages: 516.