Xerox Phaser 6700 Color Laser Printer Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations and photos, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present manual Xerox Phaser 6700 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

About this Service Manual
Manual Organization
Symbols Marked on the Product
Power Safety Precautions
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Precautions
Service Safety Summary

Printer Overview
Technical Support Information
Printer Configurations
Parts of the Printer
Front and Side Views
Right Door View
Rear View
Control Panel
Control Panel Special Functions
Printer Options
Hard Disk
Optional Feeders
Printer Stand
Customer-Replaceable Maintenance Items
Electrical Specifications
Printer Specifications
Memory Specifications
First Print Output Time
Installation Clearances
Environmental Specifications
Reports, Information and Test Pages
External Interfaces
Network Protocols

Print Process Overview
Print Process Components
Primary Transfer
Secondary Transfer
Waste Toner Collection
Photo Sensors
Sensors in the Media Path
Media Handling
Printer Media Path Drive
Printer Media Path Components
Multipurpose Tray 1
Trays 2 6
Multiple Sheet Feed Prevention
Media Registration
Duplex Feed Single Sheet
Major Printer Components
Multipurpose Tray 1
Trays 2 6
Tray 2 Feeder
Process Control
Laser Unit
Toner Dispense
Imaging Units
Transfer Belt
Print Quality Controls
Operating Modes
Laser Intensity Control
Image Process Control
Fuser Temperature Control
Optional Feeders
Finisher Overview
Finisher Media Path
Media Path Components
Phaser 6700 Printer Service Manual v
Major Finisher Components
Horizontal Transport
Finisher Transport
Compile Tray
Stacker Tray

Fault and Status Message Format
Viewing Fault and Status Messages at the Control Panel
Viewing Fault and Status Messages in CWIS
Printing the Fault History
Servicing Instructions
Messages, Codes, and Procedures
Error Messages Abbreviations
Fault and Status Summary
Troubleshooting Procedures
Tray 3 6 Right Side Door Open
Front Door Open
Right Side Door Open
XPC Failure
Tray 2 6 is Open
Laser Failure
Engine Motor Failure K Developer Drive
Engine Motor Failure CMY Developer Drive
Waste Cartridge is Full / Near Full
CMYK Toner is Low or Empty
CMYK Imaging Unit is Near/Past End of Life or Missing
Fuser Envelope Lever is Up/Down
Fuser is Past End of Life
Maintenance Kit is Near/Past End of Life
Invalid CMYK Imaging Unit
Transfer Belt is Missing
Transfer Roller is Missing
Ribbon in CMYK Imaging Unit
Invalid CMYK Toner Cartridge
Invalid Fuser
Engine Motor Failure Fuser Drive Assy
Fuser is Missing or Misinstalled
Fuser Failure
Engine Fan Failure Fuser Fan
Engine Fan Failure LVPS Fan
Fuser Failure
Finisher Failure
Finisher Communication Failure
Finisher Failure Stack Height Sensor 1
Finisher Failure Stacker No Paper Sensor
Finisher Failure Stacker Lower Limit
Finisher Failure Front Tamper Home Position
Finisher Failure Rear Tamper Home Position
Finisher Failure Eject Clamp Home Position
Finisher Failure Set Clamp Home Position
Finisher Failure Stapler Home Position
Finisher Failure NVM Read/Write Error
Staple Cartridge is Empty
Staple is Jammed
Unable to Staple
Jam at Finisher Compile Exit Sensor Jam
Jam at Finisher Compile No Paper Sensor Jam
Finisher Output Tray is Jammed
Finisher Front Door is Open
Paper Transport Cover is Open
Engine NVRAM Failure
Engine Firmware Failure
Printer Failure Image Marking Time Out
Unrecognized Status
Engine Motor Failure Transfer Belt Drive Assembly
Engine Motor Failure Imaging Unit Drive Assembly
Transfer Belt Failure
Printer Failure
Feeder Communication Failure
Misfeed in Tray 1
Tray 1 is Empty
Engine Motor Failure Feed Drive Assembly
Misfeed in Tray 2
Optional Feeder Configuration Failure
Tray 2 6 is Empty
Optional Feeder Failure
Misfeed in Tray 3 6
Optional Feeder Failure Feed Drive Motor
Jam at Right Side Door
Jam at Fuser
Jam at Tray 3 6 Right Side Door
Engine Sensor Failure Mode Switching Sensors
Imaging Unit Failure
Printer Failure HVPS Failure
Density Sensor Failure ADC Sensor
Dusty Density Sensor
Engine Sensor Failure Environmental Sensor
Imaging Unit Failure
CMYK Toner Failure

Initial Actions
Display Problems
Printing Problems
System Startup
Power On Self Test (POST)
Service Diagnostics
Entering Service Diagnostics
Exiting Service Diagnostics
Service Diagnostics Tests and Utilities
dc104 Usage Counters
dc108 Software Version
dc122 Fault History
dc131 NVM Access
dc135 CRU/HFSI
dc137 Page Pack
dc140 Analog Monitor
dc301 NVM Initialization
dc330 Component Control
dc361 NVM Save and Restore
dc612 Test Patterns
dc701 Fuser Temp Setup
dc711 Roller Test
dc741 Paper Size Switch
dc909 Calibrate for Paper
dc960 High Altitude
Print Engine Test Procedures
Exit Sensor
Envelope Mode Detection Sensor
Front Door Interlock Switch
Right Door Interlock Switch
Registration Sensor
Full Stack Sensor
Tray 1 No Paper Sensor
Tray 2 No Paper Sensor
Tray 2 Low Paper Sensors 1 and 2
Tray 2 Size Switch
Black Switching Sensor
Color Switching Sensor
Waste Toner Full Sensor
Fuser Drive Assembly
Fuser Fan
Feed Drive Assembly
Duplex Dive Clutch
Registration Clutch
Tray 1 Feed Solenoid
Tray 2 Feed Clutch
Tray 2 Take Away Clutch
Exit Clutch
Exit Inverter Clutch
Exit Inverter Solenoid
Imaging Unit Link Drive
Color Mode Switching Clutch
Erase LED Assemblies
Developer Drive Assemblies
Toner Dispense Assembly
Transfer Belt Drive Assembly
Optional Feeder Test Procedures
Tray 3 6 Take Away Sensor
Tray 3 6 No Paper Sensor
Tray 3 6 Size Switch
Tray 3 6 Low Paper Sensors 1 and 2
Tray 3 6 Right Side Door Switch
Tray 3 6 Feed Drive Assembly
Tray 3 6 Take Away Clutch
Tray 3 6 Feed Clutch
Finisher Test Procedures
Compile Tray Exit Sensor
Compile Tray No Paper Sensor
Front and Rear Tamper Home Sensor
Low Staple, Self Priming, and Staple Home Sensors
Eject Clamp Home Sensor
Set Clamp Home Sensor
Stacker No Paper Sensor
Stack Height Sensors
Finisher Front Door Interlock Switch
Horizontal Transport Open Switch
Sub Paddle Solenoid
Tamper Motors
Horizontal Transport Drive Assembly
Staple Motor
Set Clamp Clutch
Eject Motor
Stacker Drive Assembly
Control Panel Troubleshooting
No Display after Power is Turned On
Printer Hangs at the Xerox Logo, or Continuously Reboots
Ready LED is On, Display is Blank
Control Panel has Failed
Intermittent Problems
Inoperable Printer Troubleshooting
AC Power Supply Troubleshooting
DC Power Supply Troubleshooting
+24 VDC Interlock Switches
Image Processor Board
Printer Continually Displays Warming Up
Abnormal Noises
Abnormal Noise When Power is Turned On
Abnormal Noise During Standby
Abnormal Noise During Printing
Loud Clicking During Printing
Electrical Noise
Operating System and Application Problems
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server Troubleshooting
Verify Network Settings
Verify Driver Installation
Macintosh Troubleshooting
Phaser 6700 Printer Service Manual Xerox Internal Use Only ix

Print-Quality Overview
Defects Associated with Specific Printer Components
Checklist Before Troubleshooting Print-Quality
Check Printer Condition
Troubleshooting Print Quality Tutorial
Symptom Checklist
Print-Quality Troubleshooting
Print-Quality Defect Definitions
Light or Undertone Print
Blank Print
Black Print
Vertical Blank Lines
Horizontal Band, Voids, or Streaks
Vertical Stripes
Horizontal Stripes
Partial Band
Random Spots
Repeating Bands, Lines, Marks, or Spots
Residual Image or Ghosting
Background Contamination
Damaged Media
Unfused Image
Color Registration
Test Prints
Fault Isolation
Engine Test Print
CMYK Sample Test Print
Cyan 50 Test Print
Magenta 50 Test Print
Yellow 50 Test Print
Black 50 Test Print
RGB Test Print
Fuser Cleaning Test Print
Repeating Defects Test Print
Test Patterns Test Print
Image Specifications
Print Area

Color Adjustments
Image Position
NVRAM Utilities
Reset Control Panel Touch Screen
Maintenance Kit Life Count Reset
Network Reset
Service Diagnostic NVRAM Utilities
dc131 NVM Read/Write
dc301 NVM Initialization
dc361 NVM Save and Restore
dc701 Fuser Temperature Setup
dc909 Calibrate for Paper
dc960 High Altitude
Control Panel Calibration and Testing
Parameter Shadowing

Service Maintenance Procedure
Recommended Tools
Cleaning the Control Panel
Cleaning the ADC Sensors
Cleaning the Laser Lenses
RIP (Repair, Inspect, and Prevent) Procedure
Maintenance Kit 604K73140
Moving the Printer

Standard Orientation of the Printer
Notations in the Disassembly Text
Fastener Types
Maintenance and Consumables
Tray Feed and Separator Roller Kit
Tray 1 Separator Roller
Feed Roller
Transfer Roller
Transfer Belt
Imaging Units
Waste Toner Cartridge
Toner Cartridges
Staple Cartridge
Print Engine Covers
Top Cover
Output Tray
Exit Cover
Lower Right Cover
Upper Front Cover
Upper Inner Front Cover
Front Door
Lower Inner Front Cover
Left Cover
Rear Cover
Tray Bottom Plate Release Block
Tray 1 Separator Roller Assembly
Feeder / Registration Assembly
Feed Clutch
Tray 2 No Paper Actuator
Tray 2 No Paper Sensor
Take Away Clutch
Registration Clutch
Registration Sensor
Registration Sensor Actuator
Feeder/Registration Assembly
Right Door
Right Door Stopper Strap
Right Door Interlock Actuator
Tray 1 Cover Assembly
Right Door Assembly
Registration Chute
Tray 1 Chute Assembly
Tray 1 No Paper Sensor
Tray 1 No Paper Sensor Actuator
Tray 1 Feed Solenoid, Gear & Clutch
Lower Duplex Roller
Upper Duplex Roller
Duplex Handle
Print Engine Electrical
Control Panel
Control Panel Harness
Front Door Interlock Switch
Front Door Open Switch
Size Switch
Low Paper Sensors 1 and 2
Fuser Fan
Right Door Interlock Switch
Right Door Harness
Erase Lamp
Bias Housing Assembly
Imaging Unit CRUM Connector
Transfer Belt Bias Assembly
Laser Unit
Procon Assembly
ADC Sensors
Waste Toner Full Sensor
Environmental Sensor
Dispense Assemblies
Toner Dispense Assembly
Toner Cartridge CRUM Reader Board
Waste Auger
Exit Dive Assembly
Fuser Harness
Exit Roller
Full Stack Sensor
Envelope Mode Detection Sensor
Full Stack Actuator
Exit Chute Assembly
Inverter Chute Assembly
Exit Inverter Solenoid
Imaging Unit Guides
Inner Frame Assembly
Fuser Drive Assembly
Transfer Belt Drive Assembly
Feed Drive Assembly
Black Switching Sensor Assembly
Color Switching Sensor Assembly
IP Board
MCU Board
Power Panel
Video Harness
Rear Cover Interlock Switch
Print Engine Drive
YMC Developer Drive Assembly
K Developer Drive Assembly
Imaging Unit Link Drive Kit
Drive Gear Kit
Print Engine Chassis
IP Cage
MCU Bracket
Hard Drive
RAM Memory
550-Sheet Feeder
550-Sheet Feeder Assembly
Rear Cover
Feed Chute Assembly
Right Door Open Switch
Turn Chute
Low Paper Sensors 1 and 2
Size Switch
Foot Assembly
Upper Option Harness
Feed Drive Assembly
Feeder Board
Lower Option Harness
Take Away Sensor
Take Away Clutch
Feed Clutch
No Paper Sensor Actuator
No Paper Sensor
Feeder Assembly
1100-Sheet Feeder
1100-Sheet Feeder Assembly
Lower Rear Cover
Lower Right Cover
Lower Front Cover
Lower Left Cover
Front and Rear Casters
Upper Feeder Section
Rear Cover
Upper Feed Chute Assembly
Right Door
Right Cover
Front Cover
Left Cover
1100-Sheet Feeder Board
Stacker Tray
Horizontal Transport
Horizontal Transport Top Cover
Horizontal Transport Drive Assembly
Horizontal Transport Cover Open Sensor
Top Cover
Rear Cover
Right Cover
Stacker Tray Guide Cover
Front Door
Harness Guide 1
Stack Height Sensors 1 and 2
Set Clamp Home Sensor
Eject Clamp Home Sensor
Height Sensor Bracket
Main Board
Eject Drive Assembly
Eject Drive Bracket Assembly
Set Clamp Clutch
Paper Guide 240
Eject Roller Assembly
Sub Paddle
Eject Pinch Roller
Sub Paddle Solenoid
Eject Chute Assembly
Lower Chute Assembly
Compile Tray Exit Sensor
Entry Drive Roller Assembly
Exit Drive Roller Assembly
Main Paddle Shaft Assembly
Transport Drive Assembly
Compile Tray Assembly
Front Tamper Home Sensor
Rear Tamper Home Sensor
Compile Tray No Paper Sensor
Tamper Motor
Stapler Assembly
Stacker Dive Assembly
Stacker No Paper Sensor
Front Door Interlock Switch
LVPS Assembly

Serial Number Format
Using the Parts List
Print Engine Parts
Parts List 1.1 Covers (1/3)
Parts List 1.2 Print Engine Covers (2/3)
Parts List 1.3 Print Engine Covers (3/3)
Parts List 2.1 Tray 2
Parts List 3.1 Feeder/Registration Assembly (1/3)
Parts List 3.2 Feeder/Registration Assembly (2/3)
Parts List 3.3 Feeder/Registration Assembly (3/3)
Parts List 4.1 Right Door and Frame Assembly
Parts List 4.2 Tray 1 Feed
Parts List 4.3 Duplex
Parts List 4.4 Transfer Roller
Parts List 5.1 Xerographics
Parts List 5.2 Laser Unit
Parts List 5.3 Procon Assembly
Parts List 6.1 Toner Dispense and Recovery
Parts List 7.1 Fuser and Exit
Parts List 7.2 Exit
Parts List 7.3 Invert Chute
Parts List 8.1 Frame (1/2)
Parts List 8.2 Frame Clamps and Guides (2/2)
Parts List 9.1 Drive (1/2)
Parts List 9.2 Drive (2/2)
Parts List 10.1 Electrical (1/2)
Parts List 10.2 Electrical (2/2)
Parts List 11.1 Harness (1/2)
Parts List 11.2 Harness (2/2)
Feeder Parts Lists
Parts List 12.1 550-Sheet Feeder
Parts List 12.2 Media Detect
Parts List 12.3 Electrical
Parts List 12.4 Feeder
Parts List 12.5 Universal Tray
Parts List 13.1 1100-Sheet Feeder
Parts List 13.2 Covers
Parts List 13.3 Media Detect
Parts List 13.4 Electrical
Parts List 13.5 Feeder
Parts List 13.6 Universal Tray
Finisher Parts
Parts List 14.1 Finisher
Parts List 14.2 Horizontal Transport
Parts List 14.3 Covers
Parts List 14.4 Main Board
Parts List 14.5 Eject
Parts List 14.6 Eject Chute
Parts List 14.7 Finisher Transport
Parts List 14.8 Compile Tray
Parts List 14.9 Stacker
Parts List 14.10 Finisher LVPS
Parts List 14.11 Finisher Harnesses
Xerox Supplies and Accessories
Service Kits
World Kits

Printer Plug/Jack Designations
Printer Plug/Jack Locator Diagrams
Map 1 CRU Detection
Map 2 Fuser and Feeder
Map 3 Right Door
Map 4 LVPS and IP Board
Map 5 MCU Board and Laser Unit
Map 6 Drive
Feeder Plug/Jack Designators
550-Sheet Feeder Plug/Jack Designators
1100-Sheet Feeder Plug/Jack Designators
Feeder Plug/Jack Locator Diagrams
Map 7 550-Sheet Feeder
Map 8 1100-Sheet Feeder
Finisher Plug/Jack Designators
Finisher Plug/Jack Locator Diagrams
Map 9 Horizontal Transport
Map 10 Compile Tray
Map 11 Drive and Main Board
Wiring Diagrams
Notations Used in the Wiring Diagrams
Printer Wiring
System Connections 1/2
System Connections 2/2
Printer Wire Route List
LVPS Signals
Tray 1 and 2 Feeder
Tray 1 and 2 Feeder Signals
Drive Signals
Laser Unit
Laser Unit Signals
Xerographic Signals
HVPS Signals
Dispense and Development
Dispense and Development Signals
Fuser and Exit
Fuser and Exit Signals
IP Board and Control Panel
IP Board and Control Panel Signals
Feeder Wiring
Feeder Wire Route List
Feeder Board
Feeder Interconnection
Feeder Signals
Finisher Wiring
Finisher Connections
Finisher Wire Route List
Communication and Power
Communication and Power Signals
Transport and Compile Tray
Transport and Compile Tray Signals
Stacker Signals
Stapler Signals

Media Guidelines
Paper Characteristics
Recommended Paper
Unacceptable Paper
Firmware Update
Cloning Printer Configuration with CWIS
Firmware Update Using CWIS
Firmware Restore Using AltBoot
Service Diagnostics Summary
NVM Parametric Values
Obtaining Serial Back Channel Traces
Mode Select Port
CRU End of Life Behavior
Acronyms and Abbreviations