Xerox Phaser 7400 Service Manual and Parts List Manual (with Options)

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present manual Xerox Phaser 7400 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Service Terms
Symbols Marked on the Product
Power Safety Precautions
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Precautions
Service Safety Summary
Regulatory Specifications
Manual Organization

Printer Introduction and Overview
Printer Configurations
Metered Printing
Parts of the Printer
Control Panel
Image Processor Board
Printer Options
Hard Drive
Additional Memory
Configuration Card
550-Sheet Feeder
1650-Sheet Feeder
Duplex Unit
Maintenance Items
Memory Specifications
Consumable Life Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Physical Dimensions and Clearances
Functional Specifications
First Print Output Time
Image Specifications
Environmental Specifications
Media and Tray Specifications

Phaser 7400 Operational Overview
Imaging Unit
LED Heads
Transfer Unit
Print Process Summary
Printer Controls
Print-Quality Modes
Color Registration Control
Automatic Density Control
Selective Control: Paper Pick
Image Transfer Control
Fuser Temperature Control
Consumable Control
Sensor Types
Sensors in the Printer
Sensor Functions
Paper Level Detection
Paper Present Detection
Transparent Media Detection
Automatic Media Thickness Detection
Paper Size Detection
Jam Detection
Interlock Detection
Toner Detection
Input Paper Path
Paper Fed from Tray 1 (MPT)
Paper Fed from Tray 2
Paper Fed from Optional Trays
Duplex Unit
Output Paper Path
Fuser and Exit
Top Output Tray
Side Output Tray
Drive Assemblies
Imaging Unit Drive Motors
Transfer Unit Motor
Fuser Motor
Toner Dispense Motors
Duplex Drive Motors
Contents xv
Chassis Assemblies
Basket Assembly
Waste Toner Recovery
Registration Assembly
Exit Assembly
Job Offset Assembly
Tray 1 (MPT)
Universal Trays
Universal Feeder
Side Output Tray
Control Panel
Image Processor Board
Engine Control Board
Registration Sensor Board
LED Relay Board
Imaging Unit Sensor Board
Motor Driver Board
Feeder Board
Front Sensor Board
Rear Sensor Board
Solenoids and Clutches

Accessing Fault History
Status Page
Service Usage Profile
Servicing Instructions
Messages, Codes, and Procedures
Error Message Abbreviations
Jam Locator
Error Message Summary
Using the Troubleshooting Procedures
Measurement Techniques
Jam Error Procedures
Jam at Door A Open Door A to Clear
Jam at Door A Open Door A to Clear
Jam at Door A Misfeed at Tray 1 (MPT)
Jam at Door B Misfeed at Tray 2
Jam at Door C for Tray [3][4][5][6]
Jam at Door D Open Door D to Clear
Jam in Duplex Unit
Jam at Door E
Jam Under Imaging Units
Jam in Fuser
Jam at Duplex Entrance
Jam at Finisher Punch Unit
Jam at Finisher Door H
Jam at Finisher Door H
Jam at Finisher Upper Output Tray
Jam at Finisher Saddle Stapler
Jam at Finisher Upper Output Tray
Jam at Finisher Stapler
Jam at Finisher Door G
Jam at Finisher Saddle Stapler
Jam at Finisher Upper Output Tray
Jam Inside Finisher
Jam at Finisher Entrance
Finisher Output Tray Jammed
Door and Cover Errors
Close Top Cover
Close Right Door A
Close Right Door B
Close Right Door C for Tray [3][4][5][6]
Close Left Door D
Close Left Door E
Close Finisher Door F
Close Finisher Door H
Close Finisher Door J
Consumable/Routine Maintenance Procedures
Replace [C][M][Y][K] Toner Cartridge
Replace [C][M][Y][K] Imaging Unit
Replace Transfer Unit
Replace Waste Cartridge
Replace Fuser
Install, Reseat or Lock [C][M][Y][K] Toner Cartridge
Install or Reseat [C][M][Y][K] Imaging Unit
Install or Reseat Transfer Unit
Install or Reseat Waste Cartridge
Install or Reseat Fuser
Metered Toner Is not Enabled
Replace Metered [C][M][Y][K] Toner Cartridge
Tray and Media Errors
Clear Tray 1 (MPT) Riser Plate
Clear Tray [2][3][4][5][6] Riser Plate
Out of Paper Load Tray 1(MPT) with [size] [type]
Out of Paper Load Tray [2][3][4][5][6] with [size][type]
Manual Feed [size][type]
Top Output Tray Is Full, Unload Paper
Left Side Output Tray Is Full, Unload Paper
Finisher Lower Output Tray is Full, Unload Paper
Finisher Upper Output Tray is Full, Unload Paper
Open Left Side Output Tray
Media Mismatch Errors
Wrong Paper Size; Load Tray 1 (MPT) with [size][type]
Wrong Paper Size; Load Tray 2 with [size][type]
Wrong Paper Size; Load Tray [3][4][5][6] with [size][type]
Wrong Paper Type Load Tray [1 (MPT)][2][3][4][5][6] with [size][type]
Paper Not Available Load Tray 1 (MPT) with [size] [type]
Paper Not Available; Load Tray 2 with [size][type]
Paper Not Available Load Tray [3][4][5][6] with [size][type]
Configuration Errors
Invalid or Missing Configuration Card
Duplicate IP Address Detected
Fatal Error Procedures
Fuser Failure
Temp Sensor Failure
RH Sensor Failure
LED Over Temperature Failure
Motor Overheating Failure
Engine Failure
Power Supply Failure
Feeder Home Failure
Controller Fan Failure
Power Supply Fan Failure
Top Cover Cooling Fan Failure
Imaging Unit Fan Failure
Transfer Unit Fan Failure
Engine Cavity Fan Failure
Duplex Interface Failure
Tray [3][4][5][6] Interface Failure
Inverter Unit Interface Failure
[C][M][Y][K] LED Failure
[C][M][Y][K] Imaging Unit Failure
Flash Failure
Fuser Fan Failure
Fuser 110v/220v Mismatch Failure
Unsupported Duplex Unit ROM
Unsupported Tray 2 ROM
Unsupported Tray [3][4][5][6] ROM
Unsupported Inverter Unit ROM
Unsupported Finisher Unit ROM
Hard Drive Failure
Fuse Cut Error In Fuser
Fuse Cut Error In Transfer Unit
Fuse Cut Error In [C][M][Y][K] Imaging Unit
Controller to Engine Communications Failure
Finisher Fold Position Sensor Failure
Finisher Paddle Failure
Finisher Stapler Swing Motor Failure
Finisher Stack Handling Motor Failure
Finisher Staple Motor Failure
Finisher Jog Motor Failure
Finisher Lift Motor Failure
Finisher Exit Failure
Finisher Punch Side Registration Sensor Failure
Finisher Punch Registration Sensor Failure
Finisher Punch Backup RAM Failure
Finisher Punch Communications Failure
Finisher Punch Unit Transfer Motor Failure
Finisher Punch Motor Failure
Finisher Backup RAM Failure
Finisher Punch Dust Sensor Failure
Printer Error Contact Service; report fault [n]
Finisher Punch Unit Counter at End of Life
Finisher Staple Unit Counter at End of Life
Finisher Interface Error
Inverter Power Supply Failure
Fuser Thermistor Errors
Job Offset Home Position Error
Control Panel Communications Failure
No Data to the [C][M][Y][K] LED Head
Motor Driver Board Communications Error
Tray [3][4][5][6] Firmware Error
Duplex Unit Firmware Error
Motor Driver Board Firmware Error
Finisher Inverter Firmware Error
CRUM Reader Board Failure
Tray [3][4][5][6] Flash Memory Failure
Duplex Unit Flash Memory Failure
Motor Driver Board Flash Memory Failure
Finisher Inverter Flash Memory Failure
Tray 2 Lift Motor Failure
Contents xix
Tray [3][4][5][6] Lift Motor Failure
Error in the Transfer Unit Belt
Duplex Unit Fan Failure
+24V Not Available to the Duplex Unit
Failure in the [C][M][Y][K] Imaging Unit Drum or Motor
+24 V Not Available to Tray [3][4][5][6]
Failure in the Fuser Motor
Failure in the Waste Toner Motor
Motor Driver Board Clock Frequency Error
Duplex Unit Clock Frequency Error
Finisher Inverter Clock Frequency Error
Tray [3][4][5][6] Feeder Board Clock Frequency Error
Waste Toner Transfer Error
[CM][YK] Toner Supply Failure
Warning Messages
No Paper in Tray 1 (MPT)
No Paper in Tray [2][3][4][5][6]
Left Side Output Tray is Closed
Waste Cartridge is Almost Full
Non-Xerox [C][M][Y][K] Toner Cartridge
Staple Cartridge Is Empty
Punch Waste Box is Full or Missing
Finisher Away From Base
Finisher Away From Printer

System Startup
Power On Self Test (POST)
POST Soft Fault Messages
POST Hard Fault Messages
Fault Isolation
Entry Level Fault Isolation Procedure
Service Diagnostics
Using Service Diagnostics
Service Diagnostics Controls
Service Diagnostics Utilities
Test Prints
Control Panel Troubleshooting
No Control Panel Display after Power Is Turned On
Control Panel LED Is On, Control Panel Display Is Blank
Inoperable Printer Troubleshooting
Engine Power-Up Sequence (BIST)
Printer Continually Displays Warming Up
Printer Displays Install or Reseat Imaging Unit
Printer Displays Reseat Contoller Board
Printer Does Not Come to a Ready State
Paper Size Switch Assembly
Power Supply
AC Power Supply Troubleshooting
DC Power Supply Troubleshooting
RAM Memory Fault Isolation
Media Jams and the Paper Path
Operating System and Application Problems
Macintosh Printing Problems
Windows Printing Problems
Network Problems
Network Diagnostics
Network Logging
USB Port Testing

Print-Quality Problems Overview
Defects Associated with Specific Printer Components
Test Prints
Analyzing the 100 Solid Fill Pages
Analyzing the Color Test Pages
Analyzing the PS Pattern
Analyzing the Color Step Pages
Print-Quality Troubleshooting
Light Prints in All Colors
Light Print in Only One Color
Blank Prints
Mottled or Splotchy Prints
Unexpected Colors
Repeating Bands, Lines, Marks, or Spots
Random Bands, Lines, Marks, or Missing Spots
Random Spots
Background Contamination
Residual Image, Ghosting or Hot Offset
Incomplete Fusing or Cold Offset
Mis-Registration, Color Layers Not Correctly Registered
Toner on Back of Print
Image Not Centered or Positioned Correctly
Process Direction Bands, Voids, or Streaks
Scan Direction Bands, Voids, or Streaks
Scan Direction Dark Streaks
Process Direction Bands, Voids, or Streaks

Color Calibration
Margin Calibration
Automatic Density Control (ADC) Calibration
Automatic Thickness (ATS) Calibration
Vertical and Horizontal Color Registration
Resetting NVRAM
Restore Factory Color Settings
Restore Previous Color Settings
Restore Factory Margins Settings
Resetting Connection Setup Defaults
Resetting PostScript Setup Defaults
Resetting PCL Setup Values to Default
Resetting Control Panel Setup Values to Default
Resetting Printer Controls Values to Default
Resetting All Printer Defaults (PostScript NVRAM)
Service Diagnostics NVRAM Utilities
Postscript NVRAM Reset
CRU Counter Read
CRU Counter Reset

Service Maintenance Procedures
Cleaning the Imaging Unit Contacts
Cleaning the LED Heads
Cleaning the Feed Rollers
RIP (Repair, Inspect, and Prevent) Procedures

Standard Orientation of the Printer
General Notes on Disassembly
Notations in the Disassembly Text
Fastener Types
Maintenance Items and Consumables
Imaging Unit Removal
Toner Cartridge Removal
Transfer Unit Removal
Fuser Removal
Print Engine Disassembly
Rear Cover
Lower Rear Cover
Right Rear Cover
Right Side Cover
Left Side Cover
Front Door
Door B
Left Rear Cover
Left Front Cover
Upper Front Cover
Right Front Cover
Top Cover
Tray 1 (MPT)
Tray 1 (MPT) Level Sensor
Tray 1 (MPT) Home Position Sensor
OHP Sensor
Feed-Out Sensor #1
Tray 1 (MPT) No Paper Sensor
Tray 1 (MPT) Feed Rollers
Tray 2 Feeder
Registration Motor
Feed Motor
Lift Motor
Registration Clutch #2
Door B Detect Sensor
Tray 2 No Paper Sensor
Registration Sensor #2
Feed-Out Sensor #2
Feeder Board
Tray 2 Feed Rollers
Side Output Tray
Job Offset Assembly
Job Offset Motor
Job Offset Home Position Sensor
Top Output Chute
Door A Latch Assembly
Media Thickness Sensor
Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Exit Assembly
Exit Gate Solenoid
Fuser Exit Sensor and Actuator
Top Output Tray Stack Full Sensor
Side Output Tray Detect Sensor
Side Output Tray Stack Full Sensor
Door E Detect Sensor
Fuser Release Sensor
Registration Sensor Assembly
Registration Shutter Solenoid
ADC Sensor
Media Slack Sensor and Actuator
Registration Assembly
Registration Clutch #1
Waste Toner Auger Assembly
Waste Toner Reservoir Full Sensor
Waste Toner Reservoir Auger Rotation Sensor
Waste Toner Auger Rotation Sensor
Transfer Unit Belt Rotation Sensor
Lower Basket Assembly
Basket Assembly
LED Assembly
Transfer Unit Motor
Toner Motors
Imaging Unit Motors
Fuser Motor
Waste Toner Motor
Imaging Unit Lift Uplink
Control Panel
Engine Control Board
Image Processor Board
Card Cage Fan Duct
Card Cage Fan
Card Cage
HVPS Cover
High Voltage Power Supply
Housing Bias Assembly
Low Voltage Power Supply
LED Head
LED Relay Board
Top Cover Interlock Switch
Waste Toner Reservoir Detect Switch
Door A Interlock Switch
Imaging Unit Fan
Transfer Unit Fan
Top Cover Fan
IP Fan
Paper Size Switch
Motor Driver Board
Imaging Unit Sensor Board
Toner Supply Camshaft
Imaging Unit Motor Mounting Plate
CRUM Reader Board
CRUM Antenna
Registration Sensor Board
Fuser Fan
Front Sensor Board
Rear Sensor Board

Serial Number Format
Using the Parts List
Print Engine Parts
Xerox Supplies and Accessories
Service Kits
Feed Roller Kit
Sensor Kit
Actuator Kit
Screw Kit
Hardware Kit
Gear Kit
Harness Kit

Plug/Jack Locator Diagrams
Print Engine Plug/Jack Designators
Print Engine Plug/Jack Locators
Wiring Diagrams
Notations Used in Wiring Diagrams
Print Engine Wiring Diagrams
Print Engine General Wiring (1/7)
Print Engine General Wiring (2/7)
Print Engine General Wiring (3/7)
Print Engine General Wiring (4/7)
Print Engine General Wiring (5/7)
Print Engine General Wiring (6/7)
Print Engine General Wiring (7/7)
Front Sensor Board (1/2)
Front Sensor Board (2/2)
Feeder Board
Rear Sensor Board
Motor Driver Board (1/6)
Motor Driver Board (2/6)
Motor Driver Board (3/6)
Motor Driver Board (4/6)
Motor Driver Board (5/6)
Motor Driver Board (6/6)
LED Heads
Imaging Unit Sensor Board
Image Processor Board
Control Panel
Phaser 7400 Menu Map
Printer Status Codes
Service Diagnostics Menu Map (1/2)
Service Diagnostics Menu Map (2/2)
Service Diagnostics Tests
Mode Select Port
Obtaining Serial Back Channel Traces
Preparing the Printer for Shipment

Number of pages: 1102.