Xerox Phaser 8400 Phaser 8500 Phaser 8550 Phaser 8560 Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present manual Xerox Phaser 8400 Phaser 8500 Phaser 8550 Phaser 8560 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Service Terms
Symbols Marked on the Product
Power Safety Precautions
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Precautions
Service Safety Summary
Regulatory Specifications
Manual Organization

Printer Introduction and Overview
Printer Configurations
Control Panel Configuration
LED Indicators
Control Panel Feature Descriptions
Menu Maps
Control Panel Shortcuts
Parts of the Printer
Front View
Right Side View with Printer Interfaces
Rear View
Routine Maintenance Items and Consumables
Printer Specifications
Physical Dimensions and Clearances
Functional Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Environmental Specifications
Media and Tray Specifications

Main Printer Subsystems
Printer Subsystem Overview
Process Drive
Media Drive
Ink Loader
Printhead Tilt
Drum Maintenance Kit
Purge System
Drum Assembly And Transfix System
Electronics Module
I/O Board
Print Process
Paper Pick for Tray 1
Paper Pick for Trays 2 4
Transfixing and Exiting
Duplex Printing
Transfix and Print Speeds
Printer Self-Maintenance
Printhead Maintenance Cycle (Eliminate Light Stripes)
Paper Preheater Cleaning (Remove Print Smears)
Transfix Roller Oiling
Drum Cleaning Chase Page
Configuration Card Personality Parameters

Power-Up Error Messages and LED Codes
BIST Error Reporting
POST Error Reporting
PEST Error Reporting
Fault Code Error Message Troubleshooting
Fault Code Error Reporting
Interpreting Fault Codes
1,000.4x Errors 525-Sheet Feeder Faults
1,0XX.6x Errors 525-Sheet Feeder Program Faults
2,0XX.4x Errors I/O Circuit Board Fault
2,0XX.6x Errors I/O Board Program Faults
3,0XX.6x Errors IPC Program Faults
4,0XX.4x Errors Process Control System Fault
4,0XX.6x Errors Process Control Software Fault
5,0XX.4x Errors Y-Axis Sub-System Fault
5,0XX.6x Errors Program Faults
6,0XX.4x Errors X-Axis Fault
6,0XX.6x Errors Program Faults
7,0XX.4x Errors Process Motor Gearbox Faults
7,0XX.4x Errors- Printhead Tilt Faults
7,0XX.6x Errors Program Faults
8,0XX.xx Errors Wiper/Media Drive Faults
8,0XX.6x Errors Program Faults
9,0XX.xx Errors Ink Loader Faults
9,009.44 and 9,00X.6x Errors Program Faults
11,0XX.xx Errors Electronics Module Interface Fault
11,100.60 Errors Temperature Error
12,000.60 Errors Program Faults
13,0XX.xx Errors Thermal Faults
13,000.6x Errors Program Faults
19,0XX.xx Errors Printhead Calibration faults
19,0XX.6x Errors Waveform Program Faults
21,000.69 Errors Diagnostic Code Version Mismatch
22,0XX.6x Errors Jam Codes
23,0XX.6x Errors NVRAM Fault
26,0XX.6x Errors Printing Faults
26,962.6x Errors Fall Out Code
27,0XX.6x Errors Profile Library
29,0XX.6x Errors Jam Manager
31,0XX.4x Errors Mechanical Initialization Jam
31,0XX.6x Errors Program Faults
33,0XX.xx Errors Tray Manager Device Faults
34,0XX.xx Errors Printhead NVRAM Faults
36,000.40 Errors Drum Maintenance Faults
36,001.67 Errors Drum Maintenance Fault
36,002.44 Errors Drum Maintenance Program Fault
37,0XX.xx Errors PEST Faults
Jam Codes
Jam Code Definition Table

Hidden Service Menu
Service Diagnostics
Service Diagnostics Mode Menu
Service Diagnostics Menu Map
Check Menu Definition Tables
Check / Activators Menu
Check Shafts Menu
Check Paper Path Menu
Check Drive Menu
Check Drum Menu
Check Motors Menu
Check Misc Menu
Electronics Troubleshooting
Printer Power-Up Sequence
Miscellaneous Electrical Troubleshooting
Verifying Power Supply Operation
Measuring AC Power Supply Voltages
Measuring DC Power Supply Voltages
Ensuring Ground Integrity
Testing Motor and Solenoid Resistances
Paper Path and Media-Based Problems
Media-Based Problems
Pick Errors Trays 2, 3, and 4
Paper-Pick Errors Tray 1
Preheater and Transfix Jams
Checking the Process and Media Path Drive
Media Skews Passing Through the Paper Path
Operating System and Application Problems
Testing Communications Ports
Network Problems
Obtaining Serial Back Channel Trace
Obtaining a Back Channel Trace with USB to Serial Adapter

Print-Quality Problems Overview
Random Light Stripes
Predominate Light Stripes
Smudges or Smears
Print Too Light or Too Dark
Blank Prints
Color is Uneven or Wrong
Streaks or Lines Down the Print
Scratches or Marks Parallel to the Long Axis of Printing, Particularly with Film
Ink on White Portion of Print
Fuzzy Text
Poor Primary Color Fills
Poor Small Text Resolution
Vertical Lines Appear Wavy
Oil Streaks on Print
Incomplete Image Transfer to Paper
Ink Smears on First Printed Side of Auto-Duplex Print
Repeating Defects on Print
White Stripes (Pinstripes)
Image Is Offset or Cut-Off
Poor Ink Adhesion, Poor Image Durability
Analyzing Service Test Prints
Weak/Missing Jet
X-Axis Motion (8400 Only)
Color Bands, RGBK Dither
Reverse Text
Big Bands OHP
Gray Fill, Dot Size Uniformity
YMCKRGB Solid Fills
Primary Solid Fills 10x
Head-to-Drum Gap (8400 Only)
Black, Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow Solid Fills
Manuf. Skew Margins
Cleaning Page
Other Test and Specialty Prints

Wiper Alignment Procedure
Printer Component Homing Positions and Indicators
Wiper Assembly Positions
Homing the Head Tilt Gear
Homing the Process Drive Train
Timing the Drum Maintenance Camshaft
Jet Substitution Mode
Enabling Jet Substitution Mode (8400)
Enabling Jet Substitution Mode (8500/8550/8560)
Disabling Jet Substitution Mode (8400)
Disabling Jet Substitution Mode (8500/8550/8560)
Resetting NVRAM

Service Cleaning Maintenance Procedure
Pick Roller Cleaning Method
Drum Maintenance Kit
Waste Tray

Standard Orientation of the Printer
General Notes on Disassembly
Front Door/Tray 1 Assembly (PL1.0.1)
Control Panel Cover (PL1.0.5)
Control Panel (PL1.0.6)
Right Side Cover (PL1.0.10)
Left Side Cover (PL1.0.9)
Exit Cover (PL1.0.7)
Ink Loader (PL1.0.8)
Y-Axis Belt, Y-Axis Tension Spring, and Y-Axis Motor
Printhead, Right and Left Printhead Restraints
Head Tilt Solenoid (PL4.0.12)
X-Axis Bias Spring (PL2.0.19)
Wiper Assembly (PL2.0.17)
Stripper Carriage (PL2.0.12) and Transfix Roller (PL2.0.13)
Preheater (PL2.0.17)
Duplex Roller (PL3.0.8)
Transfix Load Module (PL2.0.15)
Transfix Camshaft (PL2.0.10)
Drum Maintenance Camshaft (PL2.0.11)
Drum Maintenance Pivot Plate (PL2.0.16)
Drum Assembly (PL2.0.3)
Purge Pump (PL2.0.7)
Paper Path
Exit Module (PL3.0.13)
Inner Simplex Guide (PL3.0.1)
Lower Inner Duplex Guide (PL3.0.2)
Lower Exit-Guide Assembly with Strip Flag (PL3.0.3)
Outer Duplex Guide With Safety Interlocks (PL3.0.4)
Upper Duplex Guide with Solenoid (PL3.0.5)
Take Away Roller (PL3.0.7)
Pick Assembly (PL3.0.10)
Tray Lift Motor and Gear (PL4.0.6)
Motors, Gears, Solenoids, Clutches, and Fans
Media Drive with Two Clutches and Solenoid (PL4.0.5)
Tray 1 Pick Solenoid (PL4.0.3)
Preheater Lift Solenoid (PL4.0.1)
Process Drive (PL4.0.14)
X-Axis Motor (PL4.0.12)
Head Tilt Gear (PL4.0.9)
Electronics Module (PL5.0.5)
Wave Amplifier (PL5.0.4)
I/O Board (PL5.0.13)
Drum Heater Relay Board (PL5.0.17)
NVRAM (PL5.0.9)
DIMM Memory (PL5.0.8)
Hard Drive (PL5.0.7)

Serial Number Format
Using the Parts List
PL 1.0 Covers
PL 2.0 Imaging
PL 3.0 Paper Path
PL 4.0 Motors, Gears, Solenoids, Clutches, and Fans
PL 5.0 Circuit Boards
PL 6.0 Sensors and Flags (Actuators)
Xerox Supplies

Main Wiring Diagram
Main Wiring Diagram (Continued)
Right-Side Wiring Diagram
Right-Side Wiring Diagram (Continued)
Left-Side Wiring Diagram
Left-Side Wiring Diagram (Continued)
Inside Front Wiring Diagram
Inside Top Wiring Diagram
Inside Top Printhead Wiring Diagram
Menu Map (8400)
Menu Map (8500/8550/8560)
Media Margin Specification Table
Paper Weight Equivalence Table
On-site Printhead Troubleshooting Checklist (8400)
Ink Failure Checklist
On-site Printhead Troubleshooting Checklist (8500/8550/8560)

Number of pages: 376.