Xerox VersaLink C500 C600 C505 C605 Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog Xerox VersaLink C500 C600 C505 C605 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

About This Manual
How To Use This Manual
Change History
Service Safety Summary
Symbols Used on the Product
Voltage Measurement and Specifications
Health and Safety Incident Reporting
Regulatory Specifications
Translation of Warnings
Technical Support Information

SCP 1 Initial Actions
SCP 2 First Call Actions
SCP 3 Normal Call Actions
SCP 4 Fault Analysis
SCP 5 Subsystem Maintenance
SCP 6 Final Actions


IQ1 Image Quality Entry
IQ2 Light or Undertoned Print
IQ3 Blank Print or Missing One Color
IQ4 Unfused Image
IQ5 Random Spots
IQ6 Bead Carry-Out
IQ7 Cross Process Banding
IQ8 In-process Lines/ Streaks
IQ9 Cyclic Dots / Line
IQ10 Vertical Deletions
IQ11 Diagonal Banding (Auger Marks)
IQ12 Uneven Density
IQ13 Ghosting
IQ14 High Background on Prints
IQ15 Fuzzy/Blurry Text and Image
IQ16 Wrinkled or Creased
IQ17 Leading Edge Paper Damage
IQ18 Incorrect Image Position or Margins
IQ19 Images are Skewed
IQ20 Color Registration is out of Alignment
IQ21 Skew Check
IQ22 Registration Check

REP 1 UI Console Assembly
REP 1.1 UI Console Assembly (C600/C605)
REP 1.2 UI Inner Cover (C600/C605)
REP 1.3 UI Frame Cover (C600/C605)
REP 1.4 UI Harness
REP 1.5 UI Access Door (C600/C605)
REP 1.6 UI Console Assembly (C500/C505)
REP 1.7 UI Inner Cover (C500/C505)
REP 1.8 UI Harness (C500/C505)
REP 2.1 LPH Color Head Assembly
REP 2.2 Guide Cover Assembly
REP 2.3 LPH Xerographic CRUM FFC Kit
REP 3 Drive
REP 3.1 Main Drive Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 3.2 Main 2 Drive Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 3.3 Main 3 Drive Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 3.4 Waste Drive Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 3.5 Bypass (MSI) Drive Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 3.6 Link Coupling Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 3.7 Drive Motor Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 3.8 Main Drive Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 3.9 Main 2 Drive Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 3.10 Main 3 Drive Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 3.11 Waste Drive Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 3.12 Bypass (MSI) Drive Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 3.13 Link Coupling Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 4.1 Main Fan (All Models)
REP 4.2 Sub Fan (All Models)
REP 4.3 Rear Fan (All Models)
REP 4.4 Foot and Foot Assembly Kit (All Models)
REP 5 Dispenser
REP 5.1 Dispenser Assemblies Y, M, C, K
REP 5.2 Toner CRUM Connector Assembly
REP 5.3 Toner Full Sensor
REP 5.4 Dispenser Drive Assembly Kit
REP 6 Transfer
REP 6.1 Transfer Belt Unit
REP 6.2 Color Toner Density (CTD) Sensor Assembly
REP 6.3 Photo Sensor (K-Mode)
REP 7 Fusing
REP 7.1 Nip Retract Drive Assembly
REP 7.2 Nip Retract Shaft Assembly
REP 7.3 Fuser
REP 8 Xerographics
REP 8.1 LPH Cleaner Assembly
REP 8.2 Erase Lamp Assembly
REP 8.3 XERO DEVE CRU Assembly and Y/M/C/K Guide Cover Assembly
REP 9 Tray
REP 9.1 IOT 550 Feed Tray Assembly
REP 9.2 CST Separator Holder Assembly
REP 9.3 Tray Dust Cover
REP 9.4 Feed and Separator Roll Kit
REP 10 Optional 550-Sheet Feeder
REP 10.1 Optional 550-Sheet Feeder
REP 10.2 550 OPF Foot
REP 10.3 Optional 550-Sheet Feeder Size Switch Assembly
REP 10.4 LED Harness Assembly Kit
REP 10.5 Upper Feed Chute
REP 10.6 Feed Roll Assembly Kit (Optional Feeder)
REP 10.7 No Paper Actuator (Optional Feeder)
REP 10.8 Optional 550-Sheet Cassette Assembly
REP 10.9 Cassette Separator Holder Assembly (Option Feeder)
REP 10.10 Tray Dust Cover
REP 10.11 Cassette Separator Roll Kit
REP 11.1 HCF Right Side Cover
REP 11.2 HCF Left Front Corner, Shade Tray LED and PWB LED Cover
REP 11.3 HCF Left Side Cover
REP 11.4 HCF Rear Cover
REP 11.5 HCF Feeder Assembly
REP 11.6 HCF LED Harness Assembly
REP 11.8 HCF Main Motor Assembly
REP 11.9 HCF Main Motor Assembly P1
REP 11.10 HCF Rear Interlock Switch
REP 11.11 HCF Feed and Separator Roll
REP 11.12 HCF No Paper Actuator
REP 13 Bypass Tray
REP 13.1 Bypass Tray Frame Assembly
REP 13.2 Bypass Tray Feed Roll
REP 13.3 Bypass Tray No Paper Sensor
REP 13.4 Bypass Tray TA1/TA2 Roller Assembly Kit
REP 13.5 MSI Bypass Tray Assembly
REP 13.6 Bypass Tray Separator Holder Assembly
REP 14 Duplex
REP 14.1 Rear Fan
REP 14.2 Duplex Relay Cover
REP 15 Registration
REP 15.1 Optional 550-Sheet Registration Chute
REP 15.2 Duplex Registration Roller Assembly Kit
REP 15.3 Registration Chute Feeder Assembly
REP 15.4 No Paper Actuator (Registration)
REP 15.5 Registration Actuator
REP 15.6 Registration Photo Sensor
REP 15.7 Feed Roll Assembly
REP 15.8 Upper Feed Chute
REP 15.9 Feed and Separator Roll Kit
REP 17 Exit
REP 17.1 Exit Chute Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 17.2 Main H Exit Drive Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 17.3 Full Stack Sensor (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 17.4 Full Stack Actuator (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 17.5 Exit Sensor (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 17.6 Exit Chute Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 17.7 Main M Exit Drive Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 17.8 Full Stack Sensor (C500/C600)
REP 17.9 Full Stack Actuator (C500/C600)
REP 17.10 Exit Sensor (C500/C600)
REP 18 Electrical
REP 18.1 MCU PWB (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 18.2 ESS MCU FFC (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 18.2.1 ESS Lower Plate and HDD Bracket (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 18.3 ESS PWB (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 18.3.1 AIO ESS Box
REP 18.4 FAX PWB (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 18.5 ICCR USB Harness Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 18.6 Front USB Harness Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 18.8 HVPS Guide Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 18.9 HVPS Toner Cover (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 18.10 2nd Bias Transfer Housing Kit (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 18.11 AC 100V/200V-CF Fusing Harness (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 18.12 Rear Interlock Harness Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 18.13 Side Interlock Harness Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 18.14 OPF-CF Harness Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 18.15 Size Switch Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 18.16 ESS Top Plate
REP 18.17 Not Used
REP 18.18 Not Used
REP 18.19 Not Used
REP 18.20 Not Used
REP 18.21 Not Used
REP 18.22 Not Used
REP 18.23 Not Used
REP 18.24 Not Used
REP 18.25 Not Used
REP 18.26 Not Used
REP 18.27 Not Used
REP 18.28 Not Used
REP 18.29 Not Used
REP 18.30 Not Used
REP 18.31 MCU PWB (C500/C600)
REP 18.32 ESS MCU FFC (C500/C600)
REP 18.33 ESS PWB (C500/C600)
REP 18.33.1 ESS Box (C500/C600)
REP 18.34 Front USB Harness Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 18.35 LVPS PWB (C500/C600)
REP 18.36 HVPS Guide Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 18.37 HVPS Toner Cover (C500/C600)
REP 18.38 2nd Bias Transfer Roll Housing Kit (C500/C600)
REP 18.39 AC Fusing Harness Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 18.40 Rear-CF Interlock Harness Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 18.41 Side-CF Interlock Harness Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 18.42 OPF-CF Harness Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 18.43 Size Switch Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 18.44 ESS Top Plate (C500/C600)
REP 19 Covers
REP 19.1 Front Inner Cover (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 19.2 Right Side Front Cover (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 19.3 Cover IIT inner R
REP 19.4 Cover IIT Inner R Rear
REP 19.5 Cover Side R
REP 19.6 Cover ICCR
REP 19.7 Left Side Cover (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 19.8 Left Side IIT Cover (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 19.9 Second Bias Transfer Roller Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 19.10 Left Front Cover (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 19.11 Toner Cover Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 19.12 Right Side Cover Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 19.13 Top Cover (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 19.14 Left Side Cover (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 19.15 Right Side Front Cover (C500/C600)
REP 19.16 WIFI Cap (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 19.17 ESS Window Assembly Kit (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 19.18 Rear Cover Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 19.19 Front Inner Cover (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 19.20 Top Cover Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 19.21 Right Side Front Cover (C505/C605/C605_Tall-Tall)
REP 19.22 Second Bias Transfer Roller Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 19.23 Right Side Cover Assembly (C505/C605/C605_Tall-Tall)
REP 19.24 ESS Window Assembly Kit (C500/C600)
REP 19.25 Rear Cover Assembly Kit (C500/C600)
REP 19.26 Cover Finisher Side inner R
REP 19.27 Cover Finisher Side L Sub
REP 19.28 Cover Finisher Front
REP 19.29 Cover Finisher Top Exit
REP 19.30 Cover Finisher Side R Cap
REP 19.31 Frame Finisher
REP 19.32 Not Used
REP 19.33 Not Used
REP 19.34 Cover Assembly Side R
REP 19.35 Top Cover (C605_Tall)
REP 19.36 Cover Side L
REP 19.37 Cover Finisher Side L
REP 19.38 Cover Finisher Rear
REP 19.39 2nd BTR Roll Assembly
REP 19.40 Not Used
REP 19.41 Not Used
REP 19.42 Not Used
REP 19.43 Front Inner Cover (C500/C600)
REP 19.44 Cover Top Rear R
REP 19.45 Right Side Front Cover (C500/C600)
REP 19.46 Cover Top Exit
REP 19.47 Left Side Front Cover (C500/C600)
REP 19.48 Toner Cover Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 19.49 Right Side Cover Assembly (C500/C600)
REP 19.50 Top Cover (C500/C600)
REP 19.51 Left Side Cover (C500/C600)
REP 19.52 Cover OPT Blind
REP 19.53 2nd BTR Roll Assembly
REP 19.54 WIFI Cap (C500/C600)
REP 19.55 Not Used
REP 19.56 Not Used
REP 20 Mailbox
REP 20.1 Mailbox Left Cover
REP 20.2 Mailbox Right Cover and Stapler Assembly
REP 20.3 Mailbox Top Cover
REP 20.5 Mailbox LVPS PWB
REP 20.6 Mailbox Motor Assembly
REP 20.7 Mailboc Gate Solenoid Assembly
REP 20.8 Mailbox Tray Assembly
REP 20.9 Mailbox Bottom Tray Assembly
REP 20.10 Mailbox Bin Gate Solenoid Assembly
REP 21 Finisher
REP 21.1 Finisher Left Cover
REP 21.2 Finisher Right Cover
REP 21.3 Finisher Top Cover
REP 21.4 Finisher PWB
REP 21.5 Finisher LVPS PWB
REP 21.6 Finisher Motor Assembly
REP 21.7 Finisher Gate Solenoid Assembly
REP 21.8 Finisher Lower Cover
REP 21.9 Finisher Stepping Motor Assembly
REP 21.10 Finisher Stapler Assembly
REP 21.11 Finisher Base Tray Assembly
REP 50.1 DADF Assembly (C600/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 50.2 IIT Assembly (C600/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 50.3 Left and Right Counterbalance Assemblies (Hinges) (C600/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 50.4 Platen Cushion Assembly (C600/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 50.5 Left IIT Cover (C600/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 50.6 Left IIT Cap (C600/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 50.7 DADF Actuator (C600/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 50.8 IIT Front Cover (C600/C605/C605_Tall)
REP 50.9 DADF Feed Roll Kit (C600/C605/C605_Tall)
ADJ 1 Cleaning the LPH
ADJ 2 Cleaning the Scanner

1 – UI
PL 1.1 UI C505/C605/C605_Tall
PL 1.2 UI (C500/C600)
2 – LPH
PL 2.1 LPH
3 – Drive
PL 3.1 Drive (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
PL 3.2 Drive (C500/C600)
5 – Dispenser
PL 5.1 Dispenser (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
PL 5.2 Dispenser (C500/C600)
6 Transfer
PL 6.1 Transfer
7 – Fusing
PL 7.1 Fusing
8 – Xerographic
PL 8.1 Xerographic
9 – Tray
PL 9.1 Tray
10 – Option Feeder
PL 10.1 Option Feeder (1/3)
PL 10.2 Option Feeder (2/3)
PL 10.3 Option Feeder (3/3)
11 HCF
PL 11.1 HCF Front-Right
PL 11.2 HCF Left
PL 11.3 HCF (3/4 Tray)
PL 11.4 HCF (4/4 Tray)
13 – MSI
PL 13.1 MSI
PL 13.2 MSI (2/2)
14 – Duplex
PL 14.1 Duplex
15 – Registration
PL 15.1 Registration (1/2)
PL 15.2 Registration (2/2)
17 – Exit
PL 17.1 Exit (C505/C605/C605_Tall)
PL 17.2 Exit (C500/C505)
18 – Electrical
PL 18.1 Electrical (C505/C605) (1/4)
PL 18.2 Electrical (C505/C605) (2/4)
PL 18.3 Electrical (C505/C605) (3/4)
PL 18.4 Electrical (C505/C605) (4/4)
PL 18.5 Electrical (C605_Tall) (1/4)
PL 18.6 Electrical (C605_Tall) (2/4)
PL 18.7 Electrical (C605_Tall) (3/4)
PL 18.8 Electrical (C605_Tall) (4/4)
PL 18.9 Electrical (C500/C600) (1/4)
PL 18.10 Electrical (C500/C600) (2/4)
PL 18.11 Electrical (C500/C600) (3/4)
PL 18.12 Electrical (C500/C600) (4/4)
19 – Cover
PL 19.1 Cover (C505/C605) (1/2)
PL 19.2 Cover (C505/C605) (2/2)
PL 19.3 Cover (C605_Tall) (1/2)
PL 19.4 Cover (C605_Tall) (2/2)
PL 19.5 Cover (C500/C600) (1/2)
PL 19.6 Cover (C500/C600) (2/2)
20 Mailbox
PL 20.1 Mailbox
PL 20.2 Mailbox
21 Finisher
PL 21.1 Finisher
PL 21.2 Finisher
PL 30.1 Cabinet
PL 30.2 Caster
50 – Scanner
PL 50.1 Scanner (C505/C605/C605_Tall only)
Hardware Kit
Hardware Kit

General Procedures
GP 1 Using the Service Diagnostics
GP 2 Fault Codes and History Files
GP 3 Device Information
GP 4 How to Switch Off or Switch On the Printer
GP 6 Electrostatic Discharge Prevention
GP 7 Machine Specifications
GP 8 General Disassembly Precautions
GP 9 Software Version Upgrade
GP 10 How to Check a Motor
GP 11 How to Check a Sensor
GP 12 How to Check a Solenoid or Clutch
GP 13 How to Check a Switch
GP 14 How to Clone Device Settings
GP 15 Special Boot Modes
GP 16 Separate System Modules
GP 17 External Fax Line Test
GP 18 Printing Reports
GP 19 Intermittent or Noise Problem
GP 20 How to Safely Lift or Move the Printer
GP 21 Machine Lubrication
GP 22 Installation Space Requirements
GP 23 First Copy Output Time/ First Print Out Time
GP 24 Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
GP 26 Media Specifications
GP 27 Environmental Data
GP 28 Supplies Plan Conversion
GP 29 How to Check a Dispenser Motor
GP 30 IP (ESS) Specifications
GP 31 IIT Specifications
GP 32 Fax Specifications
GP 35 Setting Up an Ethernet Connection
GP 36 How to Manually Configure an IP Address
GP 37 How to Obtain Log Files
GP 38 Electrical Specifications
GP 39 Reset Administrator Password
GP 40 Xerox Supplies and Accessories
GP 41 Hardware Information
GP 42 How to Print the Fax Reports
GP 43 Customer Administration Tools
GP 44 FFC Cables
Change Tags

Plug and Jack Locations
C505/C605 Plug / Jack Location List
C605_Tall Plug / Jack Location List
C500/C600 Plug / Jack Location List
Finisher Plug / Jack Connectors
HCF Plug Jack Connectors
Mailbox Plug Jack Connectors
System Wiring Diagrams
System Wiring Diagram Symbols
IOT System Wiring Diagrams
Finisher System Wiring Diagram
HCF System Wiring Diagram
Mailbox System Wiring Diagram
Subsystem Wiring Diagrams
Interconnection Wiring Diagram Symbols
IOT Interconnections Diagrams
Finisher Interconnection Diagrams
HCF Interconnection Diagrams
Mailbox Interconnection Diagrams
Harness Routings
IOT harness Routing
Finisher harness Routing
HCF harness Routing
Mailbox harness Routing
Harness Routings
Block Schematic Diagrams

VersaLink Product Overview
Printing Process
Scanning Process
Paper Path
Major Components’ Functions
Drive Transmission Route
Options for VersaLink® C500/505 and C600/605

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