Xerox WorkCentre 5016 WorkCentre 5020 Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present manual Xerox WorkCentre 5016 WorkCentre 5020 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1.1 Before Starting Service
1.2 Service Call Procedure
1.3 Service Call Details
1.4 TRIM Checklist
1.5 Periodic Replacement Parts/Consumables List

Error Codes
Fault Repair Overview and List of Error Codes

Image Quality RAPs
IQ1 IOT Image Quality Entry RAP
IQ2 IIT Image Quality Entry RAP
IQ3 Low Image Density RAP
IQ4 Wrinkled Image RAP
IQ5 Residual Image (Ghosting) RAP
IQ6 Background RAP
IQ7 Deletion RAP
IQ8 Skew/Misregistration RAP
IQ9 Process Direction Bands, Streaks, and Smears RAP
IQ10 Unfused Copy/Toner Offset RAP
IQ11 Repeating Bands, Streaks, Spots, and Smears RAP
IQ12 Mottle RAP
IQ13 Spots RAP
IQ14 Black Prints RAP
IQ15 Blank Image RAP
Copy Quality Specification
Samples of Image Quality Defects

1. Drive
REP 1.1.1 IOT Motor (SCC)
2. Paper Transport
REP 2.2.1 Tray 1 Feed Clutch (SCC)
REP 2.3.1 Tray 1 Feed Roll (SCC)
REP 2.5.1 Tray 1 Feed Sensor
REP 2.7.1 Tray 1 No Paper Sensor
REP 2.8.1 Registration (SCC)
3. ROS
REP 3.1.1 ROS (SCC)
4. CRU
REP 4.1.1 Drum Cartridge
REP 4.2.1 Toner Empty Sensor
REP 4.2.2 Erase Lamp
REP 4.3.1 Transfer Module
REP 4.4.1 Corotron Wire
5. Fuser
REP 5.1.1 Fuser (SCC)
REP 5.1.2 Temperature Control Sensor Assembly
REP 5.1.3 Fuser Lamp
REP 5.1.4 Fuser Roll
REP 5.1.5 Fuser Pressure Roll
6. Exit
REP 6.1.1 Exit Transport (Simplex)
REP 6.1.2 Exit Transport (Duplex)
7. Simplex Module and Bypass Tray
REP 7.1.1 Simplex, Duplex Module
REP 7.5.1 Bypass Feed Roll
8. Electrical
REP 8.1.2 LVPS (SCC)
REP 8.1.3 AIOC/Network PWB (DADF/Network Only)
REP 8.2.1 HVPS (SCC)
REP 8.2.2 Duplex PWB (SCC)
REP 8.3.1 Control Panel (SCC)
REP 8.4.1 User Interface PWB (SCC)
9. Cover
REP 9.1.1 Output Tray
REP 9.1.2 Front Left Cover
REP 9.2.1 Rear Cover
REP 9.2.2 Right Cover
10. IIT
REP 10.1.1 IIT Platen Cover
REP 10.2.1 IIT Upper Cover (SCC)
REP 10.3.1 IIT Carriage (SCC)
REP 10.3.2 Flexible Print Cable (SCC)
REP 10.6.1 Exposure Lamp
REP 10.7.1 Carriage Cable and Drum
REP 10.7.2 Inverter PWB
11. Single Tray Module
REP 11.1.1 Tray 2
REP 11.1.2 Single Tray Module (Separation from IOT)
REP 11.4.1 Tray 2 Feed Roll
REP 11.4.2 Tray 2 Retard Roll
REP 11.5.1 STM Feed Sensor
REP 11.5.2 STM PWB (SCC)
REP 11.6.1 STM Feed Clutch
REP 11.6.2 STM Feed Motor
REP 11.7.1 STM No Paper Sensor
13. ADF
REP 13.1.1 ADF Assembly
REP 13.1.2 ADF/DADF Platen Cushion
REP 13.2.1 Document Tray Assembly (ADF)
REP 13.2.2 ADF Feeder Assembly
REP 13.2.3 Front Cover
REP 13.2.4 Rear Cover
REP 13.2.5 DADF Eject Roller Solenoid
REP 13.2.6 DADF Assembly
REP 13.2.7 Document Tray Assembly (DADF)
REP 13.2.8 DADF Feeder Assembly
REP 13.3.1 ADF Control PWB
REP 13.3.2 Left Counter Balance (SCC)
REP 13.3.3 Right Counter Balance (SCC)
REP 13.4.1 Top Cover
REP 13.8.1 Retard Roll
REP 13.9.1 Pickup Roll, Feed Roll
ADJ 8.1.1 Edge Erase Adjustment
ADJ 8.1.2 Controller Firmware Version Upgrade
ADJ 10.3.1 IIT Lead Edge/Side Edge Registration
ADJ 11.1.1 Carriage Assembly Alignment (Parallelism)
ADJ 13.1.1 ADF/DADF Positional Adjustment

Subsystem Information
Parts Lists
PL 1.1 IOT Motor
Paper Transport
PL 2.1 Tray 1
PL 2.2 Tray 1 Frame Accessory
PL 2.3 Tray 1 Components (1 OF 2)
PL 2.4 Tray 1 Components ( 2 OF 2)
PL 2.5 Tray 1 Frame Components
PL 2.6 Tray 1 Frame Components (2 OF 2)
PL 2.7 No Paper Sensor Housing
PL 2.8 Registration
PL 2.9 Registration Component
PL 3.1 ROS
PL 4.1 Drum Cartridge
PL 4.2 Toner Empty Sensor and Erase Lamp
PL 4.3 Transfer
PL 4.4 Transfer Corotron Housing Component
PL 5.1 Fuser
Exit Transport
PL 6.1 Exit Transport
PL 6.2 Exit Transport Component (Simplex)
PL 6.3 Exit Transport Component (Duplex)
Simplex / Duplex Module and Bypass Tray
PL 7.1 Simplex Module
PL 7.2 Left Hand Cover Assembly
PL 7.3 Duplex Module Component (1 OF 2)
PL 7.4 Duplex Module Component (2 OF 2)
PL 7.5 Bypass Tray Accessory
PL 7.6 Bypass Tray Component
PL 8.1 AIOC PWB, LVPS, Power Switch
PL 8.2 HVPS, Interlock Switch, Duplex PWB
PL 8.3 Control Panel Accessory
PL 8.4 Control Panel Component
PL 9.1 Front / Top Cover
PL 9.2 Rear / Right Cover and NOHAD Fan
PL 10.1 IIT Accessory
PL 10.2 IIT Component (1 OF 2)
PL 10.3 IIT Component (2 OF 2)
PL 10.4 IIT Upper Cover Cover Component
PL 10.5 IIT Under Cover Component
PL 10.6 IIT Carriage Component
PL 10.7 Center Plate Component
Single Tray Module
PL 11.1 Single Tray Module
PL 11.2 Tray 2 Component (1 OF 3)
PL 11.3 Tray 2 Component (2 OF 3)
PL 11.4 Tray 2 Component (3 OF 3)
PL 11.5 Single Tray Frame Component (1 OF 2)
PL 11.6 Single Tray Frame Component (2 OF 2)
PL 11.7 STM No Paper Sensor
PL 12.1 Stand Component
PL 13.1 ADF/DADF Accessory
PL 13.2 Component, Cover
PL 13.3 Base Cover Component
PL 13.4 Feeder Component
PL 13.5 Lower Feeder Component
PL 13.6 Retard Roll Component
PL 13.7 Lower Feeder Assembly
PL 13.8 Retard Roll Assembly
PL 13.9 Upper Feeder Assembly
PL 13.10 Document Tray
Common Hardware
Common Hardware
Part Number Index