Xerox WorkCentre 7220 WorkCentre 7225 Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present manual Xerox WorkCentre 7220 WorkCentre 7225 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Service Call Procedures
Initial Actions
Call Flow
Detailed Maintenance Activities (HFSI)
Cleaning Procedures
Final Actions


Image Quality RAPs
Image Quality Entry
IQ 1 White Streaks/White Band (Dirt, Scratches) in SS Direction
IQ 2 Charging Roll Pitch White Streaks-1
IQ 3 Charging Roll Pitch White Streaks-2
IQ 4 Photoreceptor Pitch Color Streaks
IQ 5 Background on Coated Paper
IQ 6 Toner Droplet Contamination TBD
IQ 7 Smear
IQ 8 Rough Black
IQ 9 Damp Paper Transfer Failure
IQ 10 Toner Contamination at Lead/Trail Edge TBD see issues in RAP
IQ 11 Multicolor Transfer Failure
IQ 12 Trail Edge Transfer Failure
IQ 13 Micro White Spots (Side 2)
IQ 14 Color Streaks
IQ 15 Wetting
IQ 16 Fuser Wrinkles
IQ 17 Streaks on Coated Paper due to Rubbing (EXIT)
IQ 18 Caterpillar Mark (Transfer)
IQ 19 Background (IPS) TBD This is from Charger. Screens and process listed different for Jav
IQ 19 Background on Gloss RAP Ref TBD Nwd RAP for ref only
IQ 20 Light Ink Support (IPS) TBD
IQ 21 Highlight Density Reproduction (NVM Darken +3) (IPS) TBD
IQ 22 Highlight Density Reproduction (NVM Lighten +3) (IPS) TBD
IQ 23 Bleed on Tracing Paper (IPS) TBD
IQ 25 CVT Streaks (IPS)
IQ 26 Copy: Gradation Jump in Text & Photo (IPS) TBD
IQ 27 Scan: Smeared Text, JPEG Mosquito Noise (IPS)
IQ 28 Moire In Text Mode (Fine) BW Scan/Fax For 133 lpi Originals (IPS)
IQ 29 Copy: Bleed on 2 Sided Document (IPS) TBD
IQ 30 Copy: Platen Background (IPS) TBD
IQ 31 White Streaks due to Clogged Trimmer (Developer) TBD
IQ 32 Heat Haze/Mock-Heat Haze TBD
IQ 32 Heat Haze/Pseudo-Heat Haze TBD Original Charger RAP for Reference only
IQ-20 Heat Haze/Mock Heat Haze TBD Rookie 2 RAP for Refererence Only
IQ51 Heat Haze/Mock Heat Haze TBD Northwood RAP for Refererence Only
IQ 33 Bleeding/Blurred Image on Heavyweight Paper
IQ 34 Kiss Mark
IQ 35 Semicircle Seal
IQ 36 Reverse Cracks
IQ 37 Ghosting
IQ 38 Cracks
IQ 39 1.9mm Banding
IQ 40 Paper Wrinkles due to Interaction
IQ 41 Low Image Density TBD
IQ 42 Repeating Bands, Streaks, Spots, and Smears
Image Quality Specifications
Restrictions and Notes on Image Quality

1. Electrical
REP 1.1 Main LVPS
REP 1.2 HVPS TBD see note in file
3. Machine Run Control
REP 3.1 SBC Chassis Assembly
REP 3.2 HDD Assembly
4. Drives
REP 4.1 Drum Drive Assembly
REP 4.2 Main Drive Assembly
REP 4.3 Link Guide Assembly
REP 4.4 Fuser Drive Assembly
REP 4.5 Developer Drive Assembly
REP 4.6 Drum Drive Gear
REP 5.2 DADF Platen Cushion
REP 5.3 DADF Front Cover
REP 5.4 DADF Rear Cover
REP 5.5 DADF Feeder Assembly see TBD note
REP 5.7 Left Counter Balance
REP 5.8 Right Counter Balance
REP 5.9 DADF Document Tray
REP 5.10 Top Cover
REP 5.11 Harness Guide and Wire Harness
REP 5.12 DADF Registration Motor
REP 5.13 DADF Feed Motor
REP 5.14 Registration Chute
REP 5.15 Retard Chute
REP 5.16 Takeaway Roll
REP 5.17 Sensor Bracket
REP 5.18 Nudger Roll, Feed Roll see TBD note
REP 5.19 Retard Roll
6. IIT/Scanner
REP 6.1 Platen Cushion
REP 6.2 ROS Assembly see TBD note
REP 6.3 Platen Glass
REP 6.4 CCD Lens Assembly
REP 6.5 Front/Rear Carriage Cable
REP 6.6 LED Lamp PWB
REP 6.7 Lamp Wire Harness
REP 6.8 Light Guide
REP 6.9 Carriage Motor
REP 6.11 Control Panel Assembly
7. Paper Trays
REP 7.1 Tray 1 Feeder Assembly
REP 7.2 Tray 2 Feeder Assembly
REP 7.3 Tray 1 Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll
REP 7.4 Tray 2 Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll
REP 7.5 Tray 3 Feeder Assembly
REP 7.6 Tray 4 Feeder Assembly
REP 7.7 Tray 3 Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll
REP 7.8 Tray 4 Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll
REP 7.9 MSI (Tray 5) Unit
REP 7.10 MSI Feed Roll
REP 7.11 MSI Paper Size Sensor
8. Registration and Transport
REP 8.1 Registration Transport Assembly
REP 8.2 Registration Idler Gear Assembly
9. Xerographics
REP 9.1 Toner Dispense Motor Assembly
REP 9.2 Dispenser Assembly (Y, M, C, K)
REP 9.3 Dispense Drive Cover Assembly
REP 9.4 Transfer Belt Assembly see TBD note
REP 9.5 Transfer Belt Cleaner Assembly
REP 9.6 2nd BTR Roll Assembly
REP 9.7 Transfer Belt
REP 9.8 Drum Cartridge (Y,M,C,K)
REP 9.9 CRU Reader
REP 9.10 MOB ADC Assembly see TBD note
REP 9.11 Erase Lamp (Y, M, C, K)
10. Fusing/Post-Fuser Transport
REP 10.1 Fuser Assembly
11. Exit/OCT
REP 11.1 Exit/OCT 1 Assembly
REP 11.2 Exit 2 Assembly
12. Integrated Finisher
REP 12.1 Integrated Office Finisher
REP 12.2 Paddle Belt
REP 12.3 Sub Paddle Solenoid
REP 12.5 Staple Assembly
REP 12.6 Set Clamp Home Sensor
REP 12.7 Exit Roll Assembly
REP 12.8 Pinch Roll
REP 12.9 Finisher Entrance Sensor
REP 12.10 Compiler Exit Sensor
REP 12.11 Main Paddle Shaft Assembly
REP 12.12 Lower Chute Assembly
REP 12.13 Entrance Roll Assembly
REP 12.14 Upper Chute Assembly
REP 12.15 Finisher PWB
REP 12.16 Stacker Tray Assembly
REP 12.17 Stacker Shaft Assembly
REP 12.18 Stacker Motor
REP 12.19 Stacker Sensor
REP 12.20 Compiler Assembly
REP 12.21 Set Clamp Shaft
REP 12.22 Eject Belt
REP 12.23 Eject/Set Clamp Motor Assembly
REP 12.24 Rear Tamper Home Sensor
REP 12.25 Eject Shaft Assembly
REP 12.26 Front /Rear Tamper Motor Assembly
REP 12.27 Front Tamper Home Sensor
REP 12.28 Eject Clamp Home Sensor
REP 12.29 Stack Height Sensor
13. Office Finisher LX
REP 13.1 H-Transport Assembly (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.2 Hole Punch Assembly (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.3 H-Transport Belt (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.4 H-Transport Motor (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.5 Finisher LX Undocking
REP 13.6 Front Cover Assembly (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.7 Rear Upper Cover (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.8 Rear Lower Cover (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.9 Eject Cover (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.10 Foot Cover (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.11 Stacker Lower Cover (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.12 Stacker Upper Cover (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.13 Stack Height Sensors 1 and 2 (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.14 Sub Paddle Solenoid Assembly (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.15 Stapler Motor (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.16 Finisher Stapler Assembly (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.17 Compiler Tray Assembly (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.18 Crease Assembly (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.19 Stacker Elevator Motor (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.20 Stacker Tray (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.21 Eject Belt (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.22 Eject Motor Assembly (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.23 Finisher PWB (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.24 Finisher LVPS (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.25 Eject Motor (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.26 Front/Rear Tamper Motor (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.27 Front/Rear Tamper Home Sensors (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.28 Compiler No Paper Sensor (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.29 Front/Rear Carriage Assembly (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.30 Booklet PWB (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.31 Booklet Maker Assembly (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.32 Booklet Front Cover (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.33 Booklet Rear Cover (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.34 Booklet Top Cover (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.35 Booklet PWB Cover (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.36 Booklet Left Cover (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.37 Booklet Front/Rear Stapler (Office Finisher LX)
REP 13.38 Booklet Stapler Move Motor (Office Finisher LX)
14. Covers
REP 14.1 L/H Cover Unit
REP 14.2 Duplex Assembly
REP 14.3 Top Cover
REP 14.4 Rear Lower Cover
Chain 4
ADJ 4.1 UI Diagnostic Tests
ADJ 5.1 DADF Lead-Skew Adjustment
ADJ 5.2 DADF Side Registration TBD see note
ADJ 5.3 DADF Original Detection Correction (Size Detection Auto-Correction) TBD see note
ADJ 5.4 DADF Lead Edge Registration
ADJ 6.1 Optical Axis Correction
ADJ 6.2 Full/Half Rate Carriage Position Adjustment
ADJ 6.3 IIT Lead Edge Registration
ADJ 6.4 IIT Side Registration
ADJ 6.5 IIT Vertical/Horizontal Reduce/Enlarge TBD see note
ADJ 6.6 IIT Calibration
ADJ 6.7 dC 608 Document Feeder Registration (Size Detection Auto-Correction) TBD see note
Chain 7 Paper Feed
ADJ 7.1 Tray 5 (MSI) Guide Adjustment
9. Xerographic Electrical ADJs
ADJ 9.1 Max Setup
ADJ 9.2 High-Altitude Charge Correction TBD see note
ADJ 9.3 DC949 ATC Developer Setup
ADJ 9.4 DC991 Tone Up/Tone Down
ADJ 9.5 DC924 TRC Manual Adjustment
ADJ 9.6 DC919 Color Balance Adjustment
ADJ 9.7 DC940 ProCon On/Off Print Check
ADJ 9.8 Registration Measurement Cycle TBD see note
ADJ 9.9 Registration Control Setup Cycle TBD see note
ADJ 9.10 IOT Lead Edge/Side Edge Registration TBD see note
ADJ 9.11 Edge Erase Value Adjustment
ADJ 9.12 Registration Control Sensor Check
ADJ 9.15 2nd Transfer Voltage Offset Adjustment TBD see note
12. Finisher ADJs
ADJ 12.1 Finisher LX Hole Punch Position
ADJ 12.2 Finisher LX Booklet Crease/Staple Position

Subsystem Information
Parts Lists
PL 1.1 IIT Covers
PL 1.2 CCD Lens Assembly/Platen Glass
PL 1.3 Full/Half Rate Carriage
PL 1.4 Full Rate Carriage
PL 1.5 CCD Lens Base Plate
PL 1.6 Motor/Transport PWB
PL 1.7 Control Panel
2. ROS
PL 2.1 ROS Assembly
3. Drives
PL 3.1 Drives (1 of 4)
PL 3.2 Drives (2 of 4)
PL 3.3 Drives (3 of 4)
PL 3.4 Drives (4 of 4)
4. Ducts
PL 4.1 Rear Duct Assemblies
5. Development
PL 5.1 Dispenser Base
PL 5.2 Dispenser Assembly (K)
PL 5.3 Dispenser Assembly (Y)
PL 5.4 Dispenser Assembly (M)
PL 5.5 Dispenser Assembly (C)
6. Transfer
PL 6.1 Transfer Assembly (1 of 4)
PL 6.2 Transfer Assembly (2 of 4)
PL 6.3 Transfer Assembly (3 of 4)
PL 6.4 Transfer Assembly (4 of 4)
7. Fuser
PL 7.1 Fuser Assembly
8. Development
PL 8.1 Development Base
PL 8.2 Guide Assembly
PL 8.3 2nd Frame Assembly
9. Paper Transport
PL 9.1 Tray Assembly (1 of 2)
PL 9.2 Tray Assembly (2 of 2)
PL 9.3 Paper Transport
PL 9.4 Paper Feeder (1 of 3)
PL 9.5 Paper Feeder (2 of 3)
PL 9.6 Paper Feeder (3 of 3)
PL 9.7 Envelope Tray Assembly
10. 2TM
PL 10.1 Tray Module (2T)
10. TTM
PL 10.2 Tray 3/4
PL 10.3 Feeder/Roller
PL 10.4 Tray 3/4 Feeder Assembly (1 of 3)
PL 10.5 Tray 3/4 Feeder Assembly (2 of 3)
PL 10.6 Tray 3/4 Feeder Assembly (3 of 3)
PL 10.7 Electrical
PL 10.8 Covers
PL 10.9 Left Hand Cover
13. MSI
PL 13.1 MSI Feeder Assembly
PL 13.2 Lower Frame Assembly
PL 13.3 Lower Tray Assembly
14. Left Hand Cover
PL 14.1 Left Hand Assembly (1 of 4)
PL 14.2 Left Hand Assembly (2 of 4)
PL 14.3 Left Hand Assembly (3 of 4)
PL 14.4 Left Hand Assembly (4 of 4)
PL 14.5 Duplex Assembly
15. Registration Transport
PL 15.1 Registration Transport Assembly
PL 15.2 Registration Transport Assembly
PL 15.3 Take Away Chute
PL 15.4 Lower Cover Assembly
17. Exit
PL 17.1 Exit 1/OCT, Exit 2
PL 17.2 Exit 1/OCT
PL 17.3 Exit 2 (1 of 2)
PL 17.4 Exit 2 (2 of 2)
18. Electrical
PL 18.1 PWBs
PL 18.2 Switches
PL 18.3 Harnesses
PL 18.4 AC Chassis Assembly
PL 18.5 Fax Assembly
19. IOT Covers
PL 19.1 Front Cover
PL 19.2 Top, Left Covers
PL 19.3 Right, Rear Covers
22. Integrated Office Finisher
PL 22.1 Finisher Assembly (Part 1 of 2) (Integrated Office Finisher)
PL 22.2 Finisher Assembly (Part 2 of 2) (Integrated Office Finisher)
PL 22.3 Stacker Base Assembly (Part 1 of 5) (Integrated Office Finisher)
PL 22.4 Stacker Base Assembly (Part 2 of 5) (Integrated Office Finisher)
PL 22.5 Stacker Base Assembly (Part 3 of 5) (Integrated Office Finisher)
PL 22.6 Stacker Base Assembly (Part 4 of 5) (Integrated Office Finisher)
PL 22.7 Stacker Base Assembly (Part 5 of 5) (Integrated Office Finisher)
PL 22.8 Stacker Tray Assembly (Integrated Office Finisher)
PL 22.9 Compile Assembly (Part 1 of 2) (Integrated Office Finisher)
PL 22.10 Compile Assembly (Part 2 of 2) (Integrated Office Finisher)
23. Office Finisher LX
PL 23.1 H-Transport Assembly (1 of 5) (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.2 H Transport Assembly (2 of 5) (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.3 H Transport Assembly (3 of 5) (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.4 H Transport Assembly (4 of 5) (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.5 H Transport Assembly (5 of 5) (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.6 Finisher Covers (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.7 Finisher Stacker (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.8 Finisher Stapler (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.9 Finisher Eject (1 of 5) (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.10 Finisher Eject (2 of 5) (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.11 Finisher Eject (3 of 5) (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.12 Finisher Eject (4 of 5) (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.13 Finisher Eject (5 of 5) (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.14 Finisher Exit/Folder Assembly (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.15 Folder Assembly (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.16 Finisher Electrical (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.17 Booklet Cover (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.18 Booklet Stapler Assembly (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.19 Booklet Front Stapler Assembly (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.20 Booklet Rear Stapler Assembly (Office Finisher LX)
PL 23.21 Booklet Electrical (Office Finisher LX)
35. ESS
PL 35.1 ESS (1 of 3)
35. SBC
PL 35.2 ESS (2 of 3)
PL 35.3 SBC (3 of 3)
51. DADF
PL 51.1 DADF Accessory
PL 51.2 Covers, PWB
PL 51.3 Base Frame
PL 51.4 Document Tray
PL 51.5 DADF Drives (1 of 2)
PL 51.6 DADF Drives (2 of 2)
PL 51.7 Front Belt
PL 51.8 Registration, Retard, Invert, Output Chutes
PL 51.9 Roll, Sensor Bracket
PL 51.10 Document Tray
PL 51.11 Top Cover
PL 51.12 Upper Feeder
PL 51.13 Registration Chute
PL 51.14 Retard Chute
PL 51.15 Invert Chute
PL 51.16 Output Chute
PL 51.17 Sensor Bracket
Common Hardware
Common Hardware
Part Number Index

Tools Diagnostics
UI Diagnostic (CSE) Mode
Service Copy (Tools) Mode
UI Panel Testing
dC104 Usage Counters
dC108 Software Versions
dC120 Fault Counter
dC122 Fault History
dC129 System Registration Setup
dC131 NVM Read/Write
dC132 Serial Number Synchronize
dC135 HFSI Counters
dC137 PagePack
dC140 Analog Monitor
dC301 NVM Initialization
dC312 Network Echo Tests
dC330 Component Control
dC361 NVM Save and Restore
dC608 Document Feeder Registration
dC609 Document Glass Registration
dC612 Test Pattern Print
dC640 Video Path Tests
dC671 Measurement Cycle
dC673 RegiCon Control Sensor Check Cycle
dC675 RegiCon Setup Cycle Control
dC710 No Paper Run
dC740 Tray 5 MSI Side Guide Adjustment
dC909 Calibrate for Paper
dC919 Color Balance Adjustment
dC924 TRC Manual Adjustment
dC940 ProCon On/Off Print
dC945 IIT Calibration
dC949 ATC Developer Setup
dC991 Tone Up/Tone Down
dC1202 Hole Position Adjustment
General Procedures
GP 1 FAX PWB Internal Selftest
GP 2 Accessing Tools
GP 3 Controller Boot Sequence
GP 5 Image Quality Calibration
GP 6 Printing Configuration Reports
GP 7 Network Printing Simulation
GP 9 Installing System Software
GP 10 PWS Communication with the SBC
GP 11 Resetting the System Administrator Password
GP 13 Cloning Network Configurations
GP 14 External Fax Line Test
GP 16 Toner CRUM Conversion
GP 18 Restoring the Public Address Book
GP 20 Reporting Billing Meter Resets
GP 21 Common Access Card Servicing TBD
GP 22 Foreign Device Interface Setup
GP 23 Intermittent or Noise Problem RAP
GP 24 How to turn off the Power Saver Functions
GP 25 Remote Control Panel
General Information
Product Codes
Common Tools
Product Tools and Test Patterns
Cleaning Materials
CRUs and Consumables
Glossary of Terms
Change Tags
Change Tags

Plug/Jack Locations
Plug/Jack Locations
IOT Plug/Jack Illustrations
Integrated Office Finisher Plug/Jack Illustrations
Office Finisher LX Plug/Jack Illustrations
IOT Wirenets
IIT/DADF Wirenets
Integrated Finisher Wirenets
Office Finisher LX Wirenets
Block Schematic Diagrams (BSDs)
WorkCentre 7220/7225 BSDs
Chain 1 Input Power
Chain 2 User Interface
Chain 3 Machine Run Control
Chain 4 Main Drive
Chain 5 Document Input (DADF)
Chain 6 Scanning and Image Processing
Chain 7 Paper Supply
Chain 8 Paper Transportation
Chain 9 Xerographics
Chain 10 Fusing/Post-Fuser Transport
Chain 12 Finishing (Integrated Finisher)
Chain 12 Finishing (Office Finisher LX)
Chain 16 SBC
Chain 34 FAX

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